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Converter Bot: Convert Documents Instantly [2021]

Converter Bot

Due to the Worldwide pandemic, Schools have been shut down for a year and Online classes are what keeping these students track on their studies. School and college students spend their most of the time either in attending class via video conferencing apps like Google meet, Zoom for making their assignments.

Being a college student, assignment are something which I like the most initially but over a period of time, assignments became so stressful for me that if any teacher ask me to send the files in PDF format when I have already prepare them in MS DOC, I tend to get irritated.

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Well, who won’t?

I know most of the people go through this problem but from now on, you’ll not. The Microsoft software Converter Bot is designed in such a way that it’ll help you during such problems. How? Read the article to know everything.

What is Converter Bot?

Converter bot

Converter Bot is a Microsoft software which will transform or convert your file into other format. If you are Windows 10 user then this application is for you, infact it is free to use. If you want to convert MS Word to PDF, , PowerPoint to PDF, World to JPG and any other format you’ll allow to do under this application.

Where to get Converter Bot?

If you are looking to download this application you can go to the Official website of Microsoft and Download it from there.

Furthermore, this application is free of cost so you don’t need to pay any amount while downloading it.

What Converter Bot can do for you?

The Converter bot is a great application for the user of Windows 10. It allows features like changing the file format into the other. It supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, PNG, ODT, JPG, TXT to PDF, DOC, HTML, PNG, JPG, ODT, DOCX, TXT.

Moreover, this application is free to use which is great thing.

How to use Converter Bot?

AS we have already learnt about the Converter Bot and its function. Now it’s time to check the working process of this application.

After Downloading Converter Bot, you’ll see the icon in your display home screen.

Double click the application in order to Open it.

Now, this application can convert any file format into the other. The screen will ask you to Drag the file or Upload file. Now in this section you can either drag the file which you want to convert or Go to upload file in order to get it.

After that, your Application will read the document and this step requires only few seconds.

After loading, the application will ask you to convert the file into different format. A set of format will be presented in the screen you can choose any of the desired one.

You’ll notified about the conversation through a Confirmation message which will appear in your screen. You can take the hint from the picture.

You can now save the file in your PC.


Converter Bot is a Microsoft software which change your data format into other format. This application is free to use and you can download it from the official website. Even though, Convertor bot is quite a popular choice to convert files to another format.

But for some, it might not be the best.

So, here’s a list of 7 online PDF convertor that can work as an alternative to Convertor Bot. That’s all for now.

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