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LosMovies Review: Should You Use It In 2021?


In the past few months, I’ve shared many websites where you can watch the latest movies and tv series for free.

Now, add 1 more to the list – LosMovies.

The website’s header is divided into the following 8 categories…:

Movies, TV Shows, Genres, Countries, Actors, Directors, Top Movies & Movies with Subtitles

…, you get a lot of options to fulfill your daily streaming needs.

Still, you might have a hard time trusting it when it comes to a newer streaming platform.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll be clearing all your doubts surrounding Losmovies.

And along with that, I’ll discuss major reasons why a streaming website that started with a banger has started causing problems.

Problems that will ultimately put a full stop to this one of the fastest-growing websites. Let’s get started:

List of Losmovies Features

Losmovies comes with a couple of interesting features:

Create an Account

As a video streaming website, losmovies lets you create a new account using your email address.

And once you’ve created an account, use it to add particular movies & tv shows to your private watchlist. Not only that, if you’re unable to find a particular series or movie, you can request it from the site owners.

Site Navigation

Losmovies has got better site navigation than some of its competitors. Look at the top header:

Simply click on either of these categories and navigate to the type of movies or tv shows you want to watch.

Not only that, if you scroll down, you can even find streaming content based on the 1st character in its name. That’s awesome. Isn’t it?

Multiple Servers

When watching videos on third-party streaming websites, it feels disappointing when you can watch videos on them.

This happens because of the server hosting that particular video. So, what can be done to avoid such issues in the future?

Well, just like losmovies, it’s best to let multiple servers host videos available on the website. In the case of losmovies, it uses Stream, VidSrc, 1Movies, HQ Movie, Mixes drop, Vidlox to host videos available on its website.

Live Subtitles

I’ll be honest with you. Most of the videos available on losmovies are in English. But what if you’re not good at English?

What would you do? Nothing much, right?

And in the case of losmovies too, there’s nothing much you can do except enabling & uploading subtitles.

If you’re having a hard time understanding American or British English, you can enable English subtitles for some help.

If this doesn’t help, upload subtitles in your native language  & start watching your favorite movies & tv series.

Losmovies Proxy Sites

In case, losmovies is blocked in your region, you can use the following proxy websites to once again start watching movies & tv series:

S. No. LosMovies Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 losmovie. cx Online Very Fast
2 losmovie. im Online Very Fast
3 Online Very Fast
4 Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6 Online Very Fast
7 Online Very Fast
8 Online Very Fast
9 Online Very Fast
10 Online Very Fast

These are 10 proxy websites that you can use to unblock losmovies in your region. Even though I’ve checked these websites manually, there are some chances that they may return some errors.

So, in case, you run into any kind of error, do report about the same in the comments section given below.

Note: We at, these proxies are already available in the public domain. This information is available to our readers for education purposes only.

Is LosMovies APK Legit?

There are multiple third-party streaming that provides an alternative method by providing an app exclusively for Android users.

Newest Movies HD is one such example of this.

When it comes to losmovies as a streaming platform, many movie buffs prefer to use such a platform on their smartphone.

So, with that in mind, is there a legit losmovies apk that you can install on your Android Smartphones?

Well, if you try to find the apk by yourself, then these are the top results you get:

Now, let me rephrase my question, does this apk work, or just a sham to force you into installing some malware into your device?

For the very same reason, I installed these applications on my device (a virtual one).

Do you want to know what I found?

The APK file listed on such sides is nothing but a backdoor for malware to enter into your device. Thankfully, I had downloaded & installed these APKs on an android emulator.

I managed to stay on the safer side.

To sum it up, I would recommend you to stay away from such websites.

4 Best LosMovies Alternatives

In case you are unable to access losmovies even with the help of the proxy websites mentioned above. These are some of the alternatives that you can use in 2021.

Let’s get started:


Viooz is the third Los Movies alternative in this list.

It’s an exclusive streaming website where you can only watch movies of the highest possible quality.

However, this would not be complete without mentioning the other features you get with v.

As far as this website is concerned, you can watch movies of the following genre on the official website:

Action, adventure, family, history, horror, comedy, and War.

This website is mainly popular in the streaming circuit because of its timely update of Movies right after the release in theaters.

When you open the website using the URL, from the homepage itself, you can choose to watch 4K movies using the two options available at the top of the hundred movies.

If you still don’t want that the website lists recently released movies in 4k quality.

Sometimes shit happens when you can’t save your progress or wishlist a particular movie, you want to watch at the moment.

In that case, sign up for an account.

This thing turns out to be a real game-changer.

Once you have created an account, use your email address and password to log in and wish to list the movies that you want to watch some time later in the future.

After this, once you are on the web page of that particular movie, you want to watch, it lists two options.

You can choose either of them to download or watch the movie right away.

However, before that, the website also provides a trailer that you can use to Know what the movie is all about.

That’s all great. But what if you’re unable to get access to Viooz or any of its proxy websites?

Well, you can’t do much except looking for viooz alternatives that can provide videos of 4K quality.

123 Movies

The second losmovies Alternatives in this list is 123 Movies.

No matter which streaming website it is, 123 movies always retains its place as an alternative.

It’s an old-school yet one of the most popular movie streaming websites that allow you to quickly switch between the servers to stay in the game.

Not just movies, it is also popular for providing the latest episode of Hollywood series or anime series.

Talking about the website itself, it’s not that easy to access the website as it is blocked in most regions.

So, how else can you get access to the website?

Thanks to the users who created and currently maintaining its proxy website, you can get your hands quite easily on 123 Movies.

Now, coming back to the website, when you open it, you see a search box just like a search engine where you can type in the name of the movie or TV series you want to watch.

However, if you don’t know the name, you can click on the button right below it that says ‘123 Movies official website right away to open other editions of the website.

On the new homepage movies and TV series are divided into three sections.

The latest movie is the first section which you can further sort down using three available options trending, IMDB earrings, and most viewed.

Next, the second section is the latest TV series. This shows a list of all the latest TV series airing or have concluded streaming the season.

The last section on the homepage is latest episodes where you can get your hands on the latest episodes right after it has released in the United States or its respective country.

Once again, when you’ve selected a particular video you want to watch, simply click on the play button to start streaming that particular Video.

However, in case the server isn’t working, you can switch to another server in real-time.

P.S. When using this website, you need to make sure whether you are using, ad blockers and pop-up blockers to get rid of any error in advance.


Gomovies is the third website in this list that can be used as loss movies alternatives.

Based on the IMDb score, if you ever think of watching only top-rated movies, then go Movie is the ultimate website you need to go for.

It is one of the few websites where you can sort the movies based on over 20 genres and 130-plus countries.

Further, you can watch your favorite TV series, sort it out in A to Z list and Top IMDb Categories.

However, before you do all that, I would recommend you create an account and save all the necessary changes.

Once you are on the home page, using its proxy website, it’s hard to type in name of the movies or TV series you want to watch.

So right below it, you can see an option to open the old edition of Gomovies.

Now, this will begin by Suggesting movies and TV shows based on your search history.

On the homepage itself, it is divided into 4 sections.

The 1st section Latest movies can be sorted out in four ways, hottest, favorites, top IMDb, and rating.

The second option is the latest movies. Genre such as action, comedy, thriller and vice versa.

Next up is, the latest TV series categories where you can watch the latest TV series based on the countries.

The last category on the homepage is requested where you can use your Gomovies account to request the webmaster for a particular movie or web series that is not yet available on the website.

The last option is the same place where you can access the movies or TV series you have requested using the request form.

The website is prone to several pop-up ads. So, when using this website, it’s best to use an ad blocker.

Once you are on the streaming page, just like that, you can switch the servers in real-time if there is any problem with the original server,


Putlocker is the fourth streaming website, and Los movies alternative in this list.

It is a type of website where you can easily discover what you have to watch in HD or full HD video quality. At one point, Putlocker was used to be considered as a perfect alternative to both Tunemovie & Fmovies. However, over the years, has changed subsequently.

The website is available only in the form of the proxy website as it has an ample user base that makes sure you never run out of the available options.

However, in the case of this post, I had used Putlocker9.Show to stream movies and TV shows.

Just like the other websites mentioned in this list, there is a search engine where you can type in the name of the movie or TV series.

If this does not satisfy your needs, tap on the browse films and show the option to open the previous edition of the website.

Here, you can sort out the movies, TV series, you want to watch based on genres and years.

Even though the website comes in light mode by default, you can change it to dark mode based on your liking.

Once you are on the homepage, you can see it is divided into 3 sections.

Most popular is the first section which further trims to two options – Featured and Trending.

The second section showcases the Recently Added movies, most viewed movies, Top IMDb movies, and top-rated movies.

The last section sorts out recent series based on these three options – most viewed, Top IMDb, and top-rated.

Once you are on the web page, you can easily get access to that particular episode or movie using the dozens of streaming servers.

During the course of your journey with Putlocker, you need to make sure whether you are using ad blockers and popup blockers.

Otherwise, you may end up facing the heat because of annoying ads and pop-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch online videos in my native language?

Well, at the moment, you can only watch movies in English. However, if you are looking forward to watching it in your native language, I recommend you watch it using subtitles in your native language.

Losmovies is blocked in my region. What should I do?

Well, you can use its proxy website posted in the post. Or else you pick websites such as tunemovies that are in direct competition to the original website.

Final Verdict

Losmovies started as a user-centric streaming platform where there was not a chance for you to get any kind of annoying ads.

However, it started displaying something it should have never shown –  ADS from the past year or so.

I hope going forward in the future, losmovies will remove intrusive ads from its website. That’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions for me, please let me know about them in the comments section given below.

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