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5 Face Merge Apps to Switch Faces [Real-Time]

Face Merge Apps

When using social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, you might have seen Face Swap filters where you get to merge two different faces.

It’s ike swapping a face with your cat:

That’s damn Hilarious, isn’t it.

However, the social media face swap filters comes with some limitations.

And the only way to get rid of them is by using dedicated face merge apps.

If you look over the Internet, you’ll find many similar apps.

But I’ll be listing only Best of the Best Face Merge apps.

Let’s get started:

Face Merge Apps
Face Merge Apps


Face app AI editor is the first face merge app in this list.

From age filter to Gender swap filters.

FaceApp has gone viral multiple times on various social media platforms.

If you are younger or an elderly person, within a few click, the app will transform your appearance to give you older and younger looks respectively.

It’s AI-based super realistic images makes FaceApp one of the best Deepfake creator app right in your hands.

The face app comes in two plans: Free and Pro.

If you’re trying this app for the first time, then you can check out its feature and some of its filter using the free plan.

However, there are some filters that you can only unlock after subscribing to its monthly or yearly pro plan.

PRICING: Faceapp Pro Plan will cost you around $5 a month on Android and iOS based devices.


B612 is the 2nd Face merge app in this list.

Initially released as a dedicated selfie camera app, today this app has transformed itself into a filter camera that you can use for taking some Breathtaking selfies and apply funny filters at the same time.

The face swap feature available in the b612 app can only be applied in real time.

This means you can’t use it when you upload an image right into the app for transformation.

PRICING: It is a completely free app on both Android and IOS based smartphones.


Msqrd is the 3rd face merge app in this list.

It is a Paid app that is exclusively made for Ios-based devices.

By default, the app comes with cross-platform functionality where you can save your images in one design device and access it from the other device.

You can buy MSQRD app right from the IOS app store at 3.99 dollars per month.

Msqrd camera filter app comes with cross platform functionality where you can say can simply access your images into another ios device by simply logging into your Msqrd account.

Face Swap by Microsoft

Face Swap by Microsoft is the 4th face merge app in this list.

After looking at the trend in recent years, Microsoft has also jumped into the scene of adding filters to your camera.

Unlike the other two face merge apps, this one lets you alter the images in both the real time and manual mode.

Simply upload an image and apply a particular filter on top of it. You’re done.

However, the presence of this additional feature has impacted the overall quality of the image very badly.

And yeah, that’s why you won’t get a perfect match each and every time you apply a filter. But with the backing of Operating system giants like Microsoft, this app will keep on improving in the future.

Face App Live

Face app live is the 5th face merge app in this list.

It is a paid app on both the Android and iOS based smartphones.

And you can purchase it at just $2 dollars.

At the time of its release, this app was quite popular. However, over the years its popularity has dipped quite a lot

Besides, when the app was launched, it became popular because of its ability to switch photo in real time.

But today there are many apps in the app market that can do this.

Sadly, this app could not maintain its position of  a pioneer app in image editing.

Now in 2021 when there are too many Face merge apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, the face app Live is beaten by its Rivals.

However, if you ever like to try the first-ever app to introduce face swap feature, then you can try this out by purchasing it from the Google Play store or the IOS app store.


These are some of the best face merge apps you will ever find on the internet.

You can use these apps to change the way you look.

You can look old.

Hell, you can even look younger.

Create as many fun photos you want and once done, share them on social media platforms directly.

That is all for now.

Out of all the face Merge app mentioned in this list, which one is your favorite?

Whatever it is, do let me know about it in the comment section given below.

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