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Ethernet Splitter vs Hub vs Switch: Which One to Pick?

Ethernet Splitter

Have you ever come across a situation where you’re short of Ethernet Ports.

Well, I’m facing this sort of issue in recent days.

So, I finally decided to set up Ethernet Splitting solution.

However, now I’was confused between three of these different options:




And the most difficult part here was that the 3 gadgets offers something unique.

So, the middle path would be to find out which one offers the best value to you. And with this post, I’ll help you make the right choice by comparing each one of them. Let’s get started:

Ethernet Splitter vs. Switch vs. Hub



It’s a network tool that you can use to connect different wired devices like printer, laying in your home. To use this, first you’ve to use the ethernet to connect one port to router’s switch.

Once done, connect as many ethernet devices you want to connect. This way even just 1 port can work as if you’re using multiple ports.

This switch connection lets you do full-duplex communication between the devices which means you can use it to send & receive data at the same time.

Thereby, directly helping you in fast & easy connection. Once you start using the super affordable switches, you can use them to connect at most 5-8 ports at a time.

How Does This Ethernet Switch Works?

As I instructed above, use an ethernet cable to connect router and the switch at the same time. And once the connection is established, connect additional maximum number of devices supported by the installed Ethernet Switch.

Key Benefits

  • Depending on most of the gadgets, you can use up to ports with the Thernet Switch
  • Ethernet Switch offers lifetime warranty but with limited connection.
  • The metal casing makes it a durable gadget.
  • You must use ethernet switches to save up to 80% of the total energy.



In terms of appearance, it’s quite hard to find the difference between Ethernet HUB and Switch.

They look almost the same. Just like the previous gadget, Ethernet hub lets you connect multiple ethernet devices.

That’s what you want. Don’t you?

However, when you actually compare the HUB with Switch you’ll find it to be a half-duplex connection where you can send data but cannot receive data at the same time.

Thereby, this further esclates to collisions and data holdups.

Thereby resulting in a slow network for you.

How Does This Ethernet Hubs Functioning Work?

Ethernet Hubs are a half-duplex cannection or in laymen’s term, it’s like a one-way traffic on the road where you can go one side at a time and not both simutaneiusly.

Key Benefits

  • Just like the ethernet switch, this one is also an energy efficient gadget.
  • It comes with good warranty
  • Plug and Play.
  • Silent to use.
  • You can use maximum 5 ports at a time.



Ethernet cables all over the walls, does not look good in terms of visual appearance.

If you want to reduce the number of cables running through the walls, connect an ethernet splitter to divide the connection. This way, you can convert two wires into a single one. Or install ethernet cables in a proper way.

Unlike the other two options available in this list, a splitter can only be used reduce the output speed from 1000Mpbs to 100Mbps.

Just becuase of this, you might think of it as a great solution but aftter setting this up, a splitter also divides the internet speed in two ways.

In short, it reduces the data transfer speed between the devices connected with the help of ethernet.

This can come handy if you’ve got limited resources in your area. But with the limitation of two wires and a split in the data transfer speed makes it a hard choice for an ethernet user.

P.S. Only go for splitters if you’ve got small ethernet cables.

How Does This Ethernet Splitter Works? 

Ethernet splitters supports only 2 cables at the same time. In case, if yo’ve got some more devices to connect ethernet cables, then you would need another splitter to split the internet connection.

Key Benefits

  • Let’s you have a cable with two outputs.
  • A user-friendly interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Ethernet Splitter reduces internet Speed?

Well, yeah. Ethernet Splitter does tend to reduce the internet speed as it splits into multiple channels.

And as for the reduction in internet spped, it’s negligible.

Can I run an Ethernet switch off another switch?

Yeah! You can. In technical term, this process is called Daisy-Chaining network stitches where you use a patch cable to connect both the switches.

Are hubs slower than switches?

In real world, Switches reduces retransmissions. Thereby making it effectively much faster than a hub. Also they are much better for proper cable management.

Final Words

So, these are some major differentiating points between the three gadgets: Hub, Switch and an ethernet splitter.

I hope with this post you were able to help yourself in getting rid of the exact problem.

That’s all for now.

If you’re still having second thoughts on your final choice then do share your valid concerns in the comments section gven below.

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