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10 Best Weapons in Muck Survival game

Best Weapons in Muck

Back in 2019, I recommended the 5 best survival games for PC.

In the past 3 years, the gaming industry has witnessed some of the best survival games for PC.

However, despite all this, finding a survival game that’s good and available to play for free is not easy.

After playing dozens of free survival games, my eyes are glued to a survival game called Muck.

Although it’s a fairly simple game, if you want to progress in it, you must use some of the best weapons in Muck survival game.

Thankfully, with this post, I’m coming up with a list of the 10 best weapons in muck survival game.

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is first on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. It’s a thrown explosive that will explode on impact. It is a bottle filled with flammable liquid, and it can be used to ignite zombies or people. Besides, it’s not just this survival game but even the popular forest survival game that recommends this weapon.

The Molotov Cocktail is an excellent weapon against humans because it can keep enemies at bay while you escape. It’s also great against zombies because the explosion causes splash damage, which means it can hit multiple targets at once!

Pipe Wrench

The Pipe Wrench is 2nd on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. It’s a tool used to turn objects that are usually round, such as pipes, nuts, and bolts.

It is a type of wrench that has a U-shaped head and a handle. In addition to this standard design, adjustable wrenches and ratcheting wrenches are available.


The Machete is 3rd on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. In this game of survival, it is considered as best in the business. You can use it to fight off zombies, humans, and animals.

This weapon can deal heavy damage to your enemies and it is powerful enough to kill them quickly.

The machete has a melee range so you have to get close to the target before attacking them with this weapon. The downside with this weapon is that it has only one attack animation which means that if you miss your first attack, then there will be no second chance as there are no second chances in real life!


The Sledgehammer is 4th on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. You can use it to break down doors and walls. You can also use it as a weapon, smashing enemies with the sledgehammer’s heavy head. It’s very useful for destroying objects, whether they’re made of wood or stone or whatever else you find in your way.

The sledgehammer is one of your most versatile weapons because it has so many possible uses: breaking down doors and walls; breaking objects; smashing enemies with its heavy head.

Hunting Knife

The Hunting Knife is a fast weapon but does less damage than the Machete. It is best used for hunting and cutting ropes or branches.


The Crowbar is 6th on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. It is probably the most versatile weapon in the game. It can be used to break down walls, pry open doors, and even smash windows. This tool is extremely helpful if you don’t have a great ax or hammer and need to find a way into an area quickly.

The crowbar also has a special feature that allows you to use it as a lever when opening chests or crates. This makes it incredibly useful during raids on enemy bases because it allows you to open locked chests without having to find keys first (which can be hard sometimes).


You would be amazed to hear this, football is another useful tool in Muck Survival. You can use it to knock back your enemies, destroy barricades, and knock down trees. It’s also good for knocking down walls and cars, as well as people (but only because they’re really heavy).

2×4 Board with Nail

The 2×4 board with a nail is a very useful weapon in Muck Survival. It can be used to block attacks, or you can take it apart and use the 2×4 as a projectile.

The nail gives you some extra damage, but since it’s just one nail on the end of your board, it doesn’t do much. This is better than using a stick of timber because that would give you no increased damage at all.

Boom Stick Shotgun

The Boom Stick Shotgun is the 9th on this list of best weapons in muck survival games. The Boom Stick Shotgun is a weapon that has both high damage output and good accuracy. It’s great for close-range combat, which makes it an ideal choice for PvE, PvP, and even novice players looking to get their feet wet with an effective weapon in Muck Survival.

Rock Candy Hammer

By far the strongest weapon in this game is the Rock Candy Hammer.

Even though I’ve recommended rock candy hammer in the last, it doesn’t mean this weapon is a bad choice. As a matter of fact, it’s even better than a molotov cocktail or a pipe wrench.

Since you have to craft it, it’s not an easy find and definitely won’t come as often as other weapons as well.

However, if you manage to get your hands on a Rock Candy Hammer, you’ll be able to inflict some serious damage on your enemies. It has a high damage rating and will be able to kill most of your enemies with just one hit!


Muck Survival is a great game with a lot of weapons to choose from. It’s not easy to pick the best weapon that suits your playstyle.

So, with this post, I’ve tried to make this process easier for you by picking the 10 best weapons.

These are all-powerful, yet easy to obtain.

That’s all for now. I hope this post was helpful for you in leveling up your game.

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