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IFA 2019 Product Launch Leaks

IFA 2019

Moving towards its century the IFA 2019 is going to much more special. The 95th edition is quite near just a few weeks more it will start from 06 September to 11 September 2019. It will open for brands all over the world to display their newest range of electronics products. 

IFA 2019 is the biggest consumer affair for electronic goods this time it enters in its 95th year that means it is just 5 years away from making a century. This year almost 1814 exhibitors will participate in the fare that will be having total space of 161,200 sq meters.

That’s huge as it can accommodate 23 football pitch easily. Here you will get almost everything from TV to wireless headphones, smart products, electronic vehicles and lots of innovative electronic products. Let’s explore IFA 2019 fact to know more about it also what new electronic products you can expect this time.

IFA 2019
IFA 2019

IFA 2019 Things to Expect

After following social media handle of various brands. Here we collected some information on things that can be launched at IFA 2019. To make it easy to understand I have categorized under brand names. 


After rumors Nokia officially confirms that he is going to launch new smartphones at IFA 2019. It is going to be the first time when HMD Global will organize an event at the electronics expo. HMD is managing Nokia in current and information is shared from Nokia Twitter handle. You can expect Nokia 6.2 and 7.2. also check my blog on Nokia 6.1 comparison with Mi M2.


After a long dip of 28 years, the brand is back in IFA 2019 and will introduce revamp version of its 1959 speaker range that is known as LE.


No it’s not a smartphone than what is it? Well…. It is launching a smart glasses. The reason behind not launching a smartphone is US-China Tarde war that also includes recent restrictions over the brand. Still, brands plan to expand its range of smart glass in Europe. 


This year you can expect as smaller Xperia as It is a low profile and can not afford a big event like apple or Samsung. That’s why sony opt IFA 2019 to launch the latest version of Xperia well it is called Xperia 2 or something else. Will be revealed at the event only. 


Actually LG is openly dropping hints for IFA 2019  release. It is pretty much sure that LG will reveal a double-folding smartphone in the event. It will be called V60 ThinQ a youtube video is already shared on the official channel of LG giving a glimpse of two side folding screen. 


Final words

This is all for today. I hope you like the information shared here and will refer it to your friends and family members. I am thrilled about IFa 2019 lets hope for the best. What you will expect to be revealed in this year electronics expo mention it in commnet box belwo. 


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