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BNSF Emulator for Your Android, iOS, Windows Devices with Common FAQ

If you are looking for an emulator and can’t afford an expensive capture card then No problem, We got your back 😉 Now you can have a app which will act as an emulator. Don’t you believe me? Read this article till the end to know every thing about BNSF Emulator.

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What is BNSF Emulator?

BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) Emulator is an software design which works as an Emulator. This is an exclusive software design by the workers of BNSF and this software run on Java language. Now it will become quite difficult for Android and iOS users as both the platform do not support the Java Language at all. So now what to do?

To get access of this, either you have to get Windows or Mac to use it. If you have anyone of them, you are good to go 👍

BNSF Emulator 6

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How to get BNSF Emulator into our device?

As we read about what actually is BNSF Emulator now the big question arises here is where to get it? and how to download it?

1. Visit the official site of BNSF Emulator or simply click on this

2. After opening the link a screen will open in front of you. Log in into using a user name and a good strong password.

Log in page of BNSF Emulator

What are the System Requirements for BNSF Emulator?

  • Any browser which supports the Java Language
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above
  • Java Virtual Machine: Latest Available from Sun Microsystems
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac Operating system.

How to Launch Internet Explorer browser on Mac?

If you are finding trouble and could able to get how to use the IE in your Mac, here is guide which you should follow.

• Open your Computer go to Hard drive and open it.

  • Double click on application to open.
  • Search for Internet explorer.
  • Start Internet Explorer from ‘Internet Explore 5’ folder.

Information Required to Connect with BNSF Emulator Support

  • Full Name
  • Contact Name
  • Detail of the issue
  • Name & Version of the internet browser
  • Operating System that You Use
  • Date and time when you were using BNSF Emulator
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) Name
  • Need to Share Exact Error Message

However, I have covered most of the bnsfemu FAQ but if there is something else, Either you need to comment us or you can call to BNSF emulator support number.

BNSF Emulator Helpline

Before contacting support team of BNSF, you need to make sure that you can contact only on outrage issues. You can’t get help on mainframe issues.

BNSF Emulator toll free number is 1800-HELP649 or 1-800-893-4357.

How to solve common problems while using BNSF Emulator?

While using BNSF Emulator you’ll come across several problems. Here I have mentioned some of the problems and their solutions which are faced by the users while working on BNSF Emulator.

1. While loading the Emulator, I am continuously seeing a red screen which says “Token Invalid”, what should I do?

If you have a token use them correctly otherwise you have to email or get in touch with the Security team of BNSF Emulator.

2. I am unable to login into BNSF Emulator.

If you are sure that you are putting your Username and password right then restart the app. Also clear all the cache it might make some improvement. If still you can’t login into the Emulator contact via e-mail to the team.

3. I am unable to see the PF keys, why?

Many PC cannot show the PF keys and also unable to show the list of data on your screen. During this problem, you should try to decrease the font size may be it may help. But also in today’s PC you might come across with this problem.

4. How to get in touch with the team of BNSF Emulator?

The BNSF Emulator team are only available to solve the problem regarding the outage. If by any chance you have a problem regarding the mainframe the team cannot help you. But you can connect to them via toll-free number 1800-HELP649 or 1-800-893-4357, hope it helps.

5. My emulator keep freezing up and not accepting any input, How do I prevent ?

You can try to reset the app by clicking on reset button which you’ll find in the click pad of the Emulator.

6. I am seeing 3270 buttons instead of Emulator

Click on maximize of 3270 button to see Full size screen.

7. I’m getting blank screen after logging in to the BNSF Emulator?

Well, you’re getting this error because of the compatibility issue. To make sure the BNSF’s webconnect product works properly, go to the compatibility settings of your browser & disable it to proceed.

How to Print from BNSF emulator?

What did I just read? Printing? Through a emulator? Yeah you might get shocked because I was too. BNSF emulator allows you to print your screen. So if next time your friends are teasing you that you lied about your Game-play, throw your MVP scores in front of them 😂 just kidding.

To print your Content through BNSF Emulator, you have to perform simple steps –

  • Go to the file menu
  • Click on the print icon
  • Proceed as per your needs

What if this feature doesn’t work?

I might don’t have a Cure of Corona but don’t worry I surely have a solution of this problem atleast. Moreover if by any chance the printing feature isn’t working properly, just take the ‘Screenshot’ of your screen which you wanted to print down.

Furthermore for taking the screenshot click on the ‘Print Screen button’. After taking the screenshot add the picture in the photo editing application that will print it.

The disadvantage of this method is that it will have a dark background and it will further make quite difficult to read anything. Moreover it will led to a lot of wastage of ink.

How to get access to the BNSF Emulator if you are an Android and iOS user?

As the emulator is not for Android and iOS user so it means we can’t use it? This is sad. As the Mobile gaming community is growing wider and bigger day by day and on a same time many big gaming company are launching their mobile version.

Games like GTA, Call of duty and many more are transferring into Mobile games too. So although the original emulator doesn’t allow for Android and iOS users but there is an alternate option of it. let’s look what it is? And find more about it!

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An app named ‘VirtualPC’ (which is easily available on Google play store) makes the dream come true of any mobile user who wants to use this app badly.

The VirtualPC allows Android, iOS and tablets owner to use BNSF Emulator app. For this, app uses the Cloud browser technique.

FYI, this app is not free. you have to pay certain amount of money to get the access of the app. luckily the app is getting a great reviews from people so don’t feel bad about it. Just try it now!

BNSF Emulator Applications

✅BNSF Railway Events


✅RPRF Emulator (RedPrairie)

✅MyUPRR Mobile Application

Where BNSF railway events share everything about hotel details, maps, event informations, daily schedules, attendee informations and keep tracking during events, Railpass was specifically developed for BNSF truck drivers. Railpass gives you information about pick and drop, shipment location at BNSF.

RPRF is a VT emulation to solve your problem related to RF that runs on the handheld or vehicle mount devices. RP RF Emulator based on telnet protocol.

Do you want to get direct notification about rail shipment on your mobile device and do you want to manage the status? That’s where MY UPRR Mobile Application works.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I forgot my ID and Password?

On the other apps it was okay to forgot your Login details. You can go to ‘Forgot your Password’ and reset your details. But the case is different here. Unlike the other app,. In BNSF Emulator you have to send an E-mail to the mainframe web team for asking to reset and they will help you.

2. Is it important to save settings while opening other emulator?

rsiI don’t know if you are aware of it but you have to save the settings before opening another mainframe emulator. If you don’t do so your all the saved data will be get remove with any backup. So make sure to save the settings.

3. How can I print my screen display from the emulator?

If you want to print the screen simply go to the file menu and click on Print and follow the “Print Dialogue” windows. By doing the following actions you can print the screen.

If you have any questions to ask related to this topic feel free to comment down to us. We’ll love to answer to you. Happy Greetings!

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