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5 Everyday Android features

Android phones are known for being customizable and adaptable. This means that your device has a lot of features and can do a lot of things you probably don’t know about.

We have compiled a list of five tips and features that you should be aware of in order to get the most out of your Android phone so that you can maximize its capabilities. Also, you can play madame destiny megaways on your Android device to increase your profit and spend your time with afford.

Sharing access to a Wi-Fi network via QR Code

Android 12 will also make it simpler for those who want to do so. A QR Code that allows other devices to connect to the network automatically can be generated by the system., without requiring knowledge of the password.

Navigate to the application’s settings to access this tool easily. After that, select Network and Internet, then tap To share by pressing the toothed wheel next to the network you are signed in to. Any device can then join the same Wi-Fi network by simply scanning the provided QR Code.

Customize your interface

You can personalize your interface with some cool tools in Android 12 if you want it to look a little bit more like you. You can select your wallpaper, the number of applications on your virtual desktop, and whether or not to use dark mode in the application Settings menu under Wallpaper and styles.

However, Android 12’s customization options go even further. The colors of the interface, notifications, and widgets will change based on the wallpaper you select. You can even select icon designs that complement the wallpaper’s predominant color.

Sadly, these new aesthetic themes are not compatible with all widgets and icons. But at least the ability to change the colors of the interface gives your phone some personality.

Smart Lock

Although any expert in technology will tell you how important it is to set up a PIN code or biometric scan to lock your phone and protect your data, it does take some time. However, Androids provide a location-based service that allows your phone to automatically unlock doors when it senses that you are, for instance, at home. If your Bluetooth is connected to a trusted device, like a car, it can also remove a lock. On a Samsung device, select Smart Lock from the Advanced Settings menu under Security (other Android devices may differ slightly).

Set your own default applications

We all have preferred web browsers, as well as messaging, mapping, emailing, and other applications. Navigate to Settings, Apps, and then Default Apps on your Android device to customize your default application for any and all tasks. There, in addition to a plethora of other options, you can make WhatsApp or another messenger service your default instead of SMS messages.

Google Arts & Culture

Keep this in mind for the next boring business trip: You can explore national parks and monuments, zoom in on famous works of art, and even take virtual tours of entire museums from your mobile device with Google Arts & Culture. The app offers a welcome mental break no matter where you are physical because it is jam-packed with cool views of fascinating things from around the world.

Become a developer

This list demonstrates how customizable Android phones are, but it is only the beginning. All Androids offer a ‘Designer Mode’ that opens up your telephone to customization significantly further, from landing page skins to delivering and troubleshooting. It’s a huge world that can be accessed with just a few clicks; since it varies slightly between models, we recommend searching Google for “developer mode” and your phone.

Restore lost notifications

Sometimes you might erroneously swipe away a notification. Fortunately, Androids store a simple log of all your notifications, so you can go back in case you think you archived an important email or missed a text. It can be found by searching for “notification log,” or you can easily create a shortcut using the Widgets app.

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