How to Play DVD Movie on Windows 11/10 with WinX DVD Ripper [Free]

Are you here because you are searching for the best way to play DVD on Windows 11/10?

Does your desktop computer or personal computer with Windows 11/10?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to play DVD directly on your machine particularly if it is running on Windows 11/10. The reason is that these versions of the window don’t have direct media playing capability.

However, that doesn’t imply you are to miss your favorite DVD. Even that doesn’t eliminate your need of playing DVDs on your machine.

Here we are going to reveal several ways you can play DVD Movies on Windows 11/10 with WinX DVD Ripper free version.

This piece of the article was prepared for you for a number of reasons. First, it is not that easy to play DVD playback on windows 11/10 when compared to previous windows. Second, the Windows 11/10 media player no longer plays DVD.

The third reason is for those who have the $15 worth windows DVD player which cannot decode DVD and for those whose DVD drive is not reading the disc, or those facing frequent freezing of DVD playback or not able to play DVDs fr0m a particular location.

So how can solve these problems?

There is no other way you can solve all the said issues apart from digitizing the DVD with the help of WinX DVD Ripper. While this might sound new to you, the process is neither complicated nor new and it has some advantages.

Advantages of Digitizing DVD Using the WinX DVD Ripper Free Version

Wider compatibility 

One of the reasons why the WinX DVD ripper free version is recommended is because it offers the advantage of wider compatibility. It supports digitizing and ripping of scratched, damaged, or dirty DVDs.


You can use it to save digital DVDs on the computer, hard drive, or USB.

DVD watching

With WinX DVD Ripper, whether free or the paid version, you can watch your favorite DVDs directly on your computer even if it lacks a DVD drive.

DVD conversion

If you want to convert old or new movies, including kid’s DVD, workout DVD, or homemade DVD to MP4 that you can play on your computer, you can as well use WinX DVD ripper.

Encryption removal 

WinX DVD Ripper can as well be used to remove encryption on DVDs. The type of DVD encryption that WinX DVD ripper can remove includes CSS encryption, Disney X-project, new UOP, Sony ARccOS, and so forth.

Converting DVD to MP4 using WinX DVD Ripper for Playback on Windows 11/10.

Here are the steps to follow

Step 1: Insert the DVD that you want to convert into the DVD drive and launch the WinX DVD Ripper.

Step 2: In the output files go for the Mp4 option and hit-run.

The video Conversion process will start


WinX DVD Ripper is such very useful software that can help those having issues playing their favorite DVDs on their machines. It supports both old or new DVD formats and can be used by anybody. Though there are other top DVD players for Windows 11/10 WinX DVD ripper stands out.