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Your Go-To Guide On How to Hire Offshore Software Developers

Offshore Software Developers

You’ve got a great idea, you’ve got investment, and you are ready to roll with your product.

You may have heard that you can hire offshore developers to get the work done faster, but you have no idea how to hire offshore software developers!

Don’t despair; it’s much easier than you think!

Offshore Software Developers
Offshore Software Developers

Why Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

Before we answer the question of how to hire an offshore development team, let’s look at why you should hire one! Many companies are looking at international locations to meet their needs.


You can easily add or remove developers from the team as your requirements change.

You might not need a whole team ready from the start of the project, or you may only need a handful of developers to work on a specific feature for a short time.

Flexibility can help you remain agile and cost-effective.

Filling Skills Gaps In Your Team

You can use offshore teams to fill gaps in your team. If you find yourself short-handed or underskilled, you bring on a seasoned developer from a foreign country to help your team out or to build skills locally.

Offshore workers don’t require any training and can get started from day one with zero delays.


If you already have an in-house team working on a project, you can use your outsourcing team to take on routine tasks, like network issues, maintenance or security. It helps your team be focused and balanced.

Lower costs

In-house and freelance software developers are expensive. You’ll have to cater for their personal time off, medical insurance, salaries, and bonuses to lure staff to work for you.

And of course, if you hire in-house teams, you’ll have to provide hardware, workstations, and physical office space.

Offshore is cheaper than hiring in-house staff, come with all of their own equipment, and the level of education and skills are the same or higher than in-house teams.

New Perspectives

Your offshore team adds skills and perspective to your existing team, which can be invaluable if you want to expand internationally.

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How to Hire Offshore Software Developers?

If you want to know how to hire offshore development teams, you have to know how they will be deployed in your company first.

Start with Your Goals

What type of developers do you need? Start by determining the skills, infrastructure, and timelines so that you can brief your offshoring agency accordingly. Draft an exhaustive list with all your needs and your vision.

Define Your Budget

Know what you are willing to spend and shop around. The agency will outline the services covered as well as the total cost. Make sure that they stipulate which infrastructure will be used – this could fill significant gaps for you.

Look for the Right Skills

Your offshoring agency will have a list of vetted candidates available and a portfolio of past clients. They should be open and transparent about what they can deliver according to your timelines.

Make sure your developers have the right skills and the right level of expertise you are looking for. Their experience in solving problems and issues is invaluable.

Aim for senior developers where possible. Once you have these details and have selected your preferred agency, contact them for an interview.

Evaluate the Candidates

Most agencies will conduct some assessment of developers’ skills. You can ask candidates to complete questionnaires or coding tests, but be scrupulous in your dealings.

Don’t ask developers to code for free under the guise of a test! Speak to the agency about past and future assessments to get a sense of the skill level.

Legal Agreements

Lastly, you’ll sign several legal agreements. It could include a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that the vendor and their developers keep your source code confidential, an SLA or Service Level agreement stating the scope of the project, and a Statement of Work, focused on the client’s obligations.


Now you know how to hire offshore software developers! Make sure that you do your due diligence and pick the team that works for you.


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