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Hunger Games Simulator at Exotic Adult Theme Park

hunger games simulator

Hunger Games simulator!! Yeah if you are a hunger games fan you must love to experience it. Even many of my friends who never read the book just want to visit.  Amazed why? After gaining so much popularity the name is developed into a brand. also, check about farming simulator here. 

Do you know? More than 100 Million books are sold that’s not the end Hunger sold almost $3 Billion Movie tickets. It has been seen that regular theme parks are not profitable anymore. I am talking about kid-friendly theme park but not anymore as Lionsgate entertainment is redefining the theme park concept. If you are amazing how? The developer is making an adult theme park that will feature Hungers Games simulator. 

hunger games simulator
hunger games simulator

Adult Theme Park

The adult theme park which is highlighted for his Hunger games simulator will target a different group of audience. Lionsgate entertainment world and Lai Sun group, the hong kong real estate giant together bringing up the project in China. 

It is going to be the first Adult theme park as the parks in Thailand are not fully operational due to some legal restrictions. Most importantly the project is gaining hype due to its Hunger Games simulator Yup its an initiative to encash the popularity of Hunger Games as it is proved him as a brand.

 Completing its journey from book to movie and now a brand name encashing its worldwide popularity. Nowadays people around 16-30 are the primary target customer as they roam in groups as this age majorly involved in dating, chatting, relationships etc.  

Dave Cobb Man Behind Hunger Games Simulator

The adult theme park project was never imagined with Hunger games simulator. Yup… it is added by Dave Cobb the creative director at Thinkwell group that is assigned to develop the concept of adult theme park. Dave says at the time when he receives the responsibility he wants to create a pocket park yup as the park was entirely indoors. 

For making it appealing he started looking for some darker themes that can provide a thrilling experience and end up with Hunger games simulator as it will give  a more intense feeling also the popularity of brand name will attract several heads towards the adult theme park making it exclusive. 

Hunger Game Simulator Concept

The central area of hunger games simulator is violent here you will experience battle in a bloody arena. Your weapons for a fight are axes, swords and most popular Bow which has been used extensively by skillful heroine Katniss Everdeen.The designers keep there focus to bring the best of both the book and the movie.

Yes to make it sleek and architecturally amazing the details are kept secret. The leaked facts about Hunger games simulator are they will have a 3D projection ride. A licensing procedure has been done for movie properties created in the park. The whole city has been created including evil, peacekeepers.

To make it more interesting electrified nets, black tar, tracker jackers, artificial fire, a genetically modified wasp that allows zooming into a cabin. The budget of adult theme park for Phase 1 is $806 million, scared games simulator is the main attraction for phase 1. In china, it is becoming hard to develop a park as govt stopped giving approvals for parks.

The govt is discouraging them as developer are no more interested to open housing projects. In the huge park a whole floor is dedicated hunger games simulator that will include gold and marble streetscape to give a real feel of wealthy Capitol City.

Apart from this bakery, restaurant, salon where you can makeup or style yourself or eat in a way of top style actors in the film. 

Other Attractions

While hunger games simulator is the main attraction but the adult theme park is not only about hunger games. It will feature attractions from Twilight saga, Divergent science fiction series simulator will be a part of park.

Much more are yet to come as details will reveal in near future but it is sure that motorcycles, cars and scenic sets are made to click pictures. To dress up in a style of movie character is already available at the adult theme park. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is Hunger Games Simulator Having Problems?

Ans- It is working fine but I have witnessed that saved games are lost many times. In starting I felt that maybe I have cleared my cookies but the second time I faced the same problem clarifies that there is some glitch. Also, Brant Steele mentioned the same thing about the Simulator in his blog.

Q- All Dystopian plots are just a coincidence?

Ans- It is no coincidence but if you closely have a look at medieval times there are several examples. Where the protagonist raised after having a dark childhood can only convert in clever adolescence. opting the same concept developing a character politically, socially, aesthetically, etc.

Final words

That’s all for today, I hope you like the information shared here and refer it with your friends and family members.

I am eagerly waiting for the adult theme park as I want to experience the Hunger Games simulator in real as online available simulators are doesn’t provides fun and lacks excitement.

I am sure for every hunger game fan or anyone who is young and searching for thrill will love to experience this. Are you aware of any such project that is unique mention it in the comment box below.

Our team will craft an article after deep analysis of project and aware the world in our upcoming blogs

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