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PicPick – A New Generation Smart Screen Recorder App

picpick review

Microsoft Windows’ new application PicPick has recently come to market and everybody is going crazy after it. PicPick, which is a screen recording app for Windows comes with various features.

Although there are a lot of third-party apps in the market which wants you to capture a screenshot, PicPick is something that is worth checking.

The Developer of PicPick is NGWIN and this application is available in 40 languages. You can either install this app on your device or can be run it as a portable application. 

The wide range of its features is eye-whelming. If you are someone who is looking to download this application and want to use it then you’re at the right place.

In this, we’re going to discuss the PicPick application and collect deep knowledge about its features and other important aspects. Let’s begin.

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Features of PicPick

picpick image

Take Screenshots

The first feature is definitely going to be about Screenshot and why shouldn’t it be? The main purpose of this applies in taking screenshots. So, with PicPick you can take a screenshot of the things which you wanted anytime and anywhere. 

Not only this but you can actually take the screen recording, the screen video of scrolling windows too. If you want to click the picture of any special part in your PC you can also do it with the help of PicPick. 

Edit your images 

Sometimes we want to edit some part of our image to make it look good and it becomes quite hard to Install the app to edit the picture. So why not an application with the editing feature on it? Isn’t that great? Yes, this is what the PicPick makers thought while making this app.

Likewise, I said, they really put the editing idea into it and there we are. So, you will get the editing features such as 

Increase or decrease the brightness as per your need. 

  • You can Annotate the image
  • Highlight the parts of your image which you find necessary
  • Use text in your image and put arrows
  • You can give different shapes in your pictures.
  • PicPick includes the latest Ribbon-style menu for its customers.


A picture isn’t actually complete without a tint of effects and who would understand this better than PicPick itself. So they include the effect element into their application. Yes, we owe them a big thank you.

So, now you can easily add any type of effects to your pictures. The range of effects is quite wide and I have some of the popular ones for you. 

Drop shadows

Have you heard this first time? If you do then I am glad to bless you with a new word. Thank you in the Comment section. So, Drop shadow is a unique effect that will add an imaginary shadow into your picture. This graphic design is in trend and people love to add this in their pictures. 


There are different types of frames available to you. You can use frames in your picture to make them look cooler. You just have to go into the options frame and choose the one which you think is suitable for your image. 


This isn’t a feature but we include it in. Watermarks are sometimes helpful and there are many people who love to put them in. 

Motion blur


We’ll have heard about Blur but what is Motion blur? Motion blur is a kind of a blur but it is quite different from the blur. No, this is not a tongue twister my friend 😜 Let me clarify it more simply. Motion blur will make your picture blur but the blur will look like it is in motion. You can see this picture 👇 to take the hint of what it is actually. 

Brightness control

Under this option, you can limit the brightness level in your pictures. It is very helpful in those pictures where there are more dark elements. 

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Share with the worldpicpick

Now as you have learned about editing the picture and adding effect to it. Now you the only thing remaining is to save the picture and share them with your friends. How do perform this?  T

he PicPick allows you to save your image in your gallery. In Fact, you can share the images on different social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.

Not only this but you can send the pictures via the different platforms which are available to us such as Web, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, SkyDrive, Evernote, Box, and many more. 

Customize yourself

If you love to add extra spice into something existing and also love to do things on your own then Picpick is for you.

Picpick allows its user to customize their own settings. You can customize the file naming, image quality, hotkeys, and many other options. 

Graphic Accessories 

You can even change the color of a variety of things. The app provides a different variety of graphic designs for you, you’ll get various accessories such as color palette, color picker, whiteboard, protractor, crosshair, pixel ruler, and magnifier. 

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How to Download Picpick on your Device?

If you are looking to download this application, you can download them by going through the official site of Picpick. For an easy process, you can also click on this link which will help you to download the application directly.

Download Picpick

Is Picpick Free? 

For your information, Picpick is free for its customers and you can download free of cost in your window and use it efficiently.

However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes you must buy this app otherwise it won’t work.

To summarize this, a private user can use Picpick without any payment but a person who is using it for commercial use needs to make payment and buy its premium version.

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What are the Reviews and Feedback of the user? 

It is always an important task to check the feedback and opinion of the people before actually heading to use the product. In this section of our article, we’ll be going to see the reviews of the media people and find out about this application more.


“This program makes us think of a Swiss Army Knife, or perhaps a well-stocked, well-organized desk drawer. There are all kinds of helpful tools here, and we think PicPick would be useful to Web designers, graphic designers, and even the average computer user who occasionally needs to work with graphics”


“Specially designed for the home user and aiming at giving as much flexibility as possible during the work. It even includes some features never to be found in Photoshop. PicPick, besides being a very easy-to-use image editor, also sports graphic capture options and a set of hotkeys and options some similar editors would envy”


Picpick is an amazing app that helps you to take screenshots in your windows. This application is easy to use and anyone can access it. Picpick is free to use as well as comes in a payment method. Anyone who is looking for a stable and secure way to make their screen recording nicely edits, this one for you. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends. Do check out our latest technology article from our website, Hitechgazette.

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