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10 Music-Syncing Apps Like AmpMe [2023]

When playing music on your device, AmpMe solves the biggest problems of:

  • low speaker volume,
  • music syncing across multiple devices,
  • setting up a unified speaker system.

But why should you limit yourself to just these features? What if you want to use AI-generated music or experience an even more personalized user experience?

Well then, let’s take a look at these 10 apps like AmpMe to fulfill your requests:

10 Apps Like AmpMe

1. Soundseeder

Can you guess what Soundseeder does?

It offers an impressive way to listen to music, providing a platform that syncs your beats not just across multiple devices but also across various music sources like radio streams and Google Music.

Think about it: When you want to turn up the volume during a gathering or simply want to enjoy a song fully, Soundseeder is there to amplify the sound.

Key features:

  • Syncs music across multiple devices
  • Compatible with radio streams
  • Support for Google Music
  • Allows equalizer adjustments for personalized sound

Download Soundseeder

2. Speakerfy

Speakerfy is a music-syncing app that doubles as a social network, enabling music lovers to connect in real-time. It’s an engaging, interactive way to enjoy music with friends, turning a simple song into a shared experience. Whether you’re next door or across the globe, Speakerfy brings you and your music together.

Key features:

  • Uses local Wi-Fi to sync music
  • Allows real-time interactions
  • Provides song lyrics for singalongs
  • Users can comment, like, and personalize profiles

Download Speakerfy

3. TuneMob

It makes a statement with its straightforward design and superb sound quality. It’s an app that’s easy to understand and even easier to use. But don’t let its simplicity fool you – despite nailing the basics, it doesn’t lack in the features department.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Requires Bluetooth connection for syncing
  • High sound quality
  • Stable connection

4. Chorus

Chorus is an app that celebrates the crowds. It supports a large number of devices, perfect for big gatherings. The chorus doesn’t just sync music; it invites everyone to chime in. Everyone can contribute to the playlist, turning anyone into a DJ for the night. It makes parties more interactive and experiences more memorable.

Key features:

  • Supports many devices
  • Allow you to contribute to the playlist
  • Good for large parties
  • Ensures harmony between devices

5. Seedio

Seedio takes the idea of a music-syncing app and amplifies it – literally. It syncs music across devices to create a louder, fuller sound. With Seedio, your smartphone becomes part of a powerful speaker system, shaking up any room with carefully synced beats. Simple, effective, and fun – Seedio is the app for those who want to turn up the volume.

Key features:

  • Creates louder output by syncing multiple devices
  • Operates over a shared Wi-Fi network
  • Allows track sharing

6. Jukebox

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Jukebox breaks down barriers between different platforms.

It creates a shared soundtrack for your hangouts, with a collective playlist that reflects everyone’s musical taste. Jukebox ensures that everyone gets to add their favorite songs to the mix.

Key features:

Download Jukebox

7. Mubert

Mubert draws a unique path in the world of music-syncing apps. It offers AI-generated music, creating an endless stream based on your chosen music genre. The app customizes the listening experience for every user, promising a playlist that stays in tune with your preferences. With Mubert, the music never stops, and the enjoyment never ends.

Key features:

  • Offers AI-generated music
  • Creates an endless stream of music
  • Personalized to chosen genre preferences

Download Mubart

8. MyPart

MyPart isn’t just about syncing music. It’s about sharing it. The app lets users co-create playlists, turning every hangout into a creative music session. It’s accessible for both creators and ordinary listeners, allowing everyone to discover, share, and discuss new music. MyPart is the app for those who want a deeper dive into the world of music.

Key features:

  • Allows for co-created playlists
  • Suitable for music fans and creators alike
  • A platform for discovering, sharing, and discussing new music

Download Mypart

9. SoundStorming

SoundStorming serves as a bridge between music makers and listeners. It’s not just a music syncing app; it’s a platform for exploration, for creators to post their music, and for listeners to discover new tunes. Users can share tracks and get real-time feedback, making music a collaborative experience for everyone involved.

Key features:

  • Allows users to record, upload, and share tracks
  • Provides feedback opportunities through the app’s social features
  • Bridges the gap between music creators and listeners

Download SoundStorming

10. Unison

Unison offers something unique for both casual listeners and professional DJs. It provides seamless transitions between songs and supports numerous devices, giving everyone a chance to join in the music party. It’s an accessible, inclusive app that turns any hangout into a truly unforgettable experience.

Key features:

  • Offers seamless transitions between songs
  • Supports numerous devices
  • Suitable for both casual listeners and professional DJs

Download Unison


You’re probably wondering, should I stick with AmpMe? Here’s the thing – while AmpMe is a great music-syncing app, there’s a huge list of apps like AmpMe.

And once you’re introduced to this list, you’ll see dozens of unique features at your disposal.

So why not explore? Maybe you’ll discover an app that not only meets your needs but also introduces you to features you didn’t know you wanted.

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