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Blockchain in the Gaming Industry

In 2021 more and more people are joining the gaming community. The number will continue to rise due to the fact that lockdown restrictions are still on in some countries. Thus, gaming is an appealing option to spend time on. Just the perfect moment for blockchain to shake the gaming community up.

What benefits does blockchain have to offer for the gaming industry?

Blockchain Has Some Vital Advantages to Bring Both for the Gamers and Game Developers:

  • Decentralization

Traditional games are centralized which means that all resources and achievements gained in the game exist only in it. When decentralized, games allow users to sell and purchase assets in other games. This is made possible by smart contracts.

  • Immutability

Cases of theft and hacking accounts are not unusual in the gaming world. Blockchain stores all data, including ownership details, on the ledger and thus, it cannot be changed or tampered with.

  • Transparency

Often gamers are to complete a task or quest which requires special rare items or resources. Sometimes to get it will take hours and hours of monotonous actions or dozens of accomplished side-quests. To avoid it, many players choose to buy the needed assets. But is there a guarantee that you will be given the original item and not a fake? A mistake can result in a regrettable outcome. To eliminate this kind of trouble, blockchain stores the data about the game items, and any player can check the origin, characteristics, and real price for this or that asset.

  • Security

Game transactions can be quite vulnerable and prone to data leakages and thefts. Blockchain helps to prevent it with the help of smart contracts and complex cryptography.

Blockchain video games seem to be a step higher in such aspects as safety and overall satisfaction. When a gamer doesn’t need to worry about possible fraud, gaming is much more entertaining and absorbing.

Popular Blockchain Video Games

Blockchain video games are gradually gaining popularity with more and more people joining the community.

Among the most popular blockchain video games are:

  • Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible card game. The cards have different characteristics and abilities and are used in battles with other players. Splinterlands is built on the Hive blockchain which enables the users to trade game assets outside the actual game. One of the main principles of Sprinterlands is transparency, that’s why all actions made in the game are recorded and can be seen by anyone. At the time of 2021 Sprinterland is the most popular blockchain video game with 300,000 unique players a day.

  • Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT game set in a post-apocalyptic 2055 world. The players are fighting for Trilium, a scarce and valuable resource. There are also other planets and users can decide on which one to play. The game assets can be used on such blockchains as BSC, WAX, and Ethereum. Alien Worlds can boast 250,000 daily active users.

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based video game where players raise, collect and trade fantasy pets called Axies. Pets are bought with Ether. The number of people involved in Axies’ adventures is 230, 000.

  • Decentraland

Decentraland is the first fully decentralized virtual world. Players create avatars and tailor them to their liking, choosing elements of appearance and clothes. The game provides a well-developed infrastructure with lots of different locations. Users can participate in common daily activities like meeting with friends or visiting concerts. Only everything is virtual. It can be said that Decentraland is not just a game, but more of a blockchain social media. The game’s currency, MANA, is on Ethereum tokens. In 2021 the number of active players was 10,000.

Will Blockchain Video Games Flourish in the Future?

In the autumn of 2021 blockchain gaming represented 55% of the blockchain industry’s overall activity. According to the statistics, more than 70% of game developers are now considering applying blockchain tech, cryptos, and NFTs to their future games. Even if the developers are not skilled in blockchain technology they could reach out to an experienced blockchain consulting agency for guidance and help. With new engaging features blockchain can offer to the gaming industry, in addition to improved safety measures, it looks like we will get more diverse blockchain video games in the future.

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