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How to fix Apex Legends errors and bugs?

One of the most popular genres of online games is Battle Royale and 2018 was the blockbuster year for this category. Lots of new titles came into limelight and PUBG has grabbed the immense fame. In 2019 another exciting Battle Royale Game has rolled the internet named as Apex Legends.

And you will amaze to know that in a very short span of time the game got over 20 Million downloads. Since the release of this game, it is giving tough compitition to other players like pubg and fortnite in the multiplayer gaming market. Apex Legends offers you the ultimate experience of online gaming but at the same time, many users are complaining about many errors and bugs. If you are facing Apex Legends bugs and errors then you have landed at the right page. Here I have covered all the major issues so check them out.

How to fix Apex Legends errors and bugs?
Fix Apex Legends error and issues

Apex Legends Errors And Bugs (With Solution)

Low FPS issue and how to resolve it

These issues occur when the game doesn’t recognize the main GPU. If you are facing the performance issues then you have to perform these steps to fix it.

  • First of all access the Nvidia Control panel and then tap on settings.
  • In the Program settings, you will notice Apex Legends, select it.
  • Then modify the power management mode to desired maximum power.
  • Finally, save it and exit.

Apex Legends downloading issues (Fixed)

It is really frustrating when you want to download the game but not able to do so. Don’t worry folks we have a solution for you:

  • Initially move to your internet browser.
  • Make sure you are using a VPN service.
  • If you are not using a VPN then download any VPN app first and login into it.
  • After it change your location to the United States.
  • Then Login to origin launcher on the Apex Legends website.
  • Attach the game to your library.
  • Finally, you have to log out from the origin launcher.
  • Wait until the download will complete.

Apex Legends Crashes errors and how to fix them

Suppose you are going to win the game and meanwhile your screen get freeze then what will you feel? Many times this situation has disappointed me so I discovered a way to get rid of this irritating issue:

  • Make sure you have Nvidia or AMD Drivers and if you don’t have then download first.
  • Disable in-game origin surface.
  • Keep in mind that you have to close all the running apps including steam and discord.
  • Also, disable G-Sync.
  • It is advised not to play Apex Legends on Fullscreen and for a seamless experience go for borderless windowed.

Apex Legends Connection errors

The connection error is that most common issue of any PC game and there are several ways to fix it. You have to follow these suggestions to fix Connection error.

Restart your PC: In most cases, there are certain apps and programs which lead to block the network access and you can resolve this problem by restarting your PC. Just reboot your Window device and play the game again.

Inspect Your Network Connection: As you know Apex Legends is an Online multiplayer game and you need a stable internet connection to connect with game servers. Try another game and if you are not able to play then there is a problem in your internet connection. You may report to your internet provider to fix it.

Cloud sync error

  • At first, launch the origin.
  • On the top left-hand section, you will notice Origin, click on it.
  • After it taps on Application settings.
  • Finally, click on install and save and don’t forget to turn on the Save button.

General ways to fix several issues in Apex Legends

Use CCleaner

Our PC gets slow due to corrupt and unnecessary files and it causes the performance issues for games. To get a smooth experience with Apex Legends you need to download CCleaner and all your PC issues will resolve easily.

Uninstall and reinstall Apex Legends

If your game file got corrupt then to fix this issue you have to uninstall the game and reinstall it again. In order to uninstall and reinstall you need to follow these steps:

  • Initially log into the origin and tap on My Game Library.
  • Right click on Apex Legends.
  • A drop down list will appear, find Uninstall option and click on it.

Wrap up

Hey, fellows, these are the most common issues of Apex Legends and their solutions. If you are facing crashing issues, connection error, low FPS, and anything else then these methods will definitely solve out your problem.

If you have any other solution for these Apex Legends issues then let me know below in the comment section. Still, any question regarding the Battle Royale giant then drop a question below. For more latest tech happenings stay tuned and keep reading.



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