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Rx 5700 vs Rx 5700 XT vs RX Vega 64 | AMD Radeon Rx Series Comparison

Choosing a graphic card for your gaming pc could be a hectic task but AMD Radeon Series is providing great performance at best affordable prices whether it’s Rx 5700, Rx 5700 XT or RX Vega 24. Now, the question is “what to opt?”

To enjoy the realistic version of the game, AMD Radeon series works great and especially, when you need a graphic card at affordable price and I am sure, being a gamer, you must be familiar with the name of the graphic card Radeon Rx 5700 , Rx 5700 XT, and Vega 64.

With in this article, You will get to know about every single specification feature of Radeon Rx 5700 , Rx 5700 XT, and Vega 64 whether it’s performance or price, whether it’s architecture, memory speed, clock speed, transistor counts and performance in games that requires high graphic card and cpu.

AMD Radeon RX 5700

This RX5700 graphic card is useful for gamers who have 4k Monitors. It released in the year 2019. The benchmark CPU of the Rx5700 is Intel i7-8700. It falls under the category of power-hungry because it took a decent power supply unit.

If we talk about the memory of the RX 5700 graphic card is 8192 MB RAM is sufficient for providing a wonderful gaming experience of the latest games and should not cause any graphic problem. Precisely we can say that the performance of RX 5700 is outstanding, there’s no doubt that this is among the list of best powerful single GPU out there in 2020.

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

RX 5700 XT released at the end of 2019. It is a part of the Radeon series with a Benchmark CPU of Intel i7-8700. It is also known as a power-hungry card because it takes too much power around 575.

If we talk about the memory, the RX 5700 XT’s 8192 MB RAM that is enough for running the latest game and it will not cause any bottlenecks. 4K gaming makes you glad, play on this RX 5700 XT.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

It is released in the year of 2017 and the chain of power-hungry card start from Rx vega 64. It needs a regular power supply unit.

If we look at the memory, then RX Vega 64 is 8192 MB, RAM is sufficient for the latest games and should not cause any blockage. It is necessary to know that RX Vega 64’s maxed temperature increase or in simple word, it shows the heating effect.

To counter it, we need a custom cooling solution to main the temperature. This is considered as the best graphic card in the year 2017. further, it needs to update and change with the advancement of modern games.

Comparison in feature of Rx 5700 vs Rx 5700 XT vs RX Vega 64

There are some similarities and dissimilarities in the above cards in architecture, Cpubench, Memory sped, clock speed, etc.

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AMD Radeon Rx 5700 and 5700 Xt are based on the RDNA 1.0 architecture while Rx Vega 64 is based on GCN 5.0. There is s diversity in the architecture of the AMD series graphic cards.

Memory Speed

All three Rx 5700, 5700 Xt, and Vega 64 has the same memory space of 8192 MB, but they differ in performance due to t memory type. Rx 5700 and Xt have GDDR6 while Vega consists of HBM2.

There is also a vast difference in the bus memory Rx Vega 64 contains 2048 bytes while the other two contain 256 bytes.

Clock Speed

It is consist of 3 parts: Boost clock, GPU clock and memory clock speed. There is a slight difference in the boost clock speed like 1625,1755 and 1536 in Vega 64. While Memory clock of Rx 5700 and XT has the same speed of 1750 MHz and Vega has 945 MHz.

The GPU clock speed of all three is different its minimum for vEga 64 (1200 ) and Maximum for XT(1605).

BUS Interface and Generation

Rx 5700 and XT base on the bus interface of PCIe 4.0 x16 while Vega 64 is based on PCIe 3.0 x16.

Rx5700 and Xt belong to Navi generation while Vega64 belongs to Rx vega.

Launch price

The best is Rx5700 Xt which launches at 349 $ while Rx 399$ and Vega at 499$. The different prices give a clear picture of how the graphic industry evolve and how the competition goes on. At a lesser price, you get more functionality.

Transistor count

The number of transistors in Vega 64 is around 12500 while Rx 5700 and XT have 12700 and 13050 million.

There are several other features in which they are different, but above are enough to let you understand which is better and why. Till now, you become familiar with graphic card specifications.


Let us see the performance of the graphic card on the different game if you still perplex to chose. it will help you to make a clear picture in front of you and remove the dark cloud of doubt.

You can get the performance chart of several games, and you can easily compare the performance. Here we have taken some popular games and tell the frame per second it offers on different game setting and quality like 1080,1440 etc.

In an Ultra setting mode, the different frame per second offer by AMD Radeon RX 5700, XT and Vega 64. (the maximum no of frame you get the better quality you get )

Apex Legends

1920×1080 RX 5700-131 RX 5700XT-143 Vega 64-119

2560×1440 RX 5700-99 RX 5700T-108 Vega 64-90

3440×1440– RX 5700 -81 RX 5700XT-88 Vega 64-73


1920×1080 RX 5700 -76 RX 5700XT-83 Vega 64-69

2560×1440 RX 5700-60 RX 5700XT-66 Vega 64-52

3440×1440– RX 5700 -50 RX 5700XT-55 Vega 64-45

Resident Evil2

1920×1080 RX 5700-138 RX 5700XT-151 Vega 64-125

2560×1440 RX 5700-93 RX 5700XT- 104 Vega 64-87

3440×1440 RX 5700 -74 RX 5700XT-81 Vega 64-67

World War Z

1920×1080 RX 5700- 155 RX 5700XT- 149 Vega 64-161

2560×1440 RX 5700- 113 RX 5700XT-123 Vega 64-107

3440×1440 RX 5700- 95 RX 5700XT- 104 Vega 64- 84

Metro Exodus

1920×1080 RX 5700- 62 RX 5700XT- 67 Vega 64-56

2560×1440 RX 5700-48 RX 5700XT-52 Vega 64-43

3440×1440 RX 5700- nill RX 5700XT-nill Vega 64-nill

Final verdict

Each graphic card has its own specification at reasonable prices, but if you think to buy a graphic card from AMD Radeon series for your new pc and have comfortable with the budget then you should go with AMD Radeon RS 5700 XT it is the latest version in the among the three, but the rest two are also good at their own place.

You can make your decision by comparing their recent prices on amazon or Flipkart and choose the best specification according to your budget.

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