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Advantages of Betting on Sports at online Bookmakers

The year 2020 marked a turning point in the debate over uniform regulations for the gaming sector nationwide. With the lockdown measures and social distancing restrictions imposed on most Britons staying at home for extended periods of time the number of sports bettors has risen significantly, so the British Gambling Commission has imposed more strict measures to protect players exposed to gambling addiction.

These actions included supporting the GamStop scheme as a national self-exclusion program, banning VIP players programmes, and imposing a ban on credit cards as well. Certainly, the set of rules endorsed by the UKGC thus far entails significant restrictions on players. In general, it can be said that UK-licensed sports betting products are clearly losing their appeal. Looking at the foreign EU licenses from Malta and Curaçao, there are still sports betting offers to be taken with more generous or completely unlimited limits and without discounts in the betting program. It is important to us that the two gaming licenses also perform well in key areas such as player protection and player security. The exclusive betting sites you find on

In this article, we will discuss the most prominent features of the offshore sports betting sites that are licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission.

What are the non GamStop betting sites?

When we speak of “sports betting outside GamStop”, this should not be misunderstood as a recommendation to turn to unlicensed providers. Because in the UK, as in all other countries in the world, where gambling is considered problematic for legitimate reasons (e.g. gambling addiction), virtual sports betting operations are only legal if they are under state supervision, i.e. have a license from the responsible gambling supervisory authority. In addition to this purely legal reason, which speaks against unlicensed offers, there are a whole range of advantages that go hand in hand with control by an external authority. This carries out a series of checks and thus ensures that the offer is:

  • Economically stable, i.e. the provider is equipped with the necessary financial strength and operates in accordance with economic efficiency.
  • Designed to be fair, both with regard to the calculation and the payment rates of the offers, as well as with regard to payment terms and other terms and conditions.
  • Takes into account social aspects relating to gambling addiction and responsible gaming.
  • Safe, for example with regard to surfing the Internet and the proper exclusion of minors for whom gambling is prohibited.
  • Legally prosecuted.

The fact that the company is obliged to also have a registered office in the territory of the licensing authority guarantees that in the event of an administrative offense or violation. This is the only way to ensure that customers do not lose out in the end!

Reputable betting providers without the UKGC license

The non GamStop gambling providers listed below are licensed in the Caribbean island state of Curaçao, which politically belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is, therefore, part of the EU, and offers sports betting in the UK on the basis of the European freedom to provide services.

  • Fancy Reels
  • Jinx Casino
  • Pulp Casino
  • Mostro Casino
  • Euphoria Wins

Serious alternatives: Licenses from Malta and Curaçao

In the late 1990s, with the increasing spread of the Internet and its use by private individuals, the first online sports betting products emerged. It wasn’t long before the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gibraltar established themselves as the most important locations for companies in the gaming industry. The reason for this, in addition to the local gambling legislation – the licenses that promised market access in other EU countries as well – as the tax advantages.

This resulted in the current situation: practically all the big names in the European bookmaking scene run their business operations on one of the two islands. Therefore, the gambling concessions there within the abundance of EU licenses (e.g. from Spain, Isle of Man or Italy) have always been of the greatest importance.

Since Great Britain left the European Union, Malta has become the most important location for gambling operators within the EU. In addition to this, another nation has recommended itself as a home for companies in the industry over the years: Curaçao. The Caribbean island state is associated with the EU via the Kingdom of the Netherlands and offers companies based on their access to the European market.

Above all, providers of a new, young generation are drawn there. We are talking about the so-called “non GamStop bookmakers” and “crypto providers”, i.e. those gambling companies that also accept the up-and-coming cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The special thing is that the Curaçao license, unlike the licenses from UK and Malta, allows betting and playing with popular digital coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, and others.

All advantages of the bookmakers licensed by Curaçao:

  • Neither deposits nor wagers are limited (no limit betting).
  • There are no restrictions on the betting offer.
  • Personal data remains with the betting provider, there is no central player blocking system like in the UK.
  • Live casino, jackpot games and slot games are allowed.
  • There are separate complaints bodies and arbitration for disputes.
  • A great deal of attention is paid to player safety and player protection.
  • The licensing system has been politically stable for more than 25 years.

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