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1Movies: A Safest Video Streaming Website?


Are you tired of watching your favorite movies & tv shows with tons of annoying ads all over the video player?

Despite all this annoyance, good thing is, you can get rid of all such annoying ads.

And as far as this post is concerned, here I’ll explain why you should use 1movies over other video streaming websites. Let’s get started:

5 Reasons Why You Should Use 1Movies

Unlimited Free Downloads

When your privacy isn’t at risk & you’re able to download unlimited movies & tv show episodes for free,

There is no cap or restriction that would limit the downloads. When downloading videos from onemovies, if you’re on a limited internet connection, you can download the episodes & movies in video quality from 360P to full HD 1080P.

Dark Theme

From wallpaper on my Linux PC to the appearance of the complete OS is in dark mode.

I can’t use even a website that has enabled light mode for a longer interval. So, in a way, Dark Theme is a must for you and 1movies doesn’t disappoint in this regard & showcases everything in dark theme by default.

P.S. It would have been best if there was a toggle to switch between light & dark themes.

No Ads

Over the years, I’ve used dozens of third-party video streaming websites. And during this time I’ve learned when a website is new, it doesn’t showcase too many ads.

However, as more users start coming out on the website, they start pushing aggressive ads down people’s throats.

Take Yesmovies as an example. Back in April, I recommended Yesmovies as one of the safest streaming sites. Now, months later, it has started pushing on ads aggressively.

The good thing is I’ve been using onemovies for over a year and still haven’t seen aggressive ads.

Easy Navigation

What’s the point of using a video streaming website when it’s not that easy to navigate.

I’ve seen dozens of websites where there’s no search button, sections.

What about 1movies?

Well, there’s a search button right at the top, homepage is divided into 3 sections – Featured Movies, Latest Movies, Latest TV-Series.

Tell me, what more do you want?

Collection of Movies & TV-Series

Onemovies comes with a large library of movies & tv shows. From 25 TV-Series genres to 25 movies genre, it provides a wide range of content online. If this isn’t enough, you can request a program of your choice.

1Movies Proxy Sites

S. NO 1Movies Proxy List Response Status
1 Very Fast Online
2 Very Fast Online
3 Very Fast Online
4 Down Down
5 Very Fast Online
6 Very Fast Online
7 Very Fast Online
8 Very Fast Online
9 Very Fast Online
10 Very Fast Online
11 1Movies US Proxy Very Fast Online
12 Very Fast Online
13 Very Fast Online
14 www4.1movies Website Very Fast Online
15 Series Very Fast Online

Similar to the original 1movies websites, all its proxy websites are safe. Once you’re connected to this website, I can bet you won’t go anywhere else.

1Movies Alternative Sites


Crackle is the 1st 1movies alternative website on this list as it’s considered one of the renowned names in the video streaming industry. Not just that, it also has the benefit of being entirely an accessible and legit streaming platform.

Sony is the provider of the Crackle website, which means you’ll probably find some older Sony-produced films for free. On top of that, this platform will also feature unique material.

Crackle, like all streaming services, has advertising all over its website. This is because Sony keeps the entire operation going by selling advertisements. However, because 1 million users are used to seeing commercials, this won’t necessarily be a deal-breaker for you.

The best thing about Crackle is that users don’t have to create an account to view the movies & TV shows of your choice. Although creating an account allows you to see which shows you’ve already considered and some other useful tools.


Putlocker is the second option on this list as an alternative to 1movies.

It began as a video streaming site and has quickly grown to have 1 million daily visitors. However, following the closure of Megaupload, the United Kingdom’s government agencies put a full stop to this video streaming website forever.

By the end of 2016, the website had vanished from internet searches. However, despite the formal ban, a mirrored or proxy version of the site persists.

But don’t be sad. If you know the proxy sites, they are one of the most straightforward websites accessible online.

It’s similar to a Google search engine in which all you have to do is enter the name of the film you want to watch, and it’ll provide recommendations at your comfort.


Viooz is the third 1movies alternative in this list.

It’s an exclusive website where you can watch movies of the highest possible quality. Not just that, this website has dozens of features to offer.

On the official website, you can watch movies and tv series of the following genres: action, adventure, family, history, horror, comedy, and war.

Because of its immediate update of Movies following their release in the theater, this website is especially popular among streaming viewers. When you visit using the URL, from the homepage, you have two options for watching 4K movies: Most Viewed & trending.

If you don’t want the website to list recently-released films in 4K resolution, you can change it. This may occur if you are unable to save your progress or wishlist a certain film that you wish to watch at the moment.

When you first enter the website for that film, you’ll see two alternatives.

You may either download or stream the movie right now.

However, before that, you can use this website to watch its preview video that’s available on the website.


It’s a 1movies alternative that has been around for a while. It has an excellent user interface, as well as a plethora of free TV programs and movies. While it is comparable to Watch Series sites, it contains some hidden TV series that you won’t find anywhere else.

Have some doubts?

Open the Moviesjoy website on your device & find the difference yourself.

MoviesJoy also has an Android app, which you can download and install like any other APK. The site also has a section on the home page called “Trending,” displaying high-definition movies and current TV series.

Play the videos in the highest video quality to get the best user experience if you’ve got a faster internet connection.


Vudu is a great example of a streaming service that’s very polished. It’s sort of like 1Movies, but perhaps superior in terms of full-length movies and favorite TV shows. The best news is that this is an exceptionally well-designed streaming site, making it easy to locate all the films/TV series.

Vudu is a great source for free movies and TV shows to watch, although all of them are accompanied by advertising. Additionally, you get another option to purchase or rent films through Vudu, gifting movies & tv shows to anyone you want.

You may occasionally find some of the newest TV shows or seasons for free on Vudu if you’re lucky. Vudu’s website is also quite impressive in terms of providing high-definition video quality right on the go.

Vudu also has a decent range of filters to help you discover new films and TV episodes, including genre-specific searches.

The best thing is that Vudu works in over 200 countries, including the United States, so that you can watch complete movies or TV series right now. Also, based on your interest, you may get the Vudu Android and iOS apps for free.


There’s a lot of great content on Netflix, but there’s also a lot of stuff that isn’t worth your time. However, if you’re looking for something distinctive and new to watch, check out the selection of TV shows available on SideReel.

If you like the highlighted show on the website, you can leave your review to let others know about it.

However, for those that do not wish to provide personal information online, certain capabilities will need them to join up for the service, making it a little difficult.

You may also search for movies or TV shows based on the genre, among other criteria, while the most popular shows are displayed at the top. It is unquestionably one of the most acceptable alternatives to 1movies with all of its features.


BMovies is a very popular site that contains quite a bit of content to suit your taste. It’s, without doubt, the most incredible place similar to Fmovies & 1movies you can explore. The nicest part of the website is that it gives you access to both film and TV shows in a variety of categories.

Using the site is really simple. Here, the best part is that you are no longer required to participate. In addition, with all of the most recent drugs, the site is continuously updated.

Furthermore, you are free to read the entire material. In any case, there are a lot of advertisements on the site. However, it is nonetheless a popular 1movies replacement. As a result, reading through the site is somewhat aggravating.


Lookmovie is a popular alternative to watching movies using the Internet. Websites such as Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix provide online entertainment without spending a dime. Thus, you can sit in your house and watch TV for free on most channels if you do not mind waiting a little longer for the program to load.

On some streaming services, you will even be able to quickly access a comprehensive database for website video content & lookmovie is one such example.

There are no recording requirements, either. Go to the website and begin watching your favorite film or network program.






Frequently Asked Questions

Is onemovies Down?

If you had asked this question last year, I would have replied with YES. However, this time of the year, 1movies is working alright, thanks to its proxy websites.

Is 1movies safe to use?

Not just safe, it’s one of the safest websites on the internet to watch movies & tv shows online. Unlike popular sites such as, 1movies which doesn’t display annoying ads to the millions of users who visit this website daily.


If you haven’t used 1movies yet, I would urge you to use it ASAP.

As of now, there aren’t many streaming websites that offer their content without showing too many ads.

So, enjoy using the website until it lasts.

That’s all for now.

What do you think about how 1movies stands against the likes of losmovies, Justdubs, etc.

Do share your views in the comments section given below.

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