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How to Create an App within 10 Minutes

Today, we are going to talk about the create an app within 10 minutes. It is possible for anyone to create a free Android app in 10 minutes for professional or personal reasons. If you have no programming knowledge and have a few spare minutes, now is the time to get started. We can also help you with that too with ideas on how to create apps. What’s more, with the free Android app given to you by Sketchware you can also start to earn from affiliate advertising, all you need is to reach the minimum requirements and you will soon begin to see your future in-app making.

What are you waiting for, now is the time to create a free android app. You can create an app for free and also without coding. 100% pure native code, support  RSS, HTML5 and many more platforms. It gives you over 20+free templates to chose. Provides you with your APK to use where ever and whenever you wish FREE. Instant access to your app 24/7. No review process required. Dedicated support available for all your needs. Let me tell you how it works? Sketchware offers the free and simple tool to create, Download, distribute and monetize your app. You can also create a game app and the best part is that it cost nothing to create an app.

Download Sketchware

Create an app for free?

1st Step: Accepting The Feature

1st you need to download the Sketchware application on your device. On the 1st screen, it approaches you is ‘Shared Projects’. and here you can find the projects that created by the users. Here you can also comment and like on the various projects that the Sketchware users created. If you create an app then you can also share it on the Sketchware.


2nd Step: Starting Your Own Project

In this app, you can get 2 technique to start your own project.

1st one is Sketchware Example and the 2nd one is the Custom project.

Sketchware Examples:

If you do not have the programming background then don’t worry because of we suggest you to starting with the sketchware instance. They’re situated under the Shared project tab & those models are supported to help you bring the feel of how belongings work.

You will learn the new programming idea by achieving every example. There are itemized tutoring for every example here. But do not click the link you can just finish the reading of this guide.

Custom Projects:

Are you expert in the Programming? If you know the programming then its great. you can try to get started the right ways or you can also try and get hang of it by the complete a lot of Sketchware examples first. It is your preferred!

If you want to start then click on the My project options.

Now you can click on the Floating + right bottom in the corner.

Now you set ‘Identity’ for your app. You might be mixed up with the ‘Package name’ portion.

View Editor:

Here you can design your app, in the lest cornet you can see the Widgets and Layouts.

  1. Widgets- Main user interface elements, as like as Button or Text.
  2. Layouts- Pouch of that it can grasp the widgets in the various orientation.

Logic Editor:

It is where your program how your app behaves. Below I give you picture you can understand it.

Components and Events:

Below I give you 2 main function.

  1. Components: Think of elements as gadgets working in background. They Shaft the work like as you can make your smartphone vibrate or you can start the music.
  2. Events: It is the user action. It can be anything like as the checking the CheakBox or Click on the Button.  


In this app your program anything in the Blocks. they were stimulated by the ‘MIT’s scratch’ block language. It is very straightforward. You can select its name.

Variously Shaped Blocks:

Its important things below just follow the steps:

  1. Oval- Oval can take in the number price like as 1 or 6789. Doesn’t get string number.
  2. Hexagon- It can take the false or truth number.
  3. Rectangle- Rectangle can only take in the string.

What Does Sketchware Provide?

If you think that how much does it cost to create an app then don’t worry because it is the free tool.

Various Programming Examples:

When you download this app and open it then you can get 13 examples that you can finish. By finishing every example then you can ask in your own customize project. The example project is order in the level of problem, so entity you learn is aggregate.

So below these programming ideas are supported.

Events, URL, Intents, Random, Widget, Date, Comparison, File, Character, Data Types, Image, String, Arithmetic Operations and many more things.

Simple Drop And Drag Interface:

This tool design editor is similar to an interface of the Android OS. With this tool, you can directly drop and drag gadgets and alteration their features. If you are beginner then don’t worry the Sketchware has covered you every time. you just spend some moment with the gadget helper and then you will be the gadget-property master within some time.

Scratch Inspired Block Language:

Alternatively, of the programming with the text on your mobile, you can get to the program with the lego-like block in the Sketchware!

This amazing tool develops by the MIT and this tool is very friendly for everyone. Here in this tool, you can learn various programming logic by finishing every example.

Automatically Translated Source Code:

Your strategies are interpreted to the essential XML and JAVA source code in the actual time.

  • If you are satisfied with the block language then you can notice that how your program will look in the XML and JAVA.
  • Each project you create are ‘exportable’ and totally agreeable with the Android, so the developers can use this amazing tool.
  • The App you can create to compiles and the runs on your mobile so you can test and develop the app without any computer.

Fast Growing Community:

If you can share your strategies which lots of people can try and install. If you share it then other people can open your project and check out the features of the various apps and the logic. And one thing I do not tell above, if you have one question how to create an app and make money then if you perfectly complete your app then you can also sale this app for others.

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Above everything are most important if you want to create own application, here in this passage I’ll tell one last and beautiful thing that if you have any question that how to create an app then you can also create the game application with the Sketchware. If you like my article then share it with your family, friends or loved one. Thank You for reading my article.


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