How To Uninstall Avast Mac Completely [2021]

Apple provides one of the most secure environments for their users, but still, many Mac users install third-party security software on their devices, and Avast is one of them.

In most cases, after a certain period of time, the third-party security software starts to create trouble for the mac users, and they look for a way to uninstall the software.

How To Uninstall Avast Mac - Completely [2021]

Users start to search the internet for answers, the most recent one which I got to know about is, how to uninstall Avast Mac?

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About Avast

There is no doubt that Avast is one of the best in the business, it provides both paid and free software.

Avast was launched in the year 2015, and in just two years of span, it becomes the most popular security and antivirus software. To the year 2017 Avast owned the largest share in the antivirus software industry.

When in the year 2015 Avast was launched, it came into the market with the features like virus protection, browser protection, web threat scanning, and cloud management console.

In February 2018, AV-TEST started the test of various security and antivirus software in order to check their capabilities. In this test Avast, free antivirus software came out as the best software. It detected each and every virus used in the test.

Avast free software got Six out of six points and got certified by AV-TEST seal.

In another test run by AV-Comparatives for mobile antivirus, the Avast antivirus app detected a hundred percent of malware used in the test.

Avast Controversy

In January 2020 Avast got into a controversy. According to many renowned news sources, with the help of some third-party company Avast was stealing the data of its users. The news says, Avast was stealing and selling the browsing history of its users.

Other than this data-stealing and selling obligation, which Avast got clear off, I can’t tell you, people, any other reason to not use Avast for security purposes.

But if you are a Mac user, then you don’t need Avast or any other third-party software for security purposes.

How to Uninstall Avast MAC?

The simplest way to uninstall Avast from your Mac is to dragging the software to the trashcan. But doing so can leave you with some unwanted files which Avast installed while the setup process was taking place.

These files were installed to enable Avast to run in the background to create a secure environment for you on the web.

So, if dragging the software to the trashcan method will not remove all the files related to Avast, then what to do?

The best way to remove the software completely from your mac is to use Avast in-built uninstaller.

Using Avast’s inbuilt uninstaller, it will make sure that no remnant files stay in your system. So, follow these steps in order to get rid of Avast:

  • Run the Avast app by simply going to the Finder and double-clicking on the Avast app. You can also search for the app in the spotlight search (Shortcut for spotlight search > Command + Space bar). I know I don’t need to tell you, people, how to run an app, but explain everything is part of my job😅.
  • Now, once the app opens, click on the Avast Security – on the upper left corner of your mac screen.
  • A drop-down menu will come in front of you, the third or fourth option will be Uninstall Avast Security, select that option.How To Uninstall Avast Mac - Completely [2021]
  • Through a pop-up window, it will ask you to confirm if you are sure to uninstall Avast. Click on the Uninstall button.How To Uninstall Avast Mac - Completely [2021]
  • For the last step, you will be asked to enter your Admin Pin. After entering the password, click on OK. The uninstallation process will start.How To Uninstall Avast Mac - Completely [2021]

User Reaction

A lot of mac users shared their frustration by writing it in the comment section of different websites, some of them are as follows:

  • A user named Omar says that in just one use of the Avast app his four months old Macbook Pro broke. After running a scan, the Avast app wasn’t ready to get closed. So, he tried to get rid of the problem by shutdown the PC by force, but when he restarted his mac, it got stuck on a grey screen. He followed every instruction given by Apple but nothing worked.
  • Another user Granmargg wants to install Avast on a 21.5″ 2.5GHz iMac 2012 which runs on maverick10.9.5. He gave disk permission, did the repair, cleared cache, deleted all the files from the previous download but failed 5 times. And he is still trying, asking other people for a solution.

P.S. If your Macbook Pro is broke, you can use these tricks to recover the data stored on it.

Final Words

As I said earlier Avast is one of the best in the business, but it creates a lot of problems for mac users. Still many users like Granmargg wants to install the app.

If you ask me, I will say Mac users don’t need any third-party software for the security of their data, or for malware protection. But if you have some extra secret item on your PC, double security will not do any harm if your PC is compatible with it.

Maybe you don’t need any antivirus app for your mac, but sometimes on Android phones, you have to install an app to clear and protect your phone from viruses. So, check out the five best free android antivirus apps.

For those who were searching for a way for how to uninstall Avast mac, I provided you the solution and some extra🤏🏻 information. So, go and remove the Avast app from your mac, if it is creating issues for you.

Now, I will take my leave, Peace Out✌🏻