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Clash of Lights Download | Play on Clash of Clans Private Servers

Who hasn’t been a fan of Clash of lights in the Clash of Clans? I guess, if you are on this page then you already are and looking to start the Clash of Lights download. But, what if I told you did not have to worry about much anymore. And actually, play this game with all the unlimited resources?

You can. By playing it on a COC Private Servers. Meaning, you just need to play it on a Clash of Clans Private Servers by just having the apk file for the Clash of Lights download.

This is where I am going to make it all easier for you.

Clash of Lights is one of the most vital aspects of the Clash of Clans game. It helps enables you to remove all obstacles in your CLash of Clans game. That is why it is one of the most sought-after features of Clash of Clans by newcomers.

It helps them overcome a lot of the hard challenges.

First things first! Let’s get you the CLash of Lights apk file.

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Clash of Lights Download- APK File

Click here.

Now, once you have got the apk file for Clash of Lights, you can just follow my easy steps to get on the Clash of Clans Private Servers network.

You can access that by clicking here.

You must be curious but just follow what I say here and the puzzle for Clash of CLans private servers will be solved. Even if the original game is hosted for you on the supercell servers. This is one used private servers.

These Clash of Clans private servers are super fast and less crowded. That just means

Clash of Clans original game servers are hosted on the supercell Servers but on the other hand Clash of clans, private servers are hosted on the private servers rather than supercell servers. Clash of clan’s private servers are secure and fast and they are less you can take advantage of all the unlimited resources.

You also get to choose your buildings and heroes form some of the private servers. Once you have downloaded your Clash of Lights apk file, you can play it from the Clash of Clans private servers and totally enjoy the unlimited perks.

Versions of Clash of Lights

There are four versions of Clash of Lights.

Clash of Lights s1, s2, s3, and s4.

Clash of Lights s1

Clash of light s1 is the first server out of four. It gives you free diamonds and free gems. Now, you can focus on building your empire above anything else.

Clash of Lights s2

This is the second server of COL, called s2. This clash of light s2, let’s you discover chest rewards, free shop, and decks. To add to it, you will find PvP modes and PvP clans as well.

Clash of Lights s3

If you want to play without any modes and have free play game experience then Clash of light s3 is the server for you.

Clash of Lights s4

Clash of light s4 is a much-advanced server with a wholesome feature which gives you a comparative edge over the game always.

I would suggest you to always download the latest version of the apk, which is s4. You can always download the Clash of Clans private server from the link I gave above 100% securely.

Because I always test all the apk manually before giving it to my readers.


Even if the internet is full of fake Clash of Lights download you can always just check my link as I have used it myself before. And have the ball of your time with playing Clash of Clans on the private servers enjoying the Clash of Light’s full unlimited resources and cutting edges.

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