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Poptropica- Download Best Puzzle game For Kids


Poptropica is a virtual world where you will get a community of more than 10 million players, 40+ island quest and many more to play. Poptropica is gaining huge popularity and now you can get merchandise, books, mobile apps associated with it. The game is all fun and adventurous as here you have the opportunity to choose which type of hero want to be just collect powers, rewards and customize your character with a range of outfits for your superhero.

Poptropica is designed by Wimpy Kid fame author Jeff Kinney. Right now the game is having 3.2 million monthly registered users from 200 countries and union territories which shows the popularity of game around the world. Even on the Google app store, it has 1 Million downloads and holds a rating of 4 stars from 70k reviews till the date. The game feature islands, zombies, battles, monster, robot, pirate, Vikings, thieves, mysteries, quest and many more. After knowing all these interesting facts I am sure you are dying to play the game. Let’s understand the game closely so it can help you to enhance your playing skills.


Gameplay OF Poptropica

At the time of launch, Poptropica had one island but over the time the islands have increased and currently features 58 islands to explore. Every Island holds different themes and tasks to perform. The overall game has six supervillains and you have to defeat all of them to become a champion of the game. The game has advertiser islands which are available for a specific time period only.

Some islands themes are based on famous book series that are Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Magic Tree House. These islands are permanent and can be played at any point in time. You can replay any island without making a new account which is a bonus for players. Poptropica offers several mini-games that you can play with your friends or with other available players. These games include Switch, Sudoku, Sky Dive, Paint War, Soupwords, Pathwise, Hoops.    

Salient Features

  • The game features a beautiful, interactive, virtual world which is quite enjoyable.
  • 20+ islands to explore out.
  • More than 1000+ mysteries and puzzles to solve.
  • Customize your hero with 1000+ outfits available in the game.
  • This a multiplayer game where you can meet, chat and enjoy the game together.
  • An opportunity to join a community of 10 Million players.
  • Create your own island.
  • The game is totally free to play but you can buy in-app purchases.
  • Suitable for every age group.

Download Procedure of Game

For Android

  • Download the game from the given link.
  • The installation will start automatically after download.
  • As installation completes the app icon will appear in the device menu.
  • Tap the icon and follow the instructions.
  • You are all done to enjoy the game.

For iOS

  • For iOS devices, you can Download from the link.     
  • As installation completes, you will see an open option.
  • Tap that option to open the game.
  • Follow instructions by fulfilling details.
  • You are all set to play the game on your iOS device.

For Pc

  • You can play the game by visiting but it will require login.
  • For instant access follow the steps given below.
  • Download an Android Emulator for your PC.
  • Drag Poptropica apk file and drop it in Emulator.
  • Install the game in your pc by using Emulator.
  • Enjoy instant access to your favourite game on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the Poptropica Worlds?

A- It is another game by creators of Poptropica where you will be able to dive in additional mysteries to solve, islands to explore. There is an additional feature where you will get hints to solve quests which makes it more entertaining.

Q- Are coins and credits are the same things?

A- No, these are two different games Poptropica has credits and Poptropica world gave coins and can be used in same game only.

Q- What are the official social media pages of Poptropica?

A- Poptropica fan pages are there and welcome all which are above the 13 years of age. These pages regularly share news like update news, press release, new features etc. The official social media pages of Poptropica are as follows:

Q- Can I return or exchange Poptropica Store things?

A- The goods once purchased from the store can not be returned or exchanged. So, please be sure before making a purchase that you need that thing or not.

Q- How can I change My Password?

A- You can change your password by clicking on the menu option after that look for settings option and tap on that and find Account settings here you get an option to change password enter your old password and fill your desired password you are all done.


Now you guys are fully aware of the game Poptropica along with download process. So, go and enjoy the game with your friends or make a new one while playing and chatting. The information shared here is designed to help and aware you about the popular game. If you liked the content refer it with your friends and family members.

Do not forget to share your experience with this game still facing any issue or having a question mention it below in the comment box. I will try my best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.


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