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4 Useful Tricks of Mac Data Recovery

Keeping your all of your data save and preventing from losing some data is initial to do. Through the internet, now you can get some different kinds of software which can help you recover deleted photos or other files.

Whether you deleted it unintentionally or you thought you would not need it anymore. No need to panic if you want to get your documents, photos, videos, and other kinds of files. Especially for Mac users, finding the perfect program would not be as troublesome anymore.

Here are some recommendations of four software you can try to use to save you from this accident safely.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

In order to get recovery of your needed files, you can try this Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. As the name suggested, Stellar Phoenix has made its special data recovery software for the MacOS users. From some reviews on its own website, there are a lot of users admitted that this software has a high success rate to recover any types of files.

It also has the best features as you basically can do anything that you want from only this one software. Other than that, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is also compatible with some versions of Mac operating system. The compatible versions are iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Pro.

The software will be more optimized for the systems of 64 bit and APFS Mac. It can help you restore data from Time Machine Backups. Getting back the recovery data from unmounted and even encrypted HDD will be easier to do as well by using this data recovery software. Using this on a drive with several types of system format is also possible, especially APFS, NTSF, FAT, and other formats.

In addition, another highlight of this data recovery software is that it has a scan option. With this option, you can perform the quick and deep scan to search files that you might have lost or deleted. After finding the lost files, you will be able to recover them to any disk location on your device that you want to.

When you had deleted a partition, which is usually done on a laptop or computer, you can get it back again. You can do this with the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery when you have severely damaged or corrupted volumes or hard drives.

Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac

The next data recovery software you can use is this Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac. To be able to use this software, you do not need to have a certain skill in technology nor certain experiences. They intentionally made it be very easy to use and of course, easier to use by anyone.

This Mac data recovery software does not have complicated display once you have started to run it. When you have Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac installed on any of your Mac devices, you can simply click on the scan option. And then wait for several minutes to give the program some time to work and search the files for you. The waiting process will really depend on how many files you have in the laptop or personal computer.

The scanning system designed in Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac is great. A number of people who has the experienced using this software gave many good reviews on its website. People also talk about Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac on other review sites and gave rates for almost four stars out of five.

Mostly, they like it with the reason of its simplicity and easy to use. Moreover, this software will also able to help you to recover files you that you want from Time Machine backup drive on your devices with Mac operating system.

To purchase Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac, you can go to their official website and choose the package you want. They also provide a free package with the maximum of 1GB size to recover the deleted and lost files with original filenames.

To get the unlimited quota of getting your files back, they have a home package, professional package, and a technician package which you can get starting from $99 so that you can use it for one year with the license.

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

The reasons for losing files can be varied. When you ‘only’ lose it because of being too clumsy and delete it accidentally, that might be still okay. But other reasons would be more irritating and frustrating for you.

Some other factors can be the factory reset or the power failure. Those would not be the worst as not having backup storage, getting virus attack on the devices, and crashing because of hard drive error can be the worst nightmare, especially when you are in hurry for deadlines.

However, now you do not need to be worried about this great and useful software. You can tackle those scary nightmares with Wondershare. This software can help you to solve the problems easily. Wondershare supports recovering files from all types of storage devices with NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, and FAT16 as the file systems. You can use it on iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini which include the Trash as well.

Getting deleted files from iPod Nano, Classic, or Shuffle will be easy too. In addition, Wondershare can also quickly scan the files you need from other devices you use with your laptop or computer such as memory cards, hard drive, digital camera, removable drive, and flash drive. You can get this wonderful software for less than $40 and $60 for more features. They also provide a kind of free trial which you can try to use before actually buying one.

Data Rescue for Mac

The last yet definitely not least recommended software you can try to use to recover data from your devices with Mac operating system is the Data Rescue for Mac. A little bit different from the other three that have been mentioned above, this data recovery software has a special highlight.

Not only get to see the name of the files we want to recover, but also a visibility to a preview of the file we need. When we lost so many data at once, it is impossible for us to remember all of the file names accurately. Data Rescue for Mac has tricked this problem and can help us to get the specific files we actually need.

This amazing feature is very useful compared to other software. Especially when you want to recover your deleted or lost photos and multiple office documents that usually have similar file names.

You can have the preview which helps you a lot deciding ones without having to recover too many files only to delete them again after you found out that you do not need them.

Another special highlight from Data Rescue for Mac is it can give you email notifications. The notification will be automatically sent when the software has done the scanning process through all of your deleted files. Other than that, it will also notify you when the software detects a duplication of the files you need. Via this email notification, it also gives you some options you can choose in the features of the advanced search.


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