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Brilliant Features and Benefits of Fildo App [2021]

Fildo App

If we talk about music streaming, there is no dearth of audio streaming apps on the platform, just search for music streaming apps on Google Play Store, you will find countless apps there. Some apps like Saavn, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. have already left their mark on the stage.

However, most of them are premium services where membership is required. Although you can use those apps for free, you will not get an ad-free experience. To counter advertisements, people choose to install free music streaming apps like Fildo.

Fildo is one of the finest free music streaming apps available for Android. The great thing is that Fildo allows users to download and listen to any song online. Since it offers to download features, a lot of users want to install mobile apps on PCs.

What to expect from the features?

After downloading Fildo for the Fildo Music APK app or Android app, it would be sensible to familiarize yourself with the application. The features and interface offered by the Fildo App team are amazing. For better information, below are some features that make Fildo APK an exceptional app experience:

  • The application comes with a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate even for amateur users. Search, browse and organization settings give users flexibility in managing their music according to their preferences.
  • The streaming feature allows you to enjoy unlimited music without any restrictions. App types are already designed to match the operating system. Fildo APK plays music in any format.
  • The application uses a proxy connection while browsing which makes it secure by hiding the user’s IP address.
  • User playlists are structured into a top 100 featured listing, allowing the user to quickly view and evaluate good music among the millions of music on the platform. This category of the top 100 allows users to quickly determine cherished music based on users’ views and ratings. This feature is well appreciated by users who may need guidance in scanning the top genres in music.
  • Moreover, the app provides quick access to your platform with some of the best music and also popular ones; It saves long-time scanning music users can dislike and explores new options.
  • Music is also organized into top-class features. However, the app enables users with different options. It allows users to view pre-screen music genres, arrange music by category of top performers, top albums, world’s top charts, and in-house recommendations for listening.

Additional features

Fildo Offline Mode:

Offline mode on Fildo allows you to stream music service and songs without the need to connect to the Internet and use paid Internet-time. As a result, offline mode is a unique medium for prepaid Internet service or pay-as-you-go Internet users.

Furthermore, offline mode means that you are not on the Internet. Do not expect to stream artists or songs in online mode. It will not work that way.

How to activate Fildo Offline Mode:

  • If you need to listen to Offline Fildo, you will need to switch to the offline mode from your app settings.
  • After switching, go to the search box and search for any music or artist you like.
  • You can tap on a song to play. For offline mode, you have to download the song first after selecting Enabled offline mode.
  • To download a song, tap the three-dotted line near your selected song to bring out the available options.
  • Click download and the selected song will be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now, to play your music offline, locate your file manager or your downloads folder.
  • Your Fildo must-have offline music is available. You can find play, and play all options that you download in the Fildo download folder.
  • The strategy allows users to download each song as they play and the next time the system gives them access to play from local channels. This will enable users to avoid using their Internet connection.

Benefits for the Fildo Offline Mode:

  • You don’t have to waste internet data
  • Supports prepaid Internet data usage
  • Gives you access to any kind of music
  • Available with limited or no internet activity
  • Good for long-distance road trips where internet connectivity is poor and you can avoid streaming freely
  • Can conserve more battery power for your device
  • If you have a restricted service or operating budget for your mobile phone, just remember that offline mode is better for you.

Fildo for PC

By the way, Fildo is available on the Windows Store, but with a different name. The Windows 10 version is known as ‘Flight Radio‘ which is available on the Microsoft Store.

However, compared to the Fildo mobile app, Flight Radio allows users to listen to music in the form of radio. This means that there is no downloading and offline playback support on the desktop version of the app.

Therefore, to enjoy Fildo to its fullest potential, one must depend on the Android emulator. Regardless of what Operating System you use, this post will help you decide the best Android Emulator for you.


Is Fildo available in other languages?

Fildo supports around 20 popular languages ​​around the world, making the app very user friendly. This facility provides users with the ability to understand the stage of the platform from a multi-cultural platform and enjoy it culturally.

Some popular languages ​​include app carry in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Filipino, Indonesia, and more.

Where to download Fildo APK?

We know that Google play store is the largest app distributor database where you can download apk files. But, for now, Fildo has announced on their official site that their app is not available on the Google Play store.

Henceforth, there may be some similar-looking apps on Google that play with the similarly styled Fildo logo, but they do not make you look for real Fildo service Ignore it!

If you download the Fildo APK from the Google play store, make sure it is well presented with the correct Fildo Company logo. You can check the company’s logo here at

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