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7 Beginner Tips for Making Quality Video Blogs

Making Video Blogs

Most people spend more time on the internet watching videos rather than looking at images or reading. Videos blogs have become one of the most consumed contents over the internet.

Creating quality videos might be intimidating to an average person since it requires a particular skill set. Although, creating a professional, polished video blog might be easier than you think.

You don’t need to have expensive equipment or tools – you can make great videos with whatever you have in hand, just by following a few tips. Here are some tips to get you started on producing quality video blogs.

Making Video Blogs
Making Video Blogs

Plan the Content of Your Video

Truth be told, the content of your videos is more important than its quality. Not to say that quality is not essential, but creating exciting videos would get you more audience. Video companies like often consider video content as one of the vital factors in video production.

So how do you plan your content? Consider the following planning tips.

Know Your Goal

What are you trying to achieve from the video?

Is it to educate people?

Make people laugh?

Or are you advertising a product? Know your goal before creating the video.

Know Your Audience

You should be targeting a specific type of people for your content. It is not possible to target everyone in the world since it has much diversity. Having a particular audience will determine the way you script, shoot and edit your videos.

Find a Good Camera

You better have a decent camera to shoot quality videos. For a start, it is not necessary to buy a high-quality video camera since it is the beginning of your video-making career. An 8 megapixels phone camera can get you started.

Video quality is a tool that attracts many people, which can be used to gain views and followers.

Use Adequate Light

You should find a good place with plenty of light to record your videos. The sun is one of the best sources of light when recording videos.

Video producers such as Spiel Creative suggest that the best footages are taken in the morning or evening when the light is softer.

During midday, light comes straight overhead, which can project harsh shadows over you or your subjects. To have the best natural light for your video, try recording in the morning or evening.

If you are taking your videos indoors, you need to consider the type of lights you are using. Avoid using overhead lighting, for it can project unflattering shadows on your face.

Windows can come in handy because it is an excellent natural light source. When using light sources like huge lambs, you should balance two light sources on the side of the camera to get a flat light in the video. To learn more about lighting, you can check out Lighting.

Select a Good Background

The background of your video is key to producing quality footage for your video blog. You can use the stage alone to tell your story or send a message to your audience. Choosing one will also depend on your goal and audience.

There are mainly two types:

Real Backgrounds

It includes choosing any real-life environment such as an outdoor location, living room, or office. Real-life backgrounds are often used because it enables you to work with what you have hence been affordable.

However, it would be best to make sure that it is not distracting, messy, or containing anything that does not promote your story or goal.

Fake Backgrounds

These backgrounds are used mainly by video bloggers who require consistency. The sets include curtains, papers with solid colors, or green screens.

The green screen is excellent since you can replace the background with anything you want. Professionals mostly use fake backgrounds, and hence for a beginner, it is not recommended for a beginner because they are hard to work with and set up.

Have a Clear Audio

The audio of a video can promote or destroy its quality. While talking, you need to be clear and audible enough. If possible, you need to avoid using the camera’s microphone.

Having an external microphone is the most reliable way to capture audio. However, you have to make sure the microphone is well placed. Thus, it can pick up all the right sounds, but it does not take unnecessary noises like heavy breathing or fabric rubbing.

You should also make sure to test the microphone before starting your video. You would not want to create a great video to find out you did not set up the microphone correctly.


Unless it is unbroken dialogue, video wizzes at Spiel recommend you to take short clips when creating a video. It may sound like much work, but it is essential. Having multiple scenes will enable you to cut out any errors in your video.

It would help if you also chose good software for editing your video. Good editing can turn a raw video into something fabulous. Check out some of the lists of video editing software and that you would prefer to use.

Video producers at Spiel also advise you to do simple editing. Trying different effects might be fun, but do not make it crazy. Transitions like flipping, shattering, and zooming might look cool, but they may reduce the proficiency of your video.

A few essential things that you need to consider while editing is:

  • Removing any background noise by using noise canceling
  • Adding a piece of background music and appropriate transitions
  • Adjusting the lighting of the video

Promote your Video

Finishing your video is only half the way. You will have to share your content with the world. You can share the video on different platforms depending on your goal and audience.

For example, you can post and push your video on, where you can share the video links to your audience, family, and friends.

Currently, many people are making lots of money out of video blogs. To be competitive in this market, you need to provide quality videos with good content.

Following the steps provided, you have a higher chance of delivering your viewers with the best and professional video blogs.

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