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Snapmaker 2.0 3D Printer: Features & Specifications [2021]

Snapmaker 2.0

The demand for 3D printing has grown a lot in the past few years. According to a report, in the year 2020, the value of the 3D printing market was 13.78 billion US dollars, which was supposed to increase in upcoming years.

The expected rate of growth in the 3D printing market is Twenty One Percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from the year 2021 to the year 2028.

If you look at the stats, this industry will give you a lot of profit if you will put your time and money into it. And the first requirement to enter this industry is a 3D printer.

So, if you have made your mind to prove your metal in the 3D printing industry, the best gadget for you is

Snapmaker 2.0

Snapmaker Original and Snapmaker 2.0 are the most successful 3D printer across the world. In this article, we are going to focus on the wide range of features provided by Snapmaker, in every aspect; design, quality, use, and whatever you talk about.

Snapmaker 2.0 3-In-One 3D Printer - All The Features You Need To Know

What is Snapmaker 2.0?

Snapmaker 2.0 is a modern 3D printer that works on three different technology: 3D printing, laser engraving, and cutting, and, CNC carving and cutting. If you compare Snapmaker 2.0 to its predecessor, it is easier to use, more powerful, much faster, and even much smarter than before.

Features and Specification of Snapmaker 2.0


Laser Engraving and Cutting

Unlike the traditional 3D printer, Snapmaker enables you to create better and beautiful designs with the help of laser engraving and cutting technology.

Laser engraving and cutting allow you to crave 3D design on a wide range of materials like leather, acrylic, fabric, and many other materials.

CNC Carving

CNC Carving is well known for the precise carving of 2.5D and 3D design. In Snapmaker you get a larger workspace and much faster working speed which makes CNC Carving much easier and interesting.


Modular 3D Printer

Snapmaker 2.0 allows you to upgrade and customize your device with many add ons.

Snapmaker 2.0 3-In-One 3D Printer - All The Features You Need To Know

Larger Workspace

Snapmaker 2.0 comes in three different models A150, A250, and A350. You can buy any one of them according to your use. A350 has the largest workspace among all the models.


You can upgrade your Snapmaker 2.0 with a large variety of add ons.

User Friendly

3-In-0ne Software

Snapmaker 2.0 comes with Snapmaker Luban, a custom-made software supporting printing, engraving, cutting, carving, and many other features. The software gets updated every month.

Snapmaker 2.0 3-In-One 3D Printer - All The Features You Need To Know

WiFi Connectivity

The wifi and USB connectivity features enable you to connect snapmaker 2.0 to other devices and upload design via WiFi and USB.

Power Loss Recovery

Sudden loss of electricity is not going to affect your project data if you are using Snapmaker 2.0. It automatically detects if the power off and saves the project information and when the power comes back it resumes your design at the point it left off.

Upgraded Cooling System

Now you can do as much as heavy work you want to do without thinking about the heating issue. This 3D printer comes with one of the most powerful cooling systems.

Fun Fact: When combined with Lenticular Printing, Snapmaker 2.0 can produce 3D images with beautiful animation in the printing images.

Final Words

Talking about me, I am a great fan of 3D models and objects. I love collecting those rare pieces which catch my eye.

Snapmaker 2.0 is a great gadget for those who love 3D printing. You can use it to explore your creativity or start your own business. If you have the money, I will recommend you to buy the Snapmaker.

In this article, I have shared with you guys some of the many features Snapmaker 2.0 offers to its user.

Still, there is a lot to cover, I will update this article listing more of the features. So, do visit this article again, and you can also check our page for the latest news related to technology and games.

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