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Download Tik Tok apk 4.6.1 for Android (Latest version 2018)

TikTok 4.6.1 for Android

TikTok is a social platform where you can create short fun music videos and share with your circle. This app provides many options while creating music videos. You can select varieties of available songs and use many tools to make your videos more attractive. And entertain the audience at the same time.

U.S Research Firm, Sensor Tower says that “TikTok has become a phenomenon” in China in the past few months. It TikTok was launched in the September month of 2016 by the founded of Toutiao namely Zhang Toutiao. The app was developed by the Beijing- based tech unicorn Bytedance.

TikTok app has got huge popularity in this era and also a most downloaded app in the Android and iPhone worldwide. TikTok has more than 100 million downloads and it has got daily 66 million active users in February month 2018.

Presently, TikTok is one of the most popular short Lip Sync Video Maker App across the Asia region and creating lots of viral trends.

Download Tik Tok apk 4.6.1 for Android
Download the Latest version of TikTok apk

Download the Latest version of TikTok apk

Here in this article, you can easily download the latest version of TikTok apk 4.6.1 for Android, so here is the TikTok file information and Download Link where you will be able to download the latest version of TikTok apk.

TikTok File Information

Offered by:

Version Information: 4.6.1

Download Size: 73.90 MB

Developer Email:

Uploaded on: December 30, 2018

Compatibility: Android 4.1 or higher Android version.

Download TikTok apk 4.6.1

Download here: TikTok Latest Version

Features of Latest version of TikTok 4.6.1

In the latest version of TikTok, many improvements have been made which makes it more interesting.

Here TikTok has offered a cool new feature that allows you to perform lipsync. Along with that, you can share your fun clip to various popular social media platforms.

Additionally, now you can add special audio effects to your short fun video clip, which makes it more attractive.

Initially, when you open up the TikTok for the first time you will be asked to log in. You can easily login with your Facebook, Google and Instagram account in the meantime.

The latest version of TikTok contains 5 menus available. Which includes Profiles & Messages, Timeline, Explore, Hashtag and Posting in the application based on your requirements.

TikTok has fixed many bugs and this version works smoothly on the compatible devices.

There are many filters added in this update where you can make your short video clip more entertaining. With filters like Epic, Slow, Faster, and Flash. To begin the shooting of the video, simply press and hold the button. And after a clip is recorded just release the button to end the video and share it.

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Upcoming Features of TikTok

Other upcoming new features are on its way which includes reaction feature. That helps you to react to your friend’s video. And soon TikTok will bring creative tools like virtual reality filters, these upcoming features are under development phase. And soon it will be available probably in the upcoming update.

Future of TikTok

According to the reports from Sensor Tower’s store Intelligence, in 2018 the revenue generation of the TikTok app is increased more than tripled than from the last year 2017.

In this year TikTok is settled up by gathering great audience support all over Asia. With higher economic growth as it fits into the present era.

In some other Asian countries like China TikTok is considered as one the fastest growing apps. And most loved music video community because of it’s easy to use user interface and the advanced technology.

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