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How To Transfer Money From Truecaller Application

Hey Buddies! Here on this page, I will write one of the very important topics that how to transfer money from Truecaller. We all know about the Truecaller application. But do you know that with this application you can transfer money to your family or friends? And recent time everyone loves to send money via online. Whether the money is to send one to another account, recharge or shopping etc and we all find out the online option for everything.

On the internet if you want to download online transfer money application then there are lots of application are available. But if you have the Truecaller application on your device then you do not need any other money transfer application. So below I will write some steps then you can easily transfer money from Truecaller application.

What Is Truecaller Application?

Truecaller application allows you to classify all incoming caller. That’s why you know that who is trying to connect you before you receive his or her call. And that means you can also block unwanted no so that they can not call you another time.

This amazing application has some other great features. For example, you can use pictures from the Twitter, Google Plus, and Twitter to illustrate the screen that comes when your contacts and friends call.

What Is UPI?

Unified Payment Interface or UPI is an immediate payment system that developed by the NPCI or National Payment Corporation Of India, the Reserve Bank Of India managed entity. Unified Payment Interface is built over IMPS foundation and grants you to immediately transfer payment between any 2 parties bank account.

How To Transfer Money From The Truecaller Application:

1st Step:

1st you download Truecaller Application on your device, then you can create your new account with full details and then you can go to the Menu button.

2nd Step:

Now you can set up your profile and then click on the ‘Payment’ Option and then click on the send money button.

3rd Step:

Now, you can add your bank account details and then you can get your Unified Payment Interface (UPI) ID by confirming your bank information.

4th Step:

This is the final step, write the  Unified Payment Interface (UPI) ID or the Phone no of the customer that who wish to send money to the mobile no. The no should link to a bank account over the Truecaller application. After stuffing the details, then click the Pay Option.


That’s it you are done. Now you can enjoy your Trucaller application. Especially I love Truecaller Application because of this amazing feature. If you can download this application on your device then you can know its feature and then you do not need any money transferring application on your device, you can transfer money from the Truecaller application. So dear, friends if you like my article then share it with your friends and family.

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