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Path of Exile – An Introduction to The Critical Freezing Pulse Build

Critical Freezing Pulse Build

If you are new to Path of Exile, odds are that you are trying to get your head around quite a lot of features. You need to learn about how PoE currency works, what PoE orbs do, and how you can use the market with PoE trade.

All these features need to be kept in mind, as does know what your build is going to be.

If you are looking for a PoE build to play as then here is one that you could look into in the form of the Critical Freezing Pulse build for Assassin Shadow.

Items/Gear to Find?

When you are finding items for this build, search for stats that focus on cold, elemental, and spell damage.

With cast speed, strength, life, and a critical multiplier, this will also aid your build. Elemental resistances are also important. Meanwhile, PoE uniques also come into play, with First Snow giving you two additional projectiles for Freezing Pulse.

Traits to look for when it comes to your armor is to focus on rare armor, where it adds a percentage increase for a critical chance of spells, as well as +100 to max life.

Your helmet should try and find the same in terms of life, as well as evasion and cold resistances. Shifting focus back to PoE uniques, having the Pandemonius, Singularity, and Void Battery can be effective.

As for flasks, look into Divine Life, Diamond, Quicksilver, and Jade flasks for this build. Atziri’s Promise and The Wise Oak are also worthwhile.

Which Gems to Use?

For your chest, have Freezing Pulse with Spell Echo, as well as Inspiration and Pinpoint. Your helmet meanwhile should focus on Dash, since it can aid your movement greatly.

Having Clarity will give you additional mana regeneration with boots, whilst Herald of Ice adds to your clear speed and damage, plus using Hatred will inflict more cold damage as well.

As for your main hand, having Steelskin will allow you to have a shield that can take damage, and Lightning Golem will give you that all-important additional cast speed to help.

As for your off-hand, try Vaal Grace to increase your chances of dodging spells and attacks. Then there’s Vaal Righteous Fire that adds more spell damage which can come in very handy.


The jewels that you are looking for work in the same vein as the items that you are trying to find. For example, you are looking out for specific stats on rare jewels, which range from max life, to cold and spell damage, plus cast speed, and a critical multiplier just like with God of War Ghost of Sparta cheats.

As for the specific jewels themselves, it is recommended that you find an Abyss Jewel as well as a Watcher’s Eye.

These not only increase your maximum life, but they also increase your critical strike chance if the latter has Hatred with it.

You don’t necessarily need these specific gems but they can be very effective when it comes to increasing your damage output. As for a PoE unique jewel, we will be using the First Snow to maximize what this build is capable of.

Tips on How to Level Up

As for leveling, you can start by using Freezing Pulse from the first level. Once you get to level 8, introduce Added Cold Damage to help with Freezing pulse.

Once you have gotten to level 18, you can then bring in Controlled Destruction and Faster Casting so you are planting the seeds of a force to be reckoned with.

After you surpass level 31, replace your introductions from level 18 with Inspiration, and Pinpoint. You can take out Faster Casting once you get to level 38, and bring in Spell Echo.

Your goal is to have a setup that includes Freezing Pulse, Spell Echo, Pinpoint, Inspiration and then followed by Controlled Destruction and Hypothermia.

You also have auras that you can look into. Increasing your mana capabilities is important, so once you are at level 10 you can add Clarity.

DPS also plays a vital role, so bring in Herald of Ice at level 16 so that you can increase not only your DPS but will also buff your clear speed too. Once you have gotten to a point where you are used to the build, bringing in Hatred can advance it to the next level.

Final Words

That is more or less everything you need to know about the Critical Freezing Pulse build in Path of Exile. There are a lot of ways that it can be very effective, especially where elemental factors are concerned.

That being said, it will take some time and leveling for you to be able to see it reach its max potential. If you are dedicated to the build though, then you can definitely expect to see results as you advance through the levels.

Have you managed to take advantage of this Critical Freezing Pulse build? Let us know in the comments section below!

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