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How to Set Up Netflix on Nintendo Switch in 2 Ways [2022]

Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Today when you purchase a Nintendo Switch gaming console, there are several surprising things you can do with it.

Things such as:

Play Games (Obviously).

✅Turn on your TV.

✅Voice chats with in-game friends.

✅Play region-restricted games.

✅Attach a headset & keyboard.

But have you ever heard of Watching Netflix on it?

Probably not, right?

Nintendo Switch was released in the 1st quarter of 2017. Now, it’s over 4 years & it took me a complete coronavirus lockdown to figure out how.

How you can stream your favorite Netflix shows & movies on the Nintendo Switch. So, going forward in this post, I’ll share the exact process step-by-step. Along with that, I would try to clear every doubt you might have regarding this procedure.

Let’s get started:

Netflix on Nintendo Switch
Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Can You Really Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch?


Before I go ahead & share the exact method to use Netflix on Nintendo Switch, let me once again clarify this – YES, you can play Netflix shows & movies on your Switch.

When playing games on Nintendo Switch, the video resolution can go up from 720p at 60 FPS to 1080p at 60fps.

And as far as Netflix is concerned, you can use your switch to Watch Netflix videos in at least 720p video quality.

Even though the method I am going to share with you is an unofficial one, Nintendo is trying to bring it to their Nintendo Switch console officially.

And I certainly hope just like they included YouTube and Hulu app in its Nintendo eShop, we finally get to use the Netflix app on our Nintendo switch console.

Time in the game, Nintendo has always said to prefer gaming over anything else.

But, the inclusion of the Hulu and YouTube app in the Nintendo eShop says otherwise.

Disclaimer: Before you go ahead and install Netflix on your Nintendo switch. let me suggest you one thing. Setting up Netflix on Nintendo Switch isn’t easy and because of that, you might face some challenges. So, everything you do up next is at your own risk.
Additionally, this method is not approved by Nintendo and chances are, you may even end up losing the warranty of your Nintendo. So, it would be best if you try this method once the warranty period of your Nintendo is over.

How to get Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

If you agree with all the risks that come with installing the Netflix app, only then go ahead with this process.

The only way you can get Netflix on your Nintendo switch is by installing Android OS into it.

This method was first introduced by the developers on the XDA website.

Once installed, not just Netflix, you can use your Nintendo switch to play as many streaming apps you want on your console.

However, before you do anything else, the first thing you must do is head over to this website to see whether the Nintendo Switch gaming console is hackable or not.

Once you’re on the website type in the serial number of your console and check the results.

If your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo switch, light is not vulnerable to exploits, then I would recommend you to come sometime later to see.

For the moment, you cannot use Netflix on your Nintendo switch.

In case, the gaming console is hackable then the XDA post itself clearly explains how to switch from Nintendo switch to Android 10.

Note: The latest Android 10 build for Nintendo Switch is currently experimental. So, you may experience some bugs on it.

In fact, the developers have clearly stated some of the known bugs in the Android 10 ROM on the website. Some of these known bugs causes:

  • Broken Switch Games.
  • You can’t use the default keyboard with a controller.
  • You cannot turn off the joy-con automatically.

Once you have installed the custom OS onto your Nintendo Switch, you should be able to download and install Netflix, Google Play Store, Spotify, and twitch into your Console.

The first thing you need to remember is that the Android build for the Nintendo switch is experimental. So you may face some serious hiccups when using it to run Netflix on the Nintendo switch.

  • Pathetic battery life.
  • Incompatible games are some of the examples of it.

In case, you’re having difficulty with the installation of Netflix on Nintendo Switch, you can check out this video for the step-by-step process:

How to Safely Run Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

I know setting up a custom Android OS on a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch lite is not easy.

Many users want to use Netflix on their Nintendo Switch but can’t do it because of modified system files.

So, if you find the above method a bit risky for your appetite, I would recommend you to try the next hybrid solution which allows you to set up your gaming console on a TV.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. First, take the Nintendo switch into your hand and remove its back cover.
  2. Connect the first end of the USB plug from the Nintendo Switch to the AC adapter and the second one from the adapter to a wall outlet.
  3. Take your HDMI port, cable and connect one end of it to your switch. And the other one to the HDMI port present in the TV.
  4. If the HDMI cable is plugged correctly, turn on the TV and select the input source via HDMI cable.
  5. At last turn on your Nintendo switch and from there change the display to TV.

That’s it. You are done. You have successfully mirrored your Nintendo switch to your TV.

Now, you can merge your smart TV features with the Nintendo switch to enjoy Netflix on your Nintendo switch.

Repercussions of Installing Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Instead of connecting the Nintendo Switch to a TV, if you have followed the first method, you might end up facing some issues in your console.

And here are some of those common issues. By installing a custom Android OS,

You’re voiding the warranty of your Nintendo OS.

You are going against Nintendo’s policy. Therefore, this may end up degrading the battery life of your Nintendo.

BTW, this can also happen because of extra processing your Nintendo switch had to do because of some additional apps running in the background.

It’s highly likely for you to end up losing some of the gaming capability to some extent.

Frequently asked Questions

After installing Android, 10 into my Nintendo switch, Can I revert to the default settings?

Indeed, you can. Once again, I would refer you to that particular XDA website where you will find the exact method to install and uninstall Android 10 based lineage Os 17.1 from your Nintendo Switch console.

If I install Netflix on Nintendo which will I get banned from the Nintendo eShop already available in the switch?

Once you install custom software, on your gaming, the console warranty will be void. However, it is highly unlikely that you would get banned from using the Nintendo eShop.

I have installed Android 10. On my Nintendo switch to run Netflix, and other streaming apps into it. Am I secure from any outside Attacks?

If you have installed android 10 on your console, I would recommend you to use it only when you’ve enabled VPN on it. This would make sure you are your original IP is always hidden from the internet.

Can I download videos in the Netflix app installed on the Nintendo switch?

Yeah, you definitely can.

Once you have the custom firmware on your console, it’s like using the apps already available apps such as Hulu and YouTube.

However, before you download anything, make sure the existing storage is not actually exhausted.

Concluding Lines

After following the steps mentioned in this post carefully, were you able to use run Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

The method listed in this post is unofficial. So, don’t blame others if anything goes sideways.

Besides, if you can wait, I would recommend you to do so as Nintendo is expected to launch the Netflix app in its e-Shop. In the meanwhile, you can use your jailbroken firestick to watch Netflix videos on your Smart TV.

That’s all for now. if you’re stuck somewhere between the complete process, I would recommend you to write down the exact issue in the comments section given below.

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