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How to Save Money with Vivid Seats Fees Calculator?

Ever seen a great deal on a ticket price, only to find out at checkout that the final cost is way higher?

It’s a common headache when buying tickets online, like with Vivid Seats. You see one price advertised, but when it’s time to pay, there’s additional charges are added on top.

Why does this happen?

And more importantly, how can you avoid overpaying? In this article, I’ll explain the reasons behind these additional costs and, most importantly, share some solutions to help you navigate these fees and save some bucks.

Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

Is It Possible to Save Money with the Vivid Seats Fees Calculator?

Yes, it is possible to save money with the Vivid Seats fees calculator. The calculator helps you understand the full cost of the ticket purchase, which includes the ticket price, service fees, and possible delivery charges.

Vivid Seats, like most ticket marketplaces, charges fees to run the company and to maintain its services. By using the fees calculator, knowing the charges upfront, and comparing prices with other websites, you can choose the most cost-efficient options.

This way, you can also avoid last-minute surprises and plan your expenses more accurately, as the final amount is displayed before completing the purchase.

So, while the fee calculator does not necessarily reduce the costs of tickets directly, it does help you save money by allowing you to make the most suitable and informed decisions when purchasing tickets.

How Vivid Seats Fee is Calculated?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how these fees are calculated:

Service Fee:

These fees are applied to each order and vary depending on factors such as event type and ticket price. They typically range from about 20% to 40% of the original ticket price.

These fees cover the costs that Vivid Seats incurs for providing their platform, including customer service, website maintenance, and other operational expenses​

Commission Fee:

Vivid Seats charges a commission fee of 10% on the total cost of the tickets sold through their platform

Shipping and Handling Fees:

These fees vary depending on the delivery method selected. They can range from $7 to $25 or more, particularly for expedited shipping services

This means a $100 ticket may end up costing closer to $160 or $180 after adding the service fee, commission, and local taxes.

Note – Remember, these percentages are approximate and can vary based on specific events, ticket prices, and other factors. Always check the specific fees for your event at the time of purchase.

Do Vivid Seats Charge Extra Fees?

Yes, Vivid Seats is not alone. Like any other online ticket marketplace, they charge fees in addition to the face value of the ticket. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Service Fee: This fee is charged for the service provided by Vivid Seats, which includes things like customer service, ticket validation, and assurance of on-time delivery. The service fee is generally calculated as a percentage of the ticket price.
  2. Delivery Fee: The delivery fee, if applicable, covers the cost of delivering the tickets to the buyer. This can vary based on the delivery method chosen.

These fees lead to a higher total cost than the initially listed ticket price. However, with the Vivid Seats fees calculator, you can see these fees upfront, which provides you transparency into the total cost and helps prevent any surprise charges at checkout.

Why Don’t Vivid Seats Show Fees?

The exact reasons Vivid Seats doesn’t show fees initially are not explicitly stated on their website or in their policy documents.

However, when took a closer look into the common practices in the ticket resale industry reveals a standard approach known as “drip pricing”, which has been adopted by many ticket sales and resale platforms, including Vivid Seats.

“Drip pricing” is a pricing strategy where a low upfront price is advertised, but additional fees are added (or “dripped”) as the customer progresses through the buying process. These added fees usually include service fees, processing fees, and sometimes delivery fees. This strategy is commonly used by companies to attract customers with competitive prices and maintain an edge in the market.

Although Vivid Seats does not show fees in the initial listing price, they are transparent about these fees at the checkout stage. This allows you to see the total cost before finalizing the transaction.

How to See Vivid Seat Fees?

You can view the Vivid Seats fees by following these steps:

  1. Select the tickets you wish to purchase on the Vivid Seats website or app.
  2. Click or tap on the “Buy” button next to the event listing.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page, where the initial ticket price along with additional charges is displayed.
  4. The fees will be itemized, showing the service charge which covers the cost of company operations and facilitating transactions. The delivery charge is also applied to the order.
  5. Review these fees before finalizing your purchase.

How Can You Save Money with the Vivid Seats Fees Calculator?

When booking tickets on Vivid Seats, if you know how you’re being charged for additional fees, it becomes quite easy for you to save some bucks. Let me tell you how –

Looking Out Cheaper Delivery Options

Some tickets may have different delivery options, each with a different cost. By selecting ‘Electronic Delivery’, or ‘Instant Download’ if it is available, you could save money that would otherwise be spent on shipping.

Taking Advantage of Discounts and Promotions

Vivid Seats often has promotions, such as dollar discounts or percentages off. By using these promotional codes or looking out for sales, you can save a significant amount on your purchase.

Compare prices

Shop around and compare the total cost (including fees) of tickets on Vivid Seats to other ticket marketplaces to ensure you’re selecting the best and most cost-efficient option for your needs.


So, there you have it! Now you know why ticket prices often end up higher than what’s advertised. And most importantly, how you can save some of your money using the Vivid seats fees calculator.

Remember, when booking tickets at Vivid Seats or any other platform, it’s all about understanding the breakdown of costs and exploring your options.

And hey, when booking tickets, if you’re stuck in a queue, do check out 10 Tips To Bypass The Never-Ending Ticketmaster Queue and save your time.

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