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Tips And Tricks of HomeScapes Game To Win Every Game

Presently we are living in information age, where mobile, laptop and smartphones become very important part of life. Smartphones are very useful for us from personal to professional, from work to entertainment. One can play games in android mobile phone and there are lot of games that are available on playstore belonging to different genres. Puzzle is one of the most common genre with multiple type of games available for the same. The most famous game in puzzle is Homescape and a lot of people must be looking for the tips and tricks to win the same game. Here in this article, we share the tips and tricks to win Homescapes Game given below.

Tips and Tricks to Win Homescapes Game:

Below we have mentioned all the tips and tricks to win homescape games:

1. You Should Play your Game in Parts: Being a player in this game, there are two main objectives that you need to accomplish in this game. Significantly there is one objective that you need to consider. That one objective is you need to unlock the new rooms and decorating the mansion and you need to continue the same continuously. You need stars in this game to do each and every task in the game.

The second objective in the game is to collect unlimited stars in homescapes.  Players always consider the first objective as more important as compare to second objective. Nearly all the users are doing the same. Though if you want to win the game and play game more efficiently and effectively, you need to divide your entire gameplay in two parts.

2. Always Save your Booster and Create Power Ups in game: Power ups and booster are very important in the game. Indeed, we create power ups and use more power ups in the game as compared to boosters in homescapes game. One can get the boosters by coins they purchased in the game anytime while power-ups can can be created till level 3 itself. One should utilize their skills as a power up generator to save boosters in game. We will recommend you to buy the boosters using your real money or one can also look for homescapes discount coupons available online that you can use while transacting with real money.

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3. Take Benefits from Live Events: You should take benefits from Homescape game live events. These live events help you to win the lot of rewards and prizes and also allow you to win the lot of booster and power ups. With the help of events, you can level up your game significantly. It is always suggested to take part in real game events so you can move forward further more efficiently and with better speed. Along with this, you should also keep your game updated, It is been observed that whenever company release any game and you update the game, you would always get the 500 coins as a reward in this game. It is never proved as a bad idea to keep your game updated and gain more and more points.

4. Beat Hard levels in Homescape: To beat the hard level in homescape game, we will recommend you to plan your moves and utilize your resources efficiently and effectively. Each level of game have different problems and its solutions too. All you need is free coins and cheats to beat these hard levels. One can also search for the cheats for the game. Firstly, you should analyze all the game moves available to you. Based on the availability and applicability you should plan your steps tho win the game further.

Final Words for Homescape Game:

Homescapes game is one of the best puzzle game available for android, you can download and install the same from playstore. There are lot of challenges available in the game that make this game more interesting and challenging for you. We hope that this homescape tutorials and tricks will help you.  If you want to add more tips and tricks for the same game, we will update in future and  you can also mention in the comment box here and we will surely add them in the article.

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