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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Conference Calling Platform

Conference calling platform

Is it time to upgrade your conference calling platform?

There may be some tell-tale signs you should be on the lookout for if you think your conference calls are a little behind the times in terms of technology.

In the article below, you can find five of the most common signs you should consider upgrading your conference calling platform sooner rather than later.

If any or all of these apply to you, don’t wait—research the best conference call service to meet your needs as well as the needs of your customers right away.

Conference calling platform
Conference calling platform

You Can Only Access Your Calls by Phone

If you and your conference call attendees can only get in touch with the call via phone, then your system is likely outdated.

A good conference call system should allow you to at least connect via phone and desktop, and many these days also include the option to call in via mobile phone and mobile apps, too.

If you don’t have prior experience setting up conference calls that can be accessed via other methods aside from just the phone, you may want to host a few trial runs with your employees before using these features for official meetings. They don’t take long to learn, however.

You Can’t View Analytics About Your Calls

Would you like to know at what time each member of your call joins and leaves?

Do you want to have visual affirmation of who is speaking and when?

Would it be better for you and your business to recognize how long your conference calls last and when you’re most likely to host them?

With the right software, you can do all this and much more.

Good conference call software will make it easy for you to find at-a-glance analytic information about all your calls in an easily digestible, compiled format.

You Don’t Have Security Control Over Your Calls

Conference Calling Platform | Security
Conference Calling Platform | Security

If you have ever had the misfortune of someone “crashing” your call from outside your office, then you recognize how important it is to have security control over every aspect of your calls.

With the right service for your conference calls, you can lock your call and require everyone to submit their names before they can be let in.

Good conference call software also includes a waiting room that you can watch and control on your own.

If anyone shows up who doesn’t seem like they belong, they can be “stuck” in the waiting room without access to the actual meeting. Of course, it is easy to let people in one at a time if they are legitimate attendees.

You Can’t Record Your Calls

Conference Calling Platform | Recording
Conference Calling Platform | Recording

In the past, conference calls have been difficult or even impossible to record due to their phone-based nature.

However, with modern conference call services, you can easily record your calls, play them back any time, and even allow them to be downloaded by other attendees from the same call if you choose.

This feature is a great way to go over the content discussed in a conference call for your own benefit or to provide the same content to your employees and customers at a later date.

You Can Only Host a Few Call Members

Most phone-based conference calls can only host a few members, with some services only allowing as few as five or ten participants per call.

With the right software for your conference calls, however, you can allow up to one thousand participants in some circumstances, which makes it much easier to get large groups and big businesses together on a single topic.

If you’re looking for a way to host a lot of people on a single conference call, then this might be a good sign that it’s time to upgrade to a more modern system for your call hosting.

Final Thoughts

This list does not represent all of the possibilities that could lead you toward needing a new conference call service.

However, these are some of the most common problems individuals and businesses alike tend to have with conference calling services that were established some time ago. If these situations sound like yours, then you should consider upgrading.

By picking the right conference calling platform, you can host larger calls with better call quality throughout. You can also encourage participants to join by phone or by Internet, and you can host both audio and video calls depending on your needs.

You will also have greater control over the settings, recording, and analytics of your call, ensuring you are able to keep track of everything surrounding each meeting you have.

Whether you have a small business or a large one, a powerful conference call service can help you improve your inter-business communication as well as your relationship with customers and clients.

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