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Install Minecraft RAD Modpack Server | RAD Seeds | Tips & Tricks

Are you someone who loves Minecraft? Have you always love dungeon games? If yes, then this post rightly fits you, my friend. Minecraft Roguelike adventure and dungeon knew as RAD is a game filled with adventure and dungeons.

Inside this, you’ll get to explore a lot of Minecraft dungeons. Roguelike, adventure, and dungeons are filled with looting, fighting, exploring, and adventuring.

And to be the best fit in all this, you will need to know what is rad modpack, why Choose RAD Modpack, and how to Install it through Twitch or without Twitch? list of various popular RAD seeds and the formula to enchanting. Finally, Tips & Tricks to have all the fun in this game…

But before moving forward, you need to understand the RAD modpack server.

What is the RAD Modpack Server?

You might ask me now, what is RAD Modpack?

The RAD modpack contains a total of 166 mods which features mods like pyramid plunder, Roguelike dungeons, Biblio craft, aether, better questing and so much more. Isn’t it sound fun? Some features are-

  • It contains legendary weapons and by using them you can defeat the legendary bosses.
  • Explore new mechanisms.
  • Become a Wizard to fight against the mob.
  • Enhance the level of your equipment by traveling through the dimensions with your loyal wolf to finish your achievement tree.
  • If you think this is it, go and choose a dragon from Ice and fire.
  • Quest will make the game more interesting by guiding you and providing tasks.

This mod is great for adventure and leaves you are your friend with wonder as you go through this game and adventure more.

Why Choose RAD Modpack?

If you love questing?

So RAD modpack is one of the best modpack itself for questing. When the game starts, questing will be the first thing that will attract your eyeballs but it is not the only thing, the adventures of the game are itself great.

Preparing for the upcoming journey making sure you have the best things. Completion of the quest will give some extra gifts to the player.

You will loot like a thief and prepare yourself for better loot before the next dungeons come up.

Better prepare your equipment and defeat the boss before the next one comes up. You will have a lot of fun playing with your friends. P

layer has to run through the maze of Minecraft before the next dimensions come up.

For more fun, RAD provides a loyal and smart wolf by your side. Isn’t it sound fun?

You can be a spelunker, a bard, a tank, or even a wizard.

If you want to be a wizard, you can go through a fun and mysterious adventure straight forward and streamlined as you want to.

It looks so easy!

Maybe it sounds too easy to you but it is not, the game has various difficulties which will make it more fun to play.

For the long road of a journey, you can have a backpack and an ender chest and it will travel with you dimensionally. Someone can loot your backpack and ender-chest so be careful.

The level of mobs, group of mobs, and different others mobs will increase as your level will increase. The mod pack contains a lot of adventure that you will love to play.

How to install Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons?

Installing RAD modpack through Twitch

  • Open the switch and click on the mod tab.
  • After installing it, go to my modpacks and then start your profile.
  • After Minecraft loads up, go to the multiplayer page, fill in the information and connect it.

Installing RAD Modpack Without a Twitch

  • Firstly you have to log in to Multicraft.
  • At the Multicraft page scroll down to the jar section and search for RAD jar and then select it.
  • After that create a new world by renaming or changing the name of the world.
  • Save it and Restart your server.

It is fun to play by yourself and even more fun by playing with your friends. For your information, it is a difficult process not an easy process to start a modpack server.

You need a pretty good computer with at least 16 gigabytes of RAM and a new word processor to be able to run Roguelike Adventure and dungeons and run these servers on your computer.

Minecraft Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons Seeds 

Minecraft, one of the most popular games around people has brought dungeons and dragon seeds. Who doesn’t like Dragons and ancient themes?

Everyone does. So, here is a list of various popular seeds which you’ll definitely gonna love

1. Explore multiple village and areas

Seed – Dungeons and dragons

This seed contains a lot of adventuring area which generally every player love. You will get a large amount of area to explore. Dungeons and dragon seeds have unique styles of houses and buildings which add uniqueness to them.

2. Witch, Temples, Villages, and more

Seed- 1106183402

We have watched horror movies since we were kids. Let me tell you a story then, inside this seed, there lived an old witch. There will be a lot of adventure areas like dungeons and mineshaft and also witch *wink*

3. Ancient dark hidden Library

Seed- 9057352651117540831

Get ready for a journey with a lot of secrets. These seeds will lead you to a library through a Ravine. A library isn’t just a library it is an ancient library.

4. Huge underground Dungeons

Seed– 1214234845461953835

The huge land area is covered with beautiful green forest, some plain and even some little mountains.

5. Beautiful and a Big Castle

Seed- 4788764936

Want to feel like a king or queen?

Then this is the seed which you are looking for, it has a huge castle reaching high above the sky. You will also find a bridge large walkways all leading to the castle.

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Minecraft Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons enchanting

For enchanting items in Minecraft, you have to build an enchanting table. For this, you need two Diamonds, one book, and four obsidian blocks. Once you build an enchanting table next are enchanted items.

The enchanting table and regular table are sane but you need one item which is – Lapis Lazuli (found in deep mines). Find telltale dark blue coloring that gives it away.

Now that you have items and lapis lazuli put in into an enchanting table. It will show three enchanting options. The table will only help you apply one enchant. If you want to apply multiple enchantments, you should have either an enchanted book or combine two enchanted items using an Anvil.

If you want to repair your items and remove enchantments at the same time, you need to know about Minecraft Grindstone Crafting Recipe.

Note- The enchanting table is random and if you enchanted an item once you won’t be able to change it. So choose wisely!

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Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Best Weapons

When I 1st came face-to-face with the boss naga, my access was only limited to Diamond Swords.

As a weapon alone, this wasn’t enough. So, I had to include enchanting in the set of weapons I used.

However, keeping all the weapons alone was not a practical solution for me. So, I thought instead of sticking to diamond and enchant, why not find a weapon in a modpack that can cover everything up in a boss fight.

Before I share my Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons best weapon, I’ve got a request. When you’re into a game, don’t ever try to use the weapon leveling system.

I get it. You’re planning to do all this with the only intention of upgrading your fighting skills like a sprint.

Instead, use my favorite set of weapon-iced/flamed sword Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons.

Tips and tricks for RAD

  • It is really a small tip and many of you actually know it but many aren’t familiar with it. Forgoing up and down, use a ladder. Also, you can right-click the ladder with an empty hand to jump to the end of the ladder.

Note – I recommend using shift before using that so you can stay in your place and it will make things easier.

  • This RAD mod pack contains a vein miner. Try to use it in the best possible way.
  • The first good source of food you can actually get just put some stick along with some beef. You can either eat it raw or melt it down or cook it in the furnace.
  • For getting a wood, make some bonsai with hopper and put them on first of a chest.
  • The tent can actually be made up of tent canvas and sticks. The tent canvas can be made up of wool. Wool is extremely easy to get, just get a sheer and go to every sheep and get your wool from them.
  • If you want to repair anything free or without cost, Just use the lever and turn the ON button.
  • If you want to buy loot, do not buy from the loot bags from Mega Loot. Choose the Random loot because you can repair or refuge it with the diamonds and random loot tools can help you to level up to get even more powerful.
  • The inventory pets are so cool to use. Some of the great pets to have are magma pet, cow pet, pixie pet.
  • You can press the L button to use leveling system.
  • If you die in some unknown dimension or whenever you get killed, you get a grave key. You can use a grave key using a pearl. It helps you to teleport around.
  • Don’t forget to collect chunks from your basement to make the basement blast-proof and secure.
  • Pick any of the questline from the quest book and have fun on the journey! You can start working on any of them except Between land and Atum. These two dimensions are not recommended to use it.
  • The disenchanting table, you can probably use easily as it is easy to use. You put a book in one box and an enchanted item in other and you can good a book of enchanting on it.
  • If you are confused about the armor you can go with the diamond armor. It is pretty cheap and gives good damage control.
  • Hold the ~ key while destroying the blocks instead of breaking them one by one. It will help to break the same type of blocks that are connected with the blocks you are going to break. It increases your energy and quickness since you break lots of blocks. It’s just a big-time saver when chopping down trees/breaking leaves or mining stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rad a good Modpack?

Yeah! definitely. R.A.D. modpack is considered as one of the best Minecraft modpack for questing.

I don’t have a high-end PC. Can I still use Roguelike Dungeons?

To use Roguelike Adventures & Dungeons, you need a PC with a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been playing Minecraft for the past few years. But it was only until recently when I found out about Minecraft RAD Modpack & how awesome it is.

However, since then, I’ve learned a lot about Minecraft RAD Modpack Server and you can use it for installing Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons and do a lot more things.

Finally, please let us know was this article helpful to you or not? and If you have to give one suggestion regarding the topic, what will it be for our readers?

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