A Topper’s Guide on How to Deal With Difficult Homework

If you ask a class topper, no homework is really dicult. It eventually comes down to how much you’ve studied, and how well you understand the topic or subject.

However, there’s always that one particular assignment or set of homework questions that can pose a challenge to even the smartest cookie in class. Yet, they don’t give up, because toppers always have a way to deal with dicult homework. And in this article, we’ll explore the ways by which toppers deal with such troubling homework and assignments.

Read the Question and Identify the Keywords and Phrases

Given how dicult the homework problems are, you can’t expect to find a direct answer in your textbook or lecture slides. However, this doesn’t mean that the concepts or topics that the questions touch on are completely non-existent. By looking for certain key phrases or words, you’re sure to get a lead on the solution.

Understanding the question is part of your homework. And when the questions seem tough, you need to break them down. Start by isolating the keywords and phrases. They’re the structural components based on which the question has been established. Afterward, see what the question is asking for; check whether it’s a

‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, or ‘how’ type of question. Based on this, you can decipher the type of answer or explanation your instructor is looking for.

Once you have all the information you need, take out your textbook, and search for those keywords and phrases. The answer to your question should lie somewhere around those words. You may not find a full explanation, but you’ll surely get a good lead and know where to look next.

Study Your Class Notes

Sometimes, your textbooks won’t suce. Teachers often prepare questions from the things they’ve discussed in class. These things may or may not be in your textbooks, but they’ll surely be related to your topic. Hence, you must always be attentive in class and take notes, so that you can use them later when needed.

If the book fails to give you a concrete answer, perhaps the notes can provide you with something better. Study the notes in the same way you’ve studied the book. Go through them to see whether or not you can find a lead or the exact answer to your homework question.

Arrange a Group Discussion

Two minds are always better than one, especially when it comes to dealing with a dicult task (or homework, in this case). And why stop at two when you can have three to five people in a group discussing the same problems?

Group discussion sessions are always helpful when it comes to studying. If your homework is so dicult that you can’t solve it on your own, you should gather some of your peers and sit down for a

group study session. Everyone must contribute to the discussion, and no one should treat it as if it were a casual hangout.

Take the Help of Online Forums

There are many online forums and platforms that provide answers to homework problems. These sites have thousands of daily users who’re more than happy to assist you with your homework. Both high schools, as well as college students, use these platforms to deal with dicult homework. HomeworkMarket is one of the reputable websites that have a lot of good reviews. We tried the service and found it quite competent for every subject.

From biology and chemistry to history and computer science, and all branches of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. these websites and forums can help you get an expert opinion on any subject matter, and all types of questions.

However, don’t expect to get an exact answer to your question all the time. Also, if you’re asking the question in a forum, you’re bound to get answers from many dierent users. And each user might have a dierent perspective or view regarding the answer. Hence, you need to put in a bit of eort from your end too and work out which answer or opinion is more suitable as the answer to your homework question.

Seek Help From Your Tutors or Instructors

There are times when the homework is so tough, that even class toppers fail to get them done. In such cases, you should do as the toppers do, and take your problems to your tutor or instructor.

Make sure you’ve done your research and tried your best to solve the problem before taking it to them. They won’t mind helping you

out, as long as they can see that you’ve put in your best eort to solve the problem.