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The King of fighters 97 Download for android, ios free

There is a lot of fighting games available online to play, It is quite tough to choose a particular game from the available multiple ones. So here we comes up with one of the most excited and thrilled fighting games called king of fighters 97. This is the games developed by SNK corporation. So if you are a fighting game lover that go through our article which is all about the King of fighters 97 downloading installing and playing aspects. Just download King of fighters 97 for android and ios free and enjoy the game.

What is king of fighters 97 exactly and how it works
King of fighters 97 Download for android

What is king of fighters 97 exactly and how it works ?

The main purpose of this game is to defeat Orchi clan who are against humanity and want to wipes them from earth.

Orochi clan wants to destroy all human beings from the earth so you need to prepare yourself to fight with Orochi clans. Most important thing in KOF 97 is that you need to win on any cost by using the weapons and different fighting styles. In king of fighters 97 every enemy have different weapons and their own fighting style. So, without preparation you cannot get success to defeat the enemies.

To play KOF 97 there are 35 characters who are fighting against each other in order to find the strongest one. The strongest one will fight with the evil Orchi and will defeat him. Your main purpose is to defeat all fighters to become the best fighter who is going to fight with Orchi. There are so many fighters who have special power skills and punches. You need to put all your efforts to win from your opponent by using different fighting skills which are provided in the game, so use these skills cleverly and win the game.

King of fighters 97: Fighting modes

In King Of Fighters there are two modes of fighting which one is  advance mode  and other one extra mode.

Advance Mode

By using advanced mode in one hit you can fall your enemy on land because these attacks are so powerful and strong.

The other benefit of advance feature is that you can stock your power gauge  and when you need these powers you can use it. By using these powers you can defeat your enemy definitely.

There are three types of power gauge. By using Power Gauge the player use a Super Special Move. When he enters  in a “MAX” mode,  players defensive and offensive strength are enhanced.

Extra Mode

The 2nd one is Extra mode which is quite similar to previous games KOF 94 and KOF 95 . you can use extra mode to escape the attack of opponent. By using this mode you can fly your enemy.

You can also play the game on your Pc, Here are the some keyboard keys you have to use while playing KOF 97 on PC.

How to download and install King of fighters 97 on android and iPhone

Before downloading any games you need to download and install it on your devices. There is a downloading process to install the games for any device using different OS. Some of the games are easy to download and install and some needs to follow a particular process. The KOF 97 is easy to download and install, You just need to visit the official site of the King of Fighters 97, there you will get the downloading link of the game, just click on the link and get the game on your device.

Download King of Fighters on android and IOS

King of fighters: Shortcut keyboard keys to play the game on PC

  • Arrows Up/down/left/right
  • Press Enter : Start-key
  • Press Space bar : Select-key or for Insert Coins
  • A-key: Press A
  • B-key: Press S
  • C-key: Press Q
  • D-key: Press W
  • For Full Screen = Press Shift + F
  • Pause = Press Shift + P
  • For Mute = Press Shift + M
  • You can Save = Press Shift + S
  • To Load = Press Shift + L

Final words

The KOF 97 is really an interesting fighting game that you will enjoy a lot. So download the KIng of fighters on android and ios and make your life more entertaining.

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