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Amazing Features of TrueCaller | TrueCaller Reviews

Truecaller is an app or software which helps in finding out the unknown numbers which are not in your contact list. The development of this app took place in 2009 by a Swedish company. The main intention behind the development of this app was to safeguard the people from unknown calls.

This app can run on almost all types of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, and windows. It also helps in finding the details about the unknown sender of SMS. Currently, this app is widely used all over the world and have more than 100M active user which uses this app daily. It is one of the best caller Id apps till date.

 How Truecaller Emerged as a Global Tool?

Truecaller has crossed the stipulations of various phonebook apps. It is widely used and helps in getting the right information about the unknown caller.

  • Truecaller also helps you to detect the location of the unknown numbers.
  • It also provides the feature of ‘who viewed my profile’ so that you can know about the person who is viewing your number.
  • It also allows you to block so that you can block the person who tries to misbehave or harm you.
  • You can also mark that number as spam so that others can also remain safe from that number.
  • It also has various themes which you can use as well as you can share emojis and status with your friend.
  • It also lets you know when your friends or family members are free to talk.
  • It has dual sim support so that all your calls and caller can be verified easily.

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 Problems which is Affecting the Popularity of Truecaller!

There are various problems with this app due to which its popularity is reducing among the users.

  • Many complaints have come that caller id has stopped working in some areas. Truecaller needs an internet connection to perform.
  • It is not a major problem but not everyone has an internet connection but if Truecaller has identified the unknown caller once than it does not require internet again to identify that person.
  • It does not provide any guarantee for the security of the information you provide to this app.
  • Sometimes Truecaller has found to be inaccurate and features ads at regular interval of time.

 Truecaller Reviews:

Everything in our life has both positive and negative impact so does the app has. Many people have given positive as well as negative reviews due to which this app has got 4.5 ratings out of 5. Some people have considered Truecaller as a super helpful app, some said that it is an excellent app having lots of features, and some said that it is an amazing app. However, many people consider this app as bad and using it gave them the worst experience. Many users were not satisfied with the features and functioning of this app. Still, many users have trust on this app and they use it regularly. The thing about truecaller which disappointed many users is that the name displayed is not the authenticated name.

Truecaller Money Transfer App


Truecaller is thus very reliable if you have signed in and have put your personal information. In case you haven’t put your information, your details will be shown as saved by people in proximity area or by mutual contacts. Truecaller is not cent per cent true, though. As you can customize it manually.


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