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Download Latest Rope hero: Vice town on PC with Bluestacks

Rope hero: the vice town is a popular action game, trending in most of the charts. In this game, you have to hold the rope while playing through your character. The game character is dressed up with a superhero-like costume. In the entire game, you have to explore the city by using the rope. You have to accomplish various tasks in order to recover your lost secrets. After playing the game you can easily say that The game is inspired by the Grand theft auto series which is a popular Open-world Game?

It adds on the excitement by adding a rope feature which is similar to spiderman’s rope throwing mechanism. The game is a simple yet enjoyable game despite not having a great narrative storyline. It is a must try the game for the lovers of action games. After knowing all this I am sure you are dying to download the game. But before giving you download procedure lets understand the game features first.

rope hero

Salient Features      

The features offered by Rope hero: Vice town are as follows:

  • A must try the game for 3D lovers as the game offers advance 3D Frames Per Second.
  • The game is Action Packed having the elements of Role Playing Games. You have to assume the character in a present gaming environment.
  • You can select from a huge range of weapons, vehicles in order to make your character more powerful.
  • Another fun part of the game is the availability of several quests, making it more interesting.
  • Advance visual effects are another tempting factor for the game to give a try.
  • The character physic is shown in 3D, offers great understandability and real life like feeling to the game.
  • Classic style graphics seem great and offers great visual experience.
  • The game is equipped with features like view distance and check traffic density.
  • The inbuilt game tutorial makes it easy to understand how to play the game? For anybody who wants to play the game.

Rope Hero: Vice Town The GamePlay

In the game, you have to explore the city. Which can be said as crime city as it contains full of gangs. After clearing every stage of the game, the law and justice standard get improved.  The game contains more than 10 different quest lines. This game will give you a unique experience every time as you choose a different fraction quest and rewards.

By using your money reward you can get advanced weapons available in the shop to enhance your character powers. To know the complete storyline you have to play the game as on every level clearing you know a little more about the story. However, as nothing is perfect I found some Advantages and disadvantages in the game that are as follows:


  • The game is enjoyable with fun to watch rope throwing mechanism.
  • Easy to play the game with great vehicle controls.
  • The game features two in-game radio stations.
  • Consist of a variety of quest and side missions to play.
  • The game contains more than 20 vehicles with different features.
  • The character contains special powers like Superkick, rope dynamics resulting in a deadly endless weapon.


  • Physics engine sometimes produces bad results.
  • Too simple graphics as compared to the latest games available.
  • The game at several moments gives a strange feeling.
  • It is a mix of derivative game elements.

The Download Procedure

For Android

Anyone can download the game by simply following steps given below:

  • Download Rope Hero: Vice Town from the given link or search in google play store.
  • After successful installation selects the mission and storyline.
  • Understand the mission task.
  • Now play the game in order to clear all the stages.

For Pc

To enjoy the game on your Pc download by following steps given below:

  • Download an Android Emulator on your Pc if you don’t have one.
  • Drag the Rope Hero: Vice Town apk file and drop it in Android Emulator.
  • Install the file by the help of Emulator in order to complete the installation process on your device.
  • You are all set to play the game on your Pc.


The give informative article about Rope Hero: Vice Town is intended to give you a glimpse of the game. To make it easy for you to take calls about the game. We have given essential elements of the game in the article like features, disadvantage, advantage, gameplay including complete download procedure for Pc and Android. As per my personal gaming experience,` I would like to suggest you this game. So, get ready to master all the abilities in order to become deadly unstoppable flying havoc. As every level upgrades, you will unlock a new special power which improves the abilities and skills of your character.

Experience the joy of saving the city as the fate of the city is in your hands. The game gives an opportunity to play the true game of war on the streets. Explore the truth by knowing the hero’s past life. The game delivers hours of fun and entertaining gameplay. So, if you loved playing this game, then do not forget to share your experience with the game. Finding any difficulty with the game or with the content mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.     


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