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How To Become A Cloud Architect?

Cloud Architect

The focus on cloud computing and cloud infrastructure have been on the rise over the last few years. More and more organizations are moving to cloud platforms that provide better scalability, security, and mobility.

Small businesses also gain an advantage from cloud solutions as it helps them to act faster on a large scale. The interrelation between data modernization and the cloud is also a reason why companies are moving to the cloud.

With cybersecurity attacks being more frequent, the concern over security and data protection has increased. The companies are relying on cloud-based security and infrastructure to protect their data.

Cloud solutions offer the potential to mitigate risks and security incidents. Along with data security, data modernization is another key factor for companies to shift to the cloud.

Many companies rely on insights based on data prediction, mining, and exploration. The data is such a huge quantity and is stored in the cloud.

Cloud computing architecture is a term that includes the components and subcomponents like front-end and back-end platforms, a network, and a cloud-based delivery.

A cloud architect bridges the gap between complex business problems and their solutions in the cloud. A cloud architect is a senior-level job and the important responsibilities include monitoring the cloud activities, designing applications, and sending them to the cloud.

Cloud infrastructure is an integral part of organizations today, and therefore the demand for skilled cloud architects is also high. The median salary of a cloud architect is around $137,957 according to a report by Forbes.

Cloud Architect
Cloud Architect

Skills required to become a cloud architect

You must have a strong background in cloud computing or relevant areas if you are planning to become a cloud architect.

Though there are certain certification programs that deal with advanced technical concepts, it is recommended that you have a strong knowledge of the basics. The initial skills that you must have to start a career as a cloud architect are as follows:

Computer programming languages

Like most of the job roles in the IT industry, a good knowledge of at least one programming knowledge is compulsory. This might not be important from an interview point but will surely help you in your journey.

You must also be familiar with a scripting language too. Knowledge of programming language and scripting language will give a technical hold on cloud-based topics. There are many programming languages that you can choose from.

If you follow the current trend, then you can learn Python, but your confidence and convenience should be considered. If you are comfortable with Java or C, you can go ahead with them. Thorough knowledge of SQL and Oracle is also a desirable skill.

Good understanding of networking

It is good to have a familiarity with concepts related to TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, IP address, servers, etc. before you start your training or certification program.

Knowledge of at least one operating system

Prior knowledge and experience as an architect or an administrator in any of the trending operating systems like Linux, Windows, Unix, Ubuntu, or Solaris will be helpful for you.


A basic understanding of some common security terms and concepts like firewalls is appreciable. A cloud architect must have a high level of understanding of security concepts.

Cloud Architect Certifications

The list of skills mentioned above is not exhaustive but is necessary to build a strong technical foundation if you want to become a cloud architect. Once you have mastered the prerequisites, you can go ahead with certification. The various cloud architect certification available are as follows:

AWS Solutions Architect-Associate

This exam validates the ability of a candidate to demonstrate effectively the knowledge and skills to design and deploy robust and secure applications on AWS platforms.

This certification is for individuals who want a career as a solutions architect and have one or more than one year of relevant hands-on experience in designing scalable, cost-efficient, and robust distributed systems on AWS.

The recommended knowledge and experience are as follows:

  • The ability to identify and define the technical requirements of a cloud-based application developed on the AWS platform
  • The ability to understand and suggest suitable AWS services based on the technical requirements and best practices of the organization.
  • Hands-on experience in networking, computing, security, database, and storage AWS services.
  • Knowledge of basic architectural principles of building and deploying on the AWS cloud.
  • An understanding of security features and tools that are provided by the AWS and how they can be used in required applications
  • An understanding of networking technologies

Microsoft Azure

Many businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. The certification requires the candidate to have expertise in network, compute, storage, and security to design solutions that are based on Microsoft Azure.

You need to pass two exams if you want to obtain the Azure Solutions Architect Solutions: AZ-300 exam which focuses on Azure technologies, and AZ-301 which focuses on design.

A solutions architect is an expert-level certification and requires the candidates to have advanced knowledge and skills in various IT operations like security, networking, virtualization, business, data recovery, data management, identity, governance, and budgeting.

The candidates aiming for this certification must be proficient in Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps. The candidates must have expert-level knowledge in at least one of these mentioned domains.

Google Cloud Platform

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect platform allows its users to use google’s core infrastructure, machine learning, and data analytics.

This certification exam is of 2 hours duration and the exam has both multiple-choice and multiple select type questions. This exam assesses your ability to design and plan a cloud solution architecture for security and compliance.

The candidate is expected to be able to manage scalable, dynamic, and secure solutions to drive business objectives.

After Certification

This certification opens up a lot of opportunities. Becoming a cloud architect is a step in the right direction as a new career choice and as a chance to get on board with any new technologies developed in the cloud arena.

AWS has high availability and fault-tolerant content delivery which is the reason why big companies like IBM, Netflix, General Electric, and Weather company are its active customers.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud services provider and has a lot of popular customers like Adobe, Samsung, eBay, Apple iCloud, Xerox, and Travelocity. Google cloud platform has customers like Twitter, target, and PayPal.

Gaining certification will help you start a career in one of these companies in a senior role with a good salary.

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