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5 Signs You Need Enterprise Grade Cyber Security Support

Cyber Security

It’s imperative in today’s world that you find a way to contend with modern business issues.

When it comes to security, and cyber security at that, this becomes pretty apparent in the long run: your data is far-reaching, and as technology grows and advances, this data becomes all the more accessible.

But cyber security protocols and programs can mitigate the risks of new technologies and the ways it makes you vulnerable.

For basic cyber security, the most important measures are locally applied — like how a firewall protects your own server from an inbound attack.

However, there are other protocols that take the business world in its current state — a state of global connections and remote or virtual servers — and implement measures that keep a company safe from even the transfer of data internally and remotely, rather than just locally against known connections.

So, what makes enterprise grade cyber security necessary?

See the following five conditions to see if you might benefit from an upgrade in your security measures.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

If Data Is An Increasingly Important Resource

If you have found yourself engaging in more data transactions over the past few years, then you know what modern business looks like.

This is especially true if data has become more prevalent even than some of your essential transactions, like selling your services.

More than just performing services for a client, businesses are expected now to understand a client’s needs, and even to anticipate said needs.

Be you a local bookstore owner or a globally recognized digital marketing agency, your business relies on data: data from audiences, data from clients, and even proprietary data that aids in providing the services you offer.

Collecting and analyzing data means growth of a business’s functions and allowing for more automation of business processes. It means, put simply, bigger and better resources.

If you’re a modern business, your data is becoming increasingly more valuable to you over the years. However, it also brings more attention to your data from those who’d want to take it and use it for themselves.

So, if you wonder why increased cyber security measures would be beneficial, keep in mind that it puts you one step ahead of these potential issues.

If Your Computer Infrastructure Is Changing

Some businesses only need their cash register, or a computer in the back.

Others are expanding and making use of high-level data storage or sites for online transactions, and with each new expansion, each new change, comes the question: where does it end?

If you think that your business is becoming more dependent on, say, remote data transfers, then each step is crucial in terms of protection: the source of the transfer, the destination (i.e., where you’re storing your data), and even the method of transfer, such as a cloud server.

This is where it’s handy to implement a service that monitors these steps in real-time, a la enterprise cyber security.

With a service like this at your disposal, your changing, evolving infrastructure will be watched and guarded carefully, with response times that match the quickness of attacks on remote servers and the like.

If you’re expanding your reach or expanding your business’s operations, you can only afford to keep up by bringing in a professional security service, to boot.

If You’ve Found Your Business To Be Vulnerable

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. The onset of social engineering, true viruses, and ransomware are just some of the dangers that befall even the biggest companies in the world.

Your personal email has, no doubt, received a notice in the not-so-distant past from your favorite pizza chain or your phone carrier with the scary news that their security measures have been breached.

As such, it’s only understandable and expected that small and midsize businesses suffer the same way, making the same discoveries from time to time. If you’ve been in this position, it makes sense to take the fight against such malware into your own hands.

Attacks on you and your systems can make you feel vulnerable, and if that’s the case, you should ante up. Bringing on enterprise grade cyber security support makes it easy to meet the challenge head-on, and to protect yourself from repeated attacks.

If You Don’t Plan To Run Solo

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you may not know what it’s like to have to rely on others for specific needs in the business setting.

However, if you’ve assembled a team, or plan to, then here’s something to acknowledge: not everyone is as safe with your information as you are.

It could be a simple mistake, or it could be intentional misuse by an employee, but whatever the case, your expansion into a larger team of people does put your company at risk.

The first rule of thumb, which you’ll know by heart, is to hire people you can trust.

But on the off chance that you find yourself saddled with help that turns out to be a risk, having enterprise grade security means that you have a dedicated system of software and professionals to spot the infractions and to fix the issue before real damage is done.

You may not be able to do business alone, and that’s fine. But with cyber security measures in place, you can always make sure that your business stays yours by having failsafes in case your team makes mistakes you can’t catch on your own.

If You Don’t Actively Prevent Cyber Attacks

Traditional cyber security measures are focused on preventive actions that can be taken, especially in order to prevent fraud or advanced persistent threats.

However, if you’re not trained in the ways that these measures must be maintained, then your efforts alone may not be enough to prevent and avoid attacks.

Instead, you should focus your efforts on protection of your assets, since even the largest companies in the world encounter security breaches with traditional measures.

It’s by employing enterprise cybersecurity that you ensure your data and other resources are safeguarded, even if you’re unable to prevent a breach from happening.

By taking this extra step, you’re making any true attacks on your business completely ineffectual, and protecting your assets in perpetuity.

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