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Compare 6 Top VPN providers for Streaming – bypass the restricted Content


VPN services have helped to ease the situation in today’s internet usage. Why do I say so? Nowadays, there are many websites and portals which are not accessible especially when you are not within the geographical region or the city. Streaming or particular video content is restricted to some regions only.

Thankfully, with a VPN, you can stream any video content from wherever you are since it will make you appear as if you are in a different country and so you can overcome the restrictions and censorships.

Well, there are numerous reasons to want to use a streaming VPN but the major reason is to want to keep your data and online identity secure. A VPN will protect you from online criminals and hackers while giving you access to restricted content such as TV shows and movies.

In addition, a VPN encrypts your data thus keeping you anonymous making it difficult for any online user to track what you are doing online. In this case, your ISP, school, government institutions cannot know the websites you visit. Also, the websites you visit cannot know who you are since your IP is hidden and you are assigned an IP by your VPN provider.

If you want to stream videos, movies and any restricted content online, use any of the below VPN services.


The NordVPN is a fast and reliable VPN capable of unblocking complex services like Netflix, streaming sites blocked by ISPs and much more geo-restricted content. It provides a variety of servers to enable you to view all the region-restricted websites. The greatest thing about NordVPN is that it allows you to access Hulu by giving you a virtual IP address making it hard for your ISP or the copyright holders of the content to know your identity.

NordVPN offers unlimited bandwidth which is why it is a fast online streaming VPN. It also supports a variety of protocols like SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP to encrypt your data and keep you safe while browsing the web.


This is also another best VPN for streaming. ExpressVPN is rated the best VPN for Netflix and also for BBC and can also be used to access Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

The good thing about the ExpressVPN is that its servers are located in 94 countries worldwide. The servers are fast and reliable which makes this VPN the best for streaming video content.

As mentioned above that the reason why users opt for VPN services is to stay safe, ExpressVPN is no exception as it offers OpenVPN encryption meant to provide enhanced security. This makes users to browse the web, stream content and access blocked websites without having to worry who is tracking them. The VPN is easy to use. The only drawback is ExpressVPN is costly and slow on uploading. For other insights, you can check this specific ExpressVPN review.


Another best VPN for streaming is HideMyAss. This VPN also has numerous servers worldwide that offer unlimited bandwidth for fast streaming of HD video content. The good thing about HideMyAss VPN is that it is user-friendly and offers superior encryption standards.


PrivateVPN is a pocket-friendly option for streaming. However, the fact that it is a budget-friendly VPN doesn’t mean that security is inferior. This VPN has servers located in more than 50 countries. It also offers six concurrent connections and high-speed connections.


IPVanish is also another incredible VPN for streaming that has over five hundred servers located in over 60 countries worldwide. This VPN is reputed for its fast speed and flexibility. Privacy is the key factor of this VPN. This VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and it also allows users access to unlimited P2P traffic and anonymous torrenting.


VyprVPN is also another VPN for streaming that is useful to unblock streaming sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. It offers unlimited bandwidth and high-speed browsing and this makes it the best option for users wanting to access geo-restricted movies.

VyprVPN has high-speed servers located in more than 70 countries worldwide. It offers zero log policy.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: The best VPN for streaming. Note that there are others which we’ve not mentioned in this post, but the above mentioned are the best for streaming content


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