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10 Multiplayer Horror Games That Will Haunt You in Your Dreams

Multiplayer Horror Games

I love playing horror games. However, over the years. I have realized something.

Why should I play scary games all alone, when I can play multiplayer horror games along with my friends.

This way, I would not be the only one to sh*t in the pants when a super scary scene floats to the monitor screen.

Over the years, I’ve been picking up the most suitable horror multiplayer games.

But I’ll be honest with you.

It’s not that easy.

There are tons of multiplayer horror games available online.

The problem is most of them are not up to the mark and as they are paid games, you cannot have them all. So you must be selective with your choice.

Now, coming to this post, here I’ll list some of my favorite multiple horror games.

Let’s get started:


Multiplayer Horror Games
Multiplayer Horror Games

If you’ve been playing horror games for the past year, there’s not a chance, you haven’t heard of Phasmophobia.

This game was first released in September month of 2020 and within a month, it came into the list of top 5 most viewed games on Twitch.

Fun fact, when I was cheering for my favorite streamer, that time, even I got to know about Phasmophobia on Twitch.

Now, I’ve got a question to ask – Have you ever wondered why this game was such a success even when the game was in its Early Access.

Well, let me tell you why.

First, in this game, you don’t have to beat anyone or anybody?

Wait, so how do you win in this game?

Unlike many horror games, this one is quite unorthodox in nature as here you’ve to gather evidence against ghosts to get paid.

OK. So, you play as an exorcist?

You’ve to play this game like Sherlock Holmes.

What’s so horrendous in this?

It’s the process of gathering evidence that is daunting enough to make this game a horror genre masterpiece.

You get to play this game along with 3 of your online friends and right from the beginning, you all will have tools such as EMF meters, Ouija Boards, and thermometers to gather clues on the ghost.

Once again all this sounds safe but believes me it isn’t, at all.

When collecting evidence against ghosts, they will begin their hunt, and during that time –

  • Light will flicker;
  • Radio will stop working;

And ghosts will wander all around the map with the sole purpose of killing you and your friends.

So, this fear of getting killed by a ghost will motivate you to find all the evidence and clues before time runs out for you.

Dread Hunger

Multiplayer Horror Games
Multiplayer Horror Games

Dread Hunger my 2nd pick in this list of horror multiplayer games. It is a game of survival and betrayal that was released on 22, April 2021 and right away, it received a positive response from both the fans and critics.

Dread Hunger is like a glimpse of the game of thrones TV series but with even more horrendous scenes.

In this game, you start with 8 explorers who take their ship through the unforgiving Arctic Circle.

Among them, two traitors use dark powers to make their life a living hell.

When you are around the Arctic Circle, it always feels like something alienating and isolating.

And that’s where this game struck as you have no choice, but to experience the horrifying feeling of being stuck in a snow-covered deserted place.

Even though the two traitors will use dark powers to call on strange creatures and snowstorms, you have to figure your way out of the Arctic Circle

You can do this by burning the coal in the engine and moving the boat to get the hell out of Arctic Circle.

But the thing is, it’s not that easy to find coal in the game. You must find it and burn it to get away from this place.


Multiplayer Horror Games
Multiplayer Horror Games

Deceit is my 3rd pick in this list of multiplayer horror games.

Deceit was released on 4 March 2017 and like the other two games, this one received a positive response from fans and critics from all over the world.

First thing first, I got to know about this game when I was watching a live stream of a popular YouTuber.

Right from the beginning, this game tests your instincts as you’re always placed in a position of survival and deception.

This game is played by a total of 6 players game and out of the 1/3 are infected with a deadly virus. No, it’s not like playing zombie games.

Their task is to infect the remaining innocent players or eliminate them one-by-one before they reach the safety hatch at the end of the third zone.

On the other hand, the innocent players must survive the 3 zones by shooting down the infected players or voting them out.

In the meanwhile, infected players will try to put the blame on innocents and try to steer clear from suspicion. That’s when you must figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

Otherwise, as soon as everything goes dark around you, the infected player tries to use that opportunity to infect the innocent before you get out of the place using the safety hatch.

P.S. It’s recommended to use the Discord app for communicating within the game. If you don’t know how to set this up on your PS4, here’s how you can do it.

White Noise 2

White noise is frequently used to allow spirits to communicate for individuals who are not interested in paranormal fantasy. Also, the horror fans that enjoy being pursued by loathsome anomalies it has a different use.

In White Noise 2, static appears on your computer screen. The creature is close behind, and you’re unarmed against it. It’s a chilling game in which four players take on the roles of investigators, and one player assumes the part of a monster.

I would recommend you to take your time and lurk in the shadows. Then, further, hunt down your prey & do as much as you can to avoid light to avoid being discovered.

Investigators are ill-equipped when it comes to researching the fierce beast, yet collaboration may be the difference between life and death.

Then once you die in the game, you would return as a ghost to continue assisting those still alive.

Therefore, making your life quite extraordinary.

Resident Evil 5

When it comes to multiplayer, Resident Evil 5 shines. The first in the series to include co-op gameplay, players combine forces to combat a new virus called the Uroboros Mkono. Like in Resident Evil 4, the infected retain some level of intelligence and are able to utilize tools and weapons to balance the playing field. As a result

Whatever the case may be, the multiplayer is unaffected. It’s possible to play either side-by-side or online, and the integration of multiplayer is seamless, with you being able to control Chris Redfield or series newcomer Sheva Alomar through a narrative mode that parodies Resident Evil’s trademark lunacy.

After all these pros., the only disadvantage I’ve noticed is that if a player leaves and returns an hour later, they may find that most of their resources have vanished. The AI is a resource hog that doesn’t think logically and will not hesitate to utilize a First Aid Spray or waste every round of ammunition in order to move up your rankings.

Dying Light

It was difficult for Dying Light to release in a post-Dead Island world. People compare it to Dead Island but Dying Light has many more things than Dead Island. It has more multiplayer games than Dead Island, so people can play together or against each other.

Dying Light also brought “Be the Zombie,” an intense asymmetrical mode in which one player follows instructions to the letter. Except they don’t have control over a sluggish shambler. Yes, that would be way too simple. The player takes on the Night Hunter’s grotesque form as they become a zombie.

In “Be the Zombie,” the Night Hunter attacks other players’ games as the tentacled monster and wreaks havoc. Human participants must locate nests before the hunter can destroy the team with a variety of assaults and abilities. If you want to be scared out of your wits, play as a human and wait for someone to come

Left 4 Dead 2

The successful Left 4 Dead was quickly followed by a sequel. It’s a cooperative zombies game in which players fight different zombie types while completing goals and searching for an exit. Although it was released in 2009, this game is still receiving a lot of attention today.

You won’t have a hard time getting a game started, and there are plenty of user-generated modifications available. These modifications provide a variety of useful features to the game, including maps and weapons. Meanwhile, those who want more from an overhauled fresh sequel will find that the original IP’s creators, Turtle Rock Studios, will be launching a new

The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game in which players must survive on an island after their plane crashes. On a remote island, players unexpectedly wake up after crashing onto the ground. Alone on a strange island, players find themselves among a mysterious group of individuals who are trying to find their kid. To locate his son, players are compelled to gather supplies and explore the

They might charge a fee to back down, destroy your constructions on the island, or test your weapons from time to time. It makes things a little hair-raising when you don’t know what group of foes you’ll be facing next in the game because there is only one cooperative mode available where up to eight players can join and explore The Forest

Killing Floor 2  

Another cooperative FPS survival horror game on the list is Killing Floor 2. The narrative picks up shortly after the previous one in this game, with the epidemic spreading at a record speed. In this scenario, players must defend themselves from all types of dangerous monsters known as Zeds by using guns and other weapons.

During the waves, you’ll encounter a variety of boss fights that will each have their own skills to watch out for. Other than that, the game is focused on seeing how far individuals can advance with new waves becoming increasingly difficult as they go.

The Blackout Club

Question, a game development studio comprised of AAA game developers that have worked on BioShock and Dishonored, has launched The Blackout Club, a new IP. This is a horror game in which players take control of a group of teenagers. Teens in a certain town have had trouble with random blackouts only to wake up in a distinct location

Rather, to prevent being reinstalled, players are compelled to establish The Blackout Club. Players will be unable to challenge any opponents as a young kid but must collaborate to discover what’s causing the abrupt power outages and provide evidence to show the world. Fortunately, you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal, including noisemakers


For the past year, I’ve been playing these 3 games regularly and there never has been a time when I wasn’t scared as hell.

That’s all for now.

If you have played these 3 games before, do let me know how would you rank them.

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