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Top 5 Ways to Anonymize Everything {For Free} You Do Online

Anonymous surfing on the internet helps a person to open any website without giving any trace of the site he/she is going through. The anonymous services stop the cookies and pop up windows to hide the IP address of the visitor. Mainly proxy servers are in use to proceed any Http request. When any user surf for any website then the proxy service provider shows the information of their own, hiding the IP address of the user. This kind of anonymous surfing is known for two things one is that the user can open any website without disclosing their privacy and the other solution is that some bypass application blocks some sections of the website that you are wishing to open.

What you require is a tool to anonymize everything from the user end. Its necessary to maintain your respective privacy while browsing or surfing online. This topic will help you to get some of the ways to hide your activity without being traced.

How to anonymize everything?

Well, the solution is not much tricky but if you want to be anonymous online than you have landed on a correct page. Tracing anyone on the internet is very common nowadays as the cyber crime department of various countries is very strict. And for this, every user want to keep their privacy intact. Now learn how to anonymize everything when you are surfing on the internet.

So make your surf online easier and untraceable in a safer way. It keeps your private activity in hidden mode without getting caught. Whatever or whenever you browse anything on the internet just go on without any misusage at your side. You need to bring some changes to settings using some ways which will be provided here. As the solution is bit technical you need some sorts of tool to maintain your activity hidden. These are absolutely free to use on the system. Undoubtedly follow this method to achieve reliable experience and safe browsing.

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Top 5 Ways to Anonymizer Free websites:

Here are some top few ways which you can try while visiting online in a safer and secure way. It will keep your records and activity at safer side form hacker and government officials while you are online.

1.Use Tor:

Tor is a very popular tool to remain hidden online. It has the specialty to keep your behavior unnoticeable for trackers. Suppose if you are followed online than install tor tool to avoid misuse of work. Or you are simply blocked at a specific machine which does not allow to access some websites that it works as the bypass solution. Just try once this tool once and you will be able to view each and everything on the internet.


You can get many anonymous browsers online but none is great than hidester. Hidester was known as the best proxy server that you can use for your system to stay safe while online surfing. Has the feature to protect you from many malicious threats online. The support of SSL in terms of proxy is helpful against the harmful effects that could damage your system. It allows managing cookies which is present on any site you visit.


The KProxy is the best anonymizer than you can consider. As its due to the unique browsing experience that you get. At browser, the menu panel is hidden in comparison to other browsers thus making it easy to use. it gives you a smooth surfing experience when online. Another interesting part of KProxy is that it allows users to jump on multiple servers at the same time. This function enables the way to switch to other servers if blocked or terminated.

4.Epic Browser:

It doesn’t create an onion network but it terminates some of the most common problems through which your privacy might get compromised. No history is saved while you are surfing online and there is no prefetching of DNS. It will block third-party cookies and no caches on DNS or web thus you will not get the automatic fill-up feature. The time you exit from the browser it will delete the records of any database, pepper data, preferences, cookies.

5. Comodo Dragon Browser:

This browser doesn’t have the best features like tor browser,  but it has some inbuilt tools that will make browsing through the internet safer. One of the best property of this browser is that it will block any cookies, web spies and be tracking while you are online. The inbuilt domain validation feature makes it detect weak or strong SSL certificate and with the help of comodo antivirus terminates all the viruses and other harmful threats.

Above are the best browsers that I have found to keep privacy intact when someone is online. Hope these techniques will help you and if you have any suggestions regarding this topic then let us know by commenting below.



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