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5 User-Friendly Windows Emulator for Mac [2021]

Windows Emulator for Mac

I started using computers with Windows OS. However, ever since Microsoft released the Windows 10 OS, I shifted to Mac OS PC.

And after using it for years, I’ve come to realize one thing – It’s great for every type of user.

From a light user to a hardcore animator, mac OS is sufficient to meet all your needs.

Even though I didn’t miss using Windows OS, there are certain apps such as Xcode for Windows I want to use on MacBook.

Now, if you’ve decided which apps you want to run, you will need an emulator or a virtualization tool.

When you look over to the Mac OS app store, you can find dozens of emulators. And going forward in this post, I’ll share some of my favorite emulators. So let’s get started with it :

What is a Windows Emulator?

The notion of emulation traces back to before the Mac switched from Motorola chipsets to Intel processors. Running Windows in those days was considerably more difficult than it is today because of the Mac’s PowerPC hardware.

It’s no longer as difficult to run Windows on a Mac with Intel chips now that it’s based on Intel hardware (at least until the whole line migrates to Apple silicon). The term “virtualization software” rather than “emulation” describes software that allows you to install Windows.

That being said, the distinction between emulation and virtualization is not worth stressing over. For our usage, emulation and virtualization are essentially synonymous.

Virtualization vs Emulation

There are two distinct types of technologies that may be used to run Windows applications on a Mac. Virtualization software, which utilizes the Mac hardware to provide the best possible performance, is one option.

Emulators, on the other hand, are useful since not all apps work with Mac’s hardware.

All of the hardware components are replaced by software with emulation. You may operate a complete Windows computer, latest iPhone/iPad on an emulated server, but performance may be affected. However, because this is all software, you will be able to run applications that aren’t compatible with your Mac’s hardware.

Windows Emulators for Mac

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is a version of VMWare Fusion that works with Macs. The program’s newest version will also support the latest Apple M1 Macs. This software is updated every year to keep up with the latest macOS.

This software allows you to establish a virtual machine in which you can install the latest Windows. Then, you may also run Windows applications and games on it after that.

Also, you can run Windows on your Mac without having to restart it using Parallels Desktop. It’s simple to set up and works flawlessly. The program requires an annual subscription that starts at $79.99, but it isn’t as cheap as VMWare Fusion.

System Requirements:

  • To boot your Mac using a USB startup disk, you must first install the latest version of OS X from the Apple Software Updater.
  • Your USB should be at least 1 GB in size and formatted as FAT32 or HFS+.
  • The following instructions are for upgrading to Mavericks (10.9) or higher from an existing installation of El Capitan.

Boot Camp

This is the ideal option for anybody seeking a cost-effective solution that requires more than the Windows license. In addition, every Intel Mac includes Boot Camp, which lets you split your startup disk and install Windows on the Boot Camp partition.

The significant benefit of ‘Windows on Mac’ is that it is much faster than other methods. Because you don’t run Windows on top of macOS in Boot Camp, it uses less RAM and CPU cycles than alternatives do. However, when you switch between Mac and Windows, your Mac must be restarted.

Citrix XenApp

This allows you to create and deploy any sort of software, on any device. Every program is kept in a database. Virtualization technology from Citrix is used to simulate Windows if your PC isn’t connected to the internet.

The most effective emulator for Mac is the one that is displayed above. The program may be downloaded and installed according to your needs and preferences. If you know of any extra applications, please let me know about it in the comments section given below.

Virtual Box

A virtual Box is a free, open-source software package. This means that you can use it free without any significant complexity of Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. However, you won’t get the same degree of assistance or assistance with an installation as you would with those applications.

Virtual Box is a fantastic alternative for individuals who don’t want any assistance and don’t mind missing out on extras like Sidecar support.


Wine has aged horribly, and it isn’t a 64-bit program, so you can’t expect it to work correctly on Catlin. However, there are unauthorized “fork” versions of Wine that enable you to run 64-bit Windows programs on later macOS versions, although there is no official support.

However, it does not run Windows itself, so you will not need a Windows license to use it or install Windows on it. Wine is also open source and freely available. However, you’ll have to do some research on your own if you want any assistance or support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play PC games on my Mac?

Installing Boot Camp and dual-booting into Windows OS is the most effective technique to play PC games on your Mac. This ensures that even graphics-intensive applications work correctly with the hardware in your Intel Mac. You may also use a variety of tools or apps to play Windows games on your Mac.

I want to run Windows on my Mac. Will it cause any problems?

No, it won’t. Running a virtual machine and installing Windows on it will obviously use up more RAM and CPU, slowing down your Mac. However, as long as you uninstall the virtualization software, your Mac should function properly again.


As I said earlier, there are dozens of emulators you can install to run Windows apps on your Mac OS PC>

However, the 5 emulators mentioned in this post are some of the easiest to use tools.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions about running Windows apps on macOS, do let us know about the same in the comments section given below.

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