Yandere Simulator Going Viral… Turning Pupil’s Violent

In the recent breakfast club incident, Yandere simulator gets a lot of attention from everyone. If you are not aware then there is an accident happened where a little girl took a sharp knife to her school. The teacher found the girl that is only 10 years old a bit suspicious all thing end up with seizing a knife from the girl. Also, check my blog on Hunger Games Simulator.

If you are thinking why the girl was carrying a knife? She admitted that she was roleplaying a murderous girl. Who secretly kills the girls having a crush on his love interest got a shock? Lets, explore what’s the matter and what type of game is Yandere simulator.

Yandere simulator
Yandere simulator

What happened at the School Incident?

In Newlands Primary School of Southampton, a girl aged 10 found carrying a sharp knife at breakfast club. Thanks to the vigilant teacher who noticed and seize the knife before any mishappening or harm made to anyone. 

The school expelled girl as there were children in School breakfast club at 8 am that means the girl can be bear to any other children carrying a knife in the bag which can be dangerous. The school head writes a letter saying: 

“We take these matters very seriously and have followed all the correct protocols and have taken appropriate sanctions against the pupil. The police investigation has led us to believe that the child naively brought the knife to school in a misguided attempt to roleplay an online game. She added that police will be going into the school to talk to children about online safety.”

What is Yandere Simulator?

Yandere simulator is an upcoming video game right now it’s in development stage and demo version is available for playing the game. The story of game revolves around a schoolgirl named Ayano Aishi. Who kills each girl having a crush on his love interest. There are several other ways available to eliminate the girl but killing is the easiest and popular way used by gamers. The game is interesting and very popular but as children are getting affected by the game it is getting defamed. 

Yandere Simulator banned after the School incident?

No, the game is not getting banned as the game was made for users having the age of more than 13 years. The Game developer claimed that it was alarming listening to incident take place in Southampton’s school. He said that a warning message has been added in the game saying not to copy the game and it is not suitable for children to play the game. The game is banned on the Twitch platform and no one is allowed to do the streaming of game their.          

Is Yandere Simulator Free?

Yandere simulator is an upcoming video game and right now it is available on free trial mode. You can the free demo as long as the game is not released officially.

Can Yandere Simulator be played offline?

Yes, you can play it offline by downloading the demo file only. To download the demo file just follow the steps given below:

  • You can use the given link to download the game.
  • After downloading the file installation process will take place automatically.
  • Open the game and fulfill the details required.
  • Follow the given instructions to register successfully. 
  • You are all done to enjoy the game.   

Final words

That’s all for Yandere simulator, I hope you like the information shared here and will refer it with your friends and family members. It is the moral responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their children in order to safeguard them from harms of internet. Will you play the game? Or not mention it in the comment box below. Enjoy the life kick out the stress by playing the game but beware that it must not affect you mentally making you voilent.