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Test Automation Leader Board for 2022

The covid-19 pandemic had both positive and negative impacts on the web Development Industry. On the positive side, it helped in the digitization of almost every industry due to the work from home culture. Every form of the company including E-Commerce and health were getting on board with the digital segment. Thus, covid-19 helped in the growth of clients for various web development companies. However, it had a massive negative impact on the web development process itself. Since most of the web development companies also had their developers and testers working from home, it is impossible to implement on-road testing in the companies. So, there were some massive changes in the efficiency of various Automation Testing companies. As we move on to 2022, we need to understand all the recent trends of test automation to implement them properly. 

Understanding the recent test automation Trends also involves having a proper idea about the tools that are presently the most effective. In this article, we are going to discuss the best tools for performing test automation in the present year.

Test Automation

During the early years of software development, the developers had to test the functionality of the web applications individually. This means that they had to perform all the test cases one by one until all the test segments are completed. Moreover, the development team had to go back to the drawing board even for the minor errors that were detected in any phase of the testing cycle. For testing the compatibility of web applications, the developers had to perform multiple instances of the same testing process for every Browser version. It was a highly exhausting process both in terms of money and resources. This slow testing process also harmed the final production and delivery of applications to the end-user.

All these factors gave rise to automation testing. Using test automation, developers can verify the functioning of the web application with automated test scripts. Automation Testing helps companies to conduct all the redundant test cases without any form of manual intervention. This saves a lot of time in the web application development life cycle. Companies can in turn use this extra time to focus on other critical and innovative areas of the development project. So, we can justify that test automation helps in the quick delivery of high-quality web applications to the end-users. Test automation is highly essential for performing exhausting testing processes like regression testing. To utilize the full potential of a test automation framework, the developers must maintain an optimal balance between automation testing and manual testing.

Role of Tools in Test Automation

A single human tester can’t implement automation testing in the entire test environment. Various tools and frameworks help the developers to simplify the Automation Testing process. The perfect tool and framework combination will help companies utilize the full potential of the testing framework. However, the developers must remember that they cannot implement any random tool in a test environment. This is because every tool is unique and is meant to serve a specific purpose. Therefore, the companies should pay proper attention to the tool’s selection process. The developers should also consider the project requirements and their preferences during this process. Having a definite idea about the recent automation Trends and modern technologies will help to choose the perfect tool.

Lastly, the companies should perform Thorough background research about the tool before introducing it in the test framework. For instance, it is a good idea to check the reviews on various online forums. These forums contain all the honest feedback and ratings of users who are currently using this tool.

Test Automation Leader boards

Now that we’ve finished discussing the basics of test automation, it is time to move on to the tool selection process. In the present Software Development Industry, various tools can help the developer to test the efficiency of the applications. Let us analyze some of the most popular ones according to their unique features and offerings:

Lambda Test

LambdaTest is a platform to perform automated cross-browser testing. Users can use the scalable, ultra-fast and Secure Selenium grid of LambdaTest to run the testing processes. Testers can use LambdaTest to test the compatibility of the web application on more than 3000 browsers and operating system combinations. LambdaTest supports all the latest Browsers and even the Legacy browser versions. The most unique features of LambdaTest are:

  • LambdaTest is developed on the latest technological stack. This means that the developer can execute fast and seamless testing operations.
  • The parallel testing feature helps to shorten the test cycle. Using this feature, the developers can test the functionality of the web application on thousands of browsers, operating systems and devices at the same time.
  • LambdaTest helps users to perform geolocation testing. Developers can also use this platform to verify the functioning of the locally hosted web applications.
  • The developers can use different APIs to extract all the required information from Lambdatest test reports.
  • Currently, LambdaTest supports all the major programming languages and web development frameworks.


This is an artificial intelligence-powered test automation platform. Using ACCELQ, developers can verify the functioning of the applications on Web UI, mobile API and desktop interfaces. A company can integrate ACCELQ into the test framework to execute faster test cycles. Various statistics show that this platform can help to increase the test automation speed by almost three times. Some of the unique features are:

  • It is an automatic tool to visually test all business-oriented applications.
  • It has some unique advantages like no vendor lock, built-in framework and codeless functionality.
  • Using this platform, the developers can verify the functioning of the web application on any browser or operating system.  They can also use cloud services to perform actionable reporting.
  • It allows some important testing features like comprehensive taxonomy, requirement mapping and visual testing.
  • The subscription charges are very minimal. It also includes all the basic features like unlimited agents and even 50% discount offers.

Avo Assure

It is a completely codeless and intelligent test automation solution. Avo Assure supports more than 200 Technologies and allows the developers to test Complex end-to-end business-oriented apps.  Developers can also use this tool to test desktop, mobile, web mainframe, Oracle, SAP Sales force and many more applications. Some of the key features of this tool are:

  • It contains a prebuilt library of more than 1500 keywords.
  • This tool is certified to test the functioning of various cloud infrastructures like Oracle, SAP Net Weaver and many more.
  • The Developers can integrate this tool with various SDLA and CI/CD tools. This means you can use Avo Assure with Jira, Selenium, Atlassian bamboo, TFS and many more.
  • You can analyze the test reports effectively by using the execution metrics and advanced dashboard.
  • It also allows the developers to test the accessibility of the web application. This means that you can ensure that your application remains functional even in adverse conditions like low network bandwidth.


Kobiton helps to turn mobile and IoT continuous testing into a reality. You could integrate all these advanced testing methods into every form of automation testing. Using this tool, the developers can automate various testing methods like performance, functional, visual and compatibility testing.  The AI-powered scriptless approach helps the developers to complete the testing process in a short period. The developers can also integrate their favourite programming language with Kobiton. This can help to improve the innovative side of the developers. Some key features are:

  • It helps the developers to implement a scriptless capture and Automation Testing mechanism.
  • The codes are completely scriptless and are based on 100% open standard Appium generation.
  • It enables the developers to use automated crash detection to save the vital code Framework from any loss of data.
  • Kobiton implements in-depth session exploration and reporting so that the developer can analyze all the bugs in the web application.
  • It allows the developers to access unlimited real devices with the help of an on-premise test lab or its cloud-based services.


This tool provides an end-to-end encrypted UI Testing and monitoring platform. It is powered by Visual AI and is meant for the developers, Test Automation, manual QA testers, DevOps and the data Transformation teams. They use special technology to improve the quality of all applications across various platforms. This means that applications will retain the visual and internal performance both on mobile and desktop platforms. Some of the key features of this tool are as follows:

  • The fast test cloud helps the developers to run parallel testing on multiple browsers. devices and operating systems at the same time.
  • It has intelligent auto maintenance to keep track of all the existing test cases.
  • The root cause analysis feature helps the developers to critically analyze the core problems in the web application.
  • The streamlined dashboard with smart assist helps the testers to understand the test reports and find out all the critical errors.
  • It provides enterprise-grade security and is DevOps ready.

Subject 7

Subject 7 is also a cordless end to end encrypted platform to perform automation testing. Using this platform the developers can test the functionality of the web application on desktops, mobile and other platforms. The developers can also use this platform to perform Security and accessibility testing of software and web applications. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Using this platform, the developers can perform web application testing, project planning and project management process.
  • The Web developing companies can integrate subject 7 with most DevOps pipeline tools.
  • It has a flexible infrastructure that reports the subject failure ratio. During the testing process, it can also predict the possible outcomes in the final result.
  • The developers can use this platform to perform high-scale testing processes on safe and Secure Selenium grids.

The Final Verdict

So, we can conclude that test automation plays a major role in delivering high-quality applications to the end-users. As technology begins to advance, more and more features will be added to test automation frameworks. For instance, currently, the developers are working to integrate Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based services in the network. Companies should consider automation testing as a long-term investment. This ideology will help them to prioritize the long-term profits over the initial investment.

The developers should also choose the right tool and framework to maintain an optimal balance between manual and automation testing. As a web developing company, your goal should be to increase the audience base by providing high-quality applications in a short period. In this competitive market, you cannot afford to alienate any segment of the industry due to device or platform incompatibility.

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