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9 Sites to Practice Python Exercises for Beginners [2021]

Python Exercises for Beginners

It was between 2007-10 when Python Programming Language started to witness incredible growth and soon after, it started to top lists of programming languages.

Look at this chart of the most wanted top programming languages:

Python Exercises for Beginners
Python Exercises for Beginners

See how the demand for Python has risen to 30% in the last few years.

So, if you’re starting into python, you’ll find many platforms like…

…and countless more where you can learn the ABC of Python Language.

However, even for a newbie, the learning part isn’t enough.

You need a platform to practice the Python exercises you’re learning every day.

However, as a beginner to Python, you might find it hard to find a suitable platform for you.

And going forward in this post, I’ll share some websites where beginners can practice Python Exercises. Let’s get started:

Python Exercises for Beginners
Python Exercises for Beginners

10 Sites to Try Python Exercises for Beginners


Codewars is the 1st website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners. comes with a total of 29 mainstream computer languages. To use this website. 1st create an account and start solving Python exercises available at Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level.

Som msuch advanced that you can use the same knowledge to build games similar to Roblox & minecraft.

Codewars lets a company professional & educators get their grasp on the total 55 computer languages available on the website.


✅Comes with a large community of programmers.

✅Once a match is over, you can compare your solution with others to take your Python learning to a new level.

✅Challenge yourself on Kata to sharpen your Python skills.

✅Compete in matches against programmers to earn ranks & honors.


❌Initially, can be a bit complicated for a computer language newbie.

CheckIO is the 2nd website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

Unlike many websites listed on this page, CheckIO has set its eyes on the python language. That’s why at the moment, you won’t any other computer language on the website.

Further, the organization is on a mission to increase the world’s coding literacy in fun ways. And nothing is more fun than playing games on your device.


✅A completely free platform to learn & practice python (for 1 year only).

✅An exclusive hub for engineers and coders to share their knowledge among themselves.


❌A little bit complicated to understand. is the 3rd website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

To get access to exclusive python exercises, first head over to and click on the first URL available on the site – Python Tutor.

This will open up Python 3.6 visual editor where you can type in Python exercises you’ve studied.

Before you practice python exercises, click on the Show Code Examples to see already written Python language code.


✅Python tutor lets you practice code for 11 programming languages including Python.

✅Easy-to-use interface.

✅You can also join in for Python Tutorials on the Discord app.


❌Not that easy to execute a program.

W3schools is the 4th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

Out of all websites mentioned in this list, this one is the most developed one. W3schools isn’t just a platform to learn a programming language including Python but also practice an exercise at the same time.

To begin learning & practicing the python language, simply head over to


✅W3schools presents a user-friendly interface for everyone.

✅Python language module at has a total of 95 exercises from beginner’s level to advanced.

✅When practicing a code, you need to submit your answer as the final answer. If the answer is right, proceed to the next lesson otherwise try again until you get it right.

✅You can use w3schools to learn over 30 languages including machine learning, artificial intelligence, Statistics, Database Management & Data Science.


❌Expensive video courses even for the language fundamentals.


GeeksforGeeks is the 5th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

It’s not just a place to learn & practice programming languages like Python. Along the way, guides in how to use these skills to land a job in Multinational organizations.

GeeksforGeeks is useful if you want to get mastered in C++, Java, Python, Competetive Programming, Machine Learning, Web Development, Algorithms, & more.


✅Join in multiple GeeksforGeeks events, webinars, and workshops for free.

✅ lets you apply for internships & at the same time provides material to practice internship questions.

✅Use this website if you want to practice internship interviews with the help of mock interviews.

✅7-days free trial of premium & premium+plans.


❌Collection of paid courses more than free.

❌Expensive Premium & Premium+ plans. Only go for this if you’re serious in the direction you’re going in. is the 6th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

Imagine, day and night you’re using to prepare for Python or any other programming language, what would you do next?

If you’re new to programming, you might find this question hard to answer. So, that’s why provides an exclusive platform where you can approach companies with the sole purpose of getting hired.


✅Learn, practice, develop, prepare (for interview) & get hired all at one place.

✅Offers a free trial without a credit card.

✅6 different types of hiring opportunities.


❌Expensive plans.

Adventofcode is the 7th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this where you can learn programming in a unique way. From web development to computer programming, you can use Adventofcode to gain skills using its unique text-based courses.


✅A unique way to learn Python or any other programming language.


❌Without signing up, you can’t do anything significant on Adventofcode. is the 8th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

It’s kind of an archive of programming problems. This means, you can this website to learn, and practice and solve python language programs on the go. If you’re stuck somewhere, use the archives to extract the right solutions.


✅Free platform to learn & test your programming knowledge.

✅Despite being a free platform, provides regular updates (service & maintainence) to provide optimum solution for its users.

✅It comes with one of the biggest programming archives.


❌Access to limited number of programming languages.


Codingbat is the 9th website on this list to provide Python Exercises for Beginners.

It’s a fairly simple website with a negligible focus on User Interface. Once you launch, you get to choose between two options – Java & Python.

In this case, select Python & open access to 8 of these different types of python exercises for beginners:

  • Warmup-1
  • Warmup-2
  • String-1
  • String-2
  • List-1
  • List-2
  • Logic-1
  • Logic-2

Then one step further, select any 1 option to open Python Exercises for Beginners.


✅Easy to operate user interface.

✅Completely Free.

✅Let’s create an account & save an exercise for later use.


❌Almost no photos & videos on the website make it a completely boring platform.

❌Only a handful of python exercises for beginners.

Final Verdict

One way or the other, these websites are suitable for a beginner to try different Python Exercises.

Before you start using either of them I would recommend you to give each of them a chance. Then, at last, decide which one meets your need of solving beginner python exercises.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions on any of these websites then do let me know about the same in the comments section given below.

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