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Mobione Studio Alternatives for App Developers

Mobione Studio Alternatives

As an app developer, it gets quite tiring when you have to switch between different emulators when creating apps for different platforms.


If you’re developing an IOS app, then you would use Xcode for Windows to build and test iOS apps.

You can’t use it for Android apps and that’s where Mobione Studios has made the mark

It is an emulator that was first introduced as a common platform for Windows to run both IOS and Android applications.

Built on an HTML5 hybrid app model, Mobione Studios tasted success right after its release.

However, on Feb 1, 2015, its developers Genui Tec discontinued the further development of Mobione Studios.

In their end-of-life notice, they clearly mentioned that its existing Visual design and code generation tool will continue to operate. However, You won’t be able to use any Cloud functionality thereafter.

Ever since then you were neither allowed to build an app nor test it.

So, in that case, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

In the absence of Mobione Studios, I tested many alternative emulator apps. But none of them live up to the expectations.

However, now, it’s 2021. There’re some really exciting Mobione Studios alternatives that you can use to run both the iOS and Android apps for testing purposes.

Now, let’s take a look at each one of them one by one.

5 Best Mobione Studio Alternatives


BlueStacks is the first Mobione Studio alternatives on this list.

Released in 2011 BlueStacks app player emulator was first introduced as an Android exclusive emulator.

However, as its popularity grew, it was released for Mac Computers. Now with over 300 million users worldwide, you can use it to test both Android and iOS apps.

Even though it has many features but the main thing that stands out was the Rope performance It produced.

If you have built a high-performance custom PC, you won’t even notice if it’s running in the background or not.

The thing is emulators tend to hog up all your PC resources. It’s like the unknown PC process running in the background.

But that’s not the case with BlueStacks. That’s great. Isn’t it?


Do you want to install a particular emulator as an operating system?

Well, thanks to the remix OS player, your dream has just come out to be true.

It is compatible with both your PC and Mac architecture. Remix OS player gives produces High performance. Despite this, there’s no LAG whatsoever.

There are no legs WHATSOEVER.

Talking about the best things, Remix OS Player has an active development ecosystem which makes it a tough competitor for its competition.

With the release of every new version of Android OS or iOS apps, its developer rolls out the necessary updates right away.

And that’s where things start to get interesting.

For instance, you can use the newer version of Android or iOS emulator to test your app compatibility with the latest operating system available in the market.

And the thing is it doesn’t even force you to install a remix OS player as an operating system.

Install VirtualBox on your PC or Mac and then use it to run Remix OS Player.

That’s it.

You’re good to go.

If needed you can alternatively install the REMIX OS PLAYER as an operating system right away.


NOX app player is the third Mobione Studio alternatives in this list.

Just like the other two emulators mentioned in this post, this one comes as a completely free emulator.

Even though its usage is limited to developing Android apps on Windows and Mac.

I would say, “Still, it’s definitely WORTH it.”


Well because of Its built-in functionality of virtual location

You can use this to build GPS-based games.

Games like…

✅Pokemon go

✅Jurassic World Alive

✅Minecraft Earth

…and vice versa.


Xamarin Testflight is the fourth Mobione Studios alternative in this list.

Unlike the other three emulators mention in the list, this one’s dedicatedly made for gamers.

It doesn’t matter if you want to play iOS exclusive games or Android exclusive games. It allows you to play both. Games from both the operating system on your Windows PC

It’s available for free all over the world.

Its user-friendly interface makes it one of the efficient emulators in running both iOS apps and Android-based apps at the same time.

That’s nice. Isn’t it?

APPETIZE.IO is the last but not the least Mobione Studios alternatives mentioned in this list.

Just like the third emulator this one’s recommended for the developers of iOS apps. Even though it does support the operation of both the Android apps and iOS apps on Windows. I would still recommend this to use it to develop and test iOS apps.

And the reason is quite SIMPLE.

You can easily run a native mobile application in your browser.

And that too without any concerning issues like


✅Endless LAG

And similarly, in terms of feature, includes…

✅Unlimited access support for almost every web browser available.

✅Automation and app testing.

✅User-friendly interface

✅Training support customer support

Final Words

So, these are some Mobione Studios alternative emulators you can use to run Android or iOS apps on your Windows and Mac computers.

In case you encounter any unforeseen error don’t hesitate to ask me for solutions. That is all for now.

However, before I sign off, there are few questions I need to get off my chest.

Out of the five emulators mentioned in this list which one you like the most?

If you liked a particular emulator, will you install it on your PC to test run a mobile app?

Well, the ball is in your court. Whichever your final choice is, do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

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