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AWS Data Analytics Certification to Become a Big Data Analytic

AWS is a leader in a cloud space and Clearing an AWS Data Analytic Certification give you wings to achieve successful career in cloud computing.

Cloud computing, as we know today, was not so much of a trending topic a decade back. But with cloud platforms such as AWS emerging as a leading public cloud service provider, we can say that cloud computing has become the heartbeat of the IT ecosystem.

The concurrent emergence of Big Data has spurred the growth of the cloud computing domain. Big Data management is complex and calls for analyses, which requires skills. The cutting-edge cloud technology of AWS can help you become a Big Data analytic – all you need is an AWS Big Data Certification.

So what is this AWS Certification? From the Data Analytics Speciality Certification to tips to pass the exam, read on to know about it all!

Why is AWS a leader in Cloud Space?

More and more IT companies and enterprises are realising the potential of the cloud as an engine to inceltivize digital transformation and maintain the flow of business.

AWS has been leading the cloud space for quite some time now and is here to stay. In 2018, the annual revenue of AWS was around $25.65 billion, which reached a whopping $33 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

The first quarter of 2020 witnessed a 33% revenue hike, making AWS the most robust revenue segment of Amazon. If the figures aren’t convincing enough, we’ll give you more reasons to believe that AWS is a leader in the cloud space!

  • Amazon introduced the world to its cloud computing platform in 2006. A timeline of more than a decade has perfected and refined its product. With massive customer success, AWS is the prime choice for strategic adoption due to its remarkable record as an enterprise-ready cloud service provider.
  • From analytics and augmented reality to IoT and artificial intelligence, AWS is more than just an SaaS platform.
  • AWS is the first choice for developers and enterprises before expanding to the multi-cloud approach. Developers and partners like SAP, C3, and VMware have grown the AWS ecosystem.
  • You don’t have to commit to AWS services at once; users can get free of cost hands-on experience of the AWS cloud platform for 12 months.

AWS and Certifications it Offers

AWS is a leader in the domain of cloud service. It is considered a thought leader and a benchmark by all its competitors. Hence, an AWS Big Data Certification has substantial importance.

Through hands-on experience and best practices, AWS certifications assess a candidate’s skills, adding credibility to his/her knowledge.

AWS offers varied role-based and specialty certification exams that validate a professional’s expertise in cloud computing infrastructure, management, and security.

The learning path offered by AWS comprises the following certifications:

  • Foundational Certification (Duration: 6 months)

– AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • Associate Level Certification (Duration: 1 year)

– AWS Certified Developer

– AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

– AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  • Professional Level Certification (Duration: 2 years)

– AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

– AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  • Specialty Certification

– AWS Certified Data Analytics

– AWS Certified Security

– AWS certified Database

– AWS Certified Advanced Networking

– AWS Certified Machine Learning

– AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

AWS Data Analytics – Speciality Certification

Are you still wondering if the AWS Big Data Certification is worth your time? Let us help you out!

If you want to earn the AWS Big Data Certification, the DAS-C01 AWS Data Analytics – Speciality Certification is what you should target. Earlier known as the AWS Certified Big Data – Speciality, this certification would validate your experience in analytics services and AWS data lakes. It’s an industry-recognized credential that will earn you the knowledge and skills to deliver meaningful insights from data. All in all, the certification will prepare you to design and build cost-effective, secure, and efficient AWS analytics solutions.

So, what are the key validations you will get from this certification?

  • First of all, you will be able to define and understand the essence of AWS data analytics services and how AWS integrates with data analytics.
  • Secondly, you will realize how these analytics services fit into the cycle of data collection, data storage, data processing, and data visualization.

Through the Data Analytics Speciality Certification, AWS provides an excellent opportunity for you to build your expertise in data analytics. Not just that, AWS also offers an elaborate learning path, whitepapers, and a digital course to make you exam ready. Read about the exam tips in the following section to know more.

Tips to pass the AWS Data Analytics – Speciality Exam

A career with the leading cloud service provider is stable and promising. But first, you must pass the AWS Data Analytics – Speciality Exam with flying colors. Here are a few strategies and tips that can help you ace the test:

  • Make sure you fulfill the following criteria as prerequisites
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with technologies in data analytics
  • Minimum 2 years of practical experience in AWS
  • Expertise and experience in working with AWS services
  • Download the AWS Data Analytics – Speciality exam guide and know the exam format. It’s an online multiple-choice based exam of 180 minutes covering topics like data collection, data storage and management, data processing, data analysis, visualization and security. Each section carries varying weightage.
  • Review and get familiar with the sample questions. You can check the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Sample Exam Questions from the AWS website.
  • Amazon and many third-party training services offer online practice tests. The samples will help you assess how much you know and where you need to focus.
  • Amazon offers instructor-led training; it’s a digital training of six hours duration. Besides, there are many other third-party training services.
  • Read the white papers and FAQs relevant to the Data Analytics Speciality exam.


An AWS Big Data Certification is your first step towards a rewarding and successful career in cloud computing.

The certification will not just increase your marketability, but will also give you the confidence to ideate and innovate in AWS analytics solutions. Take note of the exam tips and begin your preparation today!

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