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LiFi The Next Big Thing in Networking Industry?


What is lifi? From where it has come? You might be having these questions in your mind. LiFi is used widely but hardly anyone knows about it? And how does it works? Maybe you are familiar with wifi as you use it daily but you are not much aware of li-fi. Which is the new boon of technology. 

Your journey stops here as here I will provide in-depth information about li-fi Along with its system basic and other important aspects of technology. It is essential to know all about it as this is the future which is going to make data transfer faster. In the current scenario, data transfer is an essential need for every individual in their day to day life. If wifi is an issue while playing games you can play games that don’t need wifi



What is lifi?

Li-fi is a technology that works wirelessly. Just like your wifi which is responsible to send data at high speed by using routers. But li-fi works faster as it works on the principle of visible light communication. Light Fidelity is the full form of li-fi invented by Professor Harald Hass from the University of Edinburg. The network is also mentioned as VPAN which is Visible light communication Public Area Network. 

Basically, it uses led to transmit and receive data, efficiently works in an optical band of 380 nm to 780 nm which is a visible light hence named as VLC. A standard VLC contains explains device from three classes that are infrastructure, mobile and vehicle. The device works in one of the three topologies that I will discuss below the coverage area, data speed depends on the device used. It provides great security on the home network as light is not able to pass through walls. Another advantage of using li-fi is superfast speed given by the technology. It reaches the speed of 224 gigabits per second in standard conditions. 


Lifi Network Topologies

Li-fi can be used in three modes that is Peer to Peer Configuration, Star Configuration, Broadcast Configuration. In peer, to peer configuration, one device become coordinator while establishing the connection. In a star, configuration communication is done between central controller and devices. Every device consists of a unique 64-bit address which is used at the time of establishing a connection between coordinator and devices. 

Advantages of lifi Technology 

The advantages of li-fi technology are as follows:

  • Efficiency – Li-fi uses visible light technology as most of the places have led bulbs for lighting space. But this technology enables you to use these for data transfer making it cheaper and faster. 
  • Availability – As everywhere light bulbs are present it means using li-fi can provide fast speed internet anywhere as it needs only led bulbs to transmit data.
  • Security – This is the biggest advantage of using li-fi as light cannot pass between opaque objects. Makes it safest as it is not visible or hacked beyond walls of a facility.

Disadvantages of lifi Technology

The disadvantages of li-fi technology are as follows:

  • No light source means no internet there are places which needs to be kept dark. These places will be unable to use the internet with this technology.
  • The technology uses led lights which cannot transfer through an opaque object will make signal range within the walls only.
  • You need to build a whole new to use li-fi technology properly.
  • The signal can be interfered by other light sources easily which is the biggest drawback. Like you cannot use this technology in open space as sunlight affect the quality of the signal directly.

History of lifi

Li-fi is invented in 1997 by professor Harald Hass. In several trials of the technology, it is observed that it is 100 times faster than current wifi speed. It is called as VLC but the term li-fi is coined in an episode of ted talks where Harald Hass firstly demonstrated the technology publically. 

In October 2011, Fraunhofer and Industries companies developed a Consortium to encourage high speed optical wireless system. VLC is exhibit in 2012, using li-fi and by August 2013 data transfer at the rate of 1.6 Gbits is done on single colour led light. In June 2018 li-fi passed a test at BMW plant of Munich and find efficient and safe to be used in an industrial environment.     

How to get lifi and what lifi products available? 

Right now there are no vendor selling connections for li-fi but you can make a li-fi facility in your office, home or any other place you want. There are some brands already selling li-fi products you can simply buy them and construct it to experience faster data transfers. Check the lifi products on a given link. To build you can check several videos already present on youtube. 


Right now the li-fi concept is much needed and attracting anyone who uses the internet. The features of technology are really killer and best to use in indoor facilities like room, offices etc. I hope you like the information shared above if yes, refer it with your friends and family members. Do not forget to mention your valuable feedbacks, suggestion in the comment box below.     


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